Browns-Panthers: Gameballs and Goats

The statute of limitations has run out for the Browns performance against Carolina, so here are your Gameballs and Goats. It's no surprise that Mr. Joshua Cribbs finds himself with a dump truck full of gameballs. Guess who got the most goathorns? Huh? Betcha can't guess!

The Week's Results: You know the season's going badly when Browns fans are actually spontaneously combusting while writing down the goat comments. That's severe. Speaking of fire, the scorched defenders left behind as Joshua Cribbs flew down the field on kickoffs would have to agree with the outpouring of Gameballs tossed to the second-year ex-quarterback. As for Mo Carthon, well, his unpopularity with Browns fans caught the attention of the mainstream press in the last couple of weeks, so it's no surprise that he's going to have to get one of those mini-storage garages to keep all the goathorns. Here's your voting, write-in votes and comments for the Browns and Panthers!

Player Gameballs
WR Joshua Cribbs 290
TE Kellen Winslow 121
PK Phil Dawson 98
P Dave Zastudil 87
DB Brodney Pool 73
Entire Defense 55
Daven Holly 43

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: All KWs, Columbus Day, Browns' CBs, The bartender - who kept 'em coming, Tim Couch, Mel Tucker and Mo Carthon, Mrs Winslow, Any reciever that didn't drop the ball, Stone Face Crennel, No gameballs for another loss, Big Ben's Motorcyle for keeping us tied for last with the Steelers, 0/11 Third Down D (2), Panthers WR Steve Smith, The Waterboy!, Brian Russell's hard hits , Girls who go all-the-way on a first date, fans that watched till the end!, Beat writers for decrying Carthon a fool! Wake up, LeBron James, Todd Carthon, Shannon Sharpe's comment that Dennis Northcutt's favorite candy bar is Butterfinger, THE FANS, Ted Ginn Jr. 07', Nasdaq, Less Mo, julius peppers, The fans, once again, for putting up with this crap week in and week out, Carolina's Third Down Percentage, Adrian Peterson 07' draft (You know Savage likes his Oklahoma boys)


Player Goathorns
Maurice Carthon 276
Dennis Northcutt 217
Offensive Line 139
Ryan Tucker 72
Romeo Crennel 69
Charlie Frye 59
Joe Andruzzi 59

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  All play calls where Vickers touches the ball, The FB Pass, Mo Carthon.......again, The manufacturer of our wide receivers' gloves, Rich Gannon for saying Dropcutt's INT was Charlie's fault. It hit him in the face!, Who ever wanted that trick play - at that time - down and distance of the game - was a moron, Butch Davis and the Owl, pass rush? OL, The onside kick; it was wasn't it?, Maurice "Flea Flicker on 3rd and 1" Carthon, The entire offensive line, How long are we going to have to watch this?, Art Modell, Butch Davis, The Concrete Ryan Tucker's feet was stuck in, Every other puke pretending to block... and sometimes not even that, Romeo, Phil & Randy, Gary Baxter's weak pecs, Carthon's playbook, Holly & Brown's five yard cushion on Smith, Bentleyville, The entire team - other than Cribbs, the coaching staff, Art Modell, Maurice Carthon again and again and again...can I nominate him 5x?, Refereeing (especially on their TD drive), The o-line except Fraley because at least he runs around, The F'N guys that refuse to/can not block on a run or a pass!, Art Modell, Gumba Carmen the Klutz Policy, Butch Davis, Browns fans, for continuing to support this team no matter how bad they are, Mom. For reminding me that I've gotten used to the same crap year in and year out, Orechia, That damn offensive coordinator, Courtney Brown, Charlie Frye in the 4th quarter, Gary Baxter's Commitment, two full back backfieldm CBS - no replays, crappy announcers, no HD - you SUCK!


Dawg Comments
naxos Sigh.
bigdaddy78 I gave gameballs to our Special teams players (Dawson, Zas, and Cribbs). They kept us in the game.
tomahawkdawg Cribbs - The only Cleveland Brown who looked good with the football in his hands today. IMO - one of the better return men in the NFL.

CBs - We kept Smith and MeShaun both under 100 yards. Even on that MeShaun TD, Pool was all over him.

Phil. Dude, you got a leg now to go with that accuracy you had. Another solid performance. Quickly becoming the ONLY reliable Cleveland Brown.

Zastudil - Solid job today. Sure don't like seeing you that much, but it looks to me like you are on whatever Phil is on with your leg today.

Columbus Day - It gave me the chance to stay up late and listen to the game on the (internet) radio when I would normally be asleep getting ready for duty on a Monday here in Japan.
salemdog How many 60 Yd returns can Cribbs get? That pathetic question about sums up our offensive playbook. People talk about Frye possibly getting injured, what about poor Zastudil? His leg is liable to fall off.
zigzag420 Entire Defense, Special Teams, & Winslow get gameballs. Panthers offense only scored one TD. The defense made the score look closer than it was. Cribbs, Zastudil, & Dawson get special props. Winslow, once again, was the only offensive player with fire, today.
mistermagoo_21 Pool playing CB vs. Keyshawn was smart, given injuries, and he did ok...though I wish he'd have looked for the ball a tad sooner a couple times....
metz2421 Special teams are playing amazing all around.
walkingtheory The Defense did all they could, with what they had. Too bad the guys on the other side of the ball couldn't compliment.
mastilak It's all about special teams. I hope we have Jerry Rosburg signed for life.
aqib Cribbs made plays in the return game again but the O couldn't capitalize. Winslow caught the ball why don't we throw it to him more. The defense held the Panthers to 13 points and 0-11 on third down. If Couch had a game like this the fans would be screaming bloody murder
houndfromhell Pool played well for first time.

Cribbs set us up well with field position. He can take over completely for Northcutt next year, and save lots of money.

Holly, better with each play.
apvic another great week for Rosberg and the special teams. without them we we really look bad.
number1brownsfan Cribbs, the best Browns player on the field in the game.

Winslow continues to be the only receiving , along with JJ, that catches everything thrown his way.

Brodney Pool, for pretending to be a CB.
angstrl Cribbs providing spark again. Pool gets one for stepping up to help the team.
tjdalton2001 Defense and Special Teams are the only bright spots on this team. If we ever get a decent offense we will be a good NFL caliber team.
28stops85 Defense played good enough to win. Defense and special teams gave us good field position all day long, and the offense couldn't do anything with it.
iwillpierceyou Are you serious? We hold the Panthers to one offensive TD, and we can't win? Still some positives, but Northcutt is a goner.
section 527 dawg Phil was very good today - 4 for 4 deserved a gameball every time. Cribbs also continues to light it up. If he keeps it up there will be no choice but to put him in the pro bowl. Winslow - same thing - keep catching the ball - he is the real deal!!
topdawg21 There really shouldn't be any gameballs because we lost and i was bord.
worthbuck12 The DB's did an admirable job considering they used a backup safety and a 3rd-4th string corner to cover the top receiver and another quality vet, and only give up 170 yds and a td today.

Cribbs as usual was spectacular on ST's today, he continues to give us great field position, which Mo C continues to give back to the opposition after 3 plays
ernielogo Special teams were great again. Defense gets better EVERY week.
playbrowns Not a very good showing today.. I do not know what is wrong with my damn beloved Cleveland Browns.
dgh35 Pretty sad when a special teamer (and drug dealer) is your game MVP.
schehlk Holding, Holding, Holding... One step forward two steps back, the team was totally off. Defense and Special teams gave the offense many opportunities.
lukedawg12 K2 for coach, CEO, and owner. he's a f_ckin soldier!
heidelbergdawg Cribbs is the only spark we had all day.

Pool did well for playing CB for the first time in the NFL.
mistofdeath What can you say 1-4 about does it.
muskiedawg01 Cribbs had a heck of a game, again. What a great pick up he's been. Zastudil had a great game. A few fifty yarders and a 49 yarder to pin them on the 2. Kellen continues to prove that 90% of him IS better than anyone else in the league.
mckbuckeye Poole played well despite limited practice. Even on TD he was in position - just bad luck ball got by him! Isn't Cribbs tough?
fanofbrwns Cribbs is a stud. Works hard and understands what is needed in Cleveland. Doesn't fall to the ground after the first hit.
wahoopcc Thank God for Cribbs returning kicks and punts, otherwise the Browns would have been lucky to score more than 6 points.

Winslow continues to make plays. Too bad the coaching staff can't work him into the game earlier and during critical situations.

The fans deserve more than a game ball for having to endure crappy football year after year after year after ....
bucks57 Cribbs and Dawson were the only two to have outstanding games.
samatlanta Steve Smith deserves a gameball for doing his best Dennis Northcutt impersonation.
ucbrownsfan Cribbs gets one on his own...and the entire special teams as well!
gov135 Jones gets a gameball for effort - no one else on the roster would have faired much better doing what he was asked to. Pontbriand gets a gameball for consistency.
ilndawg Dawson and Zastudil both kicked the ball well, and Cribbs is just flat out a stud kick returner. The defense and special teams played well and deserved better than what our offense gave them.
brownsman2002 Holly, Pool and Winslow were only a few bright spots yesterday. The defense wasn't too terrible.
dcsherman When I can legitimately give a gameball to the long snapper---what a commentary on this pathetic offense!
brwnsy2k Special teams continue to be the best aspect of this keep. The kicking game is as solid as its ever been and the return team is also above average. Solid defensive effort by all under adverse conditions, they might as well play offense too, they're on the field long enough.
crunkadelic The only thing we did right was return kicks.
12penguins Zastudil continues to be a bright spot. Cribbs as well.
russell played another solid game
mdoogal Hopefully there will be more to handout in week six against Denver
deathbyeagle --Without Cribbs the final score is 20-3
--K2 deserves credit for catching everything thrown his way.
--Joe J also caught everything thrown his way...time to throw to him more
salesman217 The Defense held Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Jake Delhomme, and DeShaun Foster to 13 points. They only allowed Carolina to convert one third down...and that was by penalty. Admirable.

Brodney Pool played corner and didn't look totally foolish. He gave up the TD and if what Gannon said about cornerback technique was true (it was Greek to me) then Pool gets a pass. Otherwise, he didn't get torched. Admirable.

Daven Holly looked like he was a high schooler trying to cover a hall of famer. Playing off the ball is one strategy but 50 yards!!! Yet he didn't give up the big play. Sean Jones saved his @ss on that one near TD.

Speaking of Sean Jones. He continues to show himself to be a super solid DB. If it's possible for a team to be healthy, the Browns will have a solid defensive backfield when that happens.

Droughns continued to do like he does. Not super talented but runs hard and gets decent yardage.

Winslow with 8 catches continues to impress and back up his talk. GASP!!! He dropped one...BUT JOSHUA CRIBBS CAUGHT IT!!! Winslow is not only uber talented...HE'S ALSO GOT LADY LUCK ON HIS SIDE!!! We could use a guy like that around here.
elracko Dawson was perfect, good to see him back to his old self. Jones is becoming quite a playmaker, as is Kamerion - this bodes well for the future. Also would have liked to vote for Cribbs here, if he could just get past the kicker.
whotemp Our offense stinks. Our defense continues to be Avg. Our special teams continue to be a shining point.
dkdawg The defense is finally starting to come together
jdawgy Brodney Pool admirable mention for trying to help the team out.
dirtydave98 Cribbs is the only one who deserves a gameball, the rest of the team SUCKED, the team better get their s**t together during the bye week or we'll be picking 1st in 07
brwns4lfe Cribbs excels again, Andra Davis had a good game, and Phil Dawson was great.
mdenzinger our defense and Josh Cribbs are the only things keeping us in games right now. I think Todd Grantham is growing into a great defensive coordinator. I think Frasier is growing into a very good Defensive end for the hope is that he will replace McKinley this year.
btngcrew Cribbs again STPOTW? Special Teams Player of the Week
smagyar Pool really stepped up! And JJ catches EVERYTHING thrown his way...
montanadawg Wimbley was around the ball often and put some good pressure on the QB
shrooney Two more big returns for Cribbs/ST, great punting game, only the one miss for Dawson. Pool and Holly did adequate jobs for being far from first choice corners, aided by some drops. Wimbley was solid
oldeguard Cribbs should be our regular punt returner!!!
john.varner Defense played well enough for the win. O-line is a joke.
clevelandcraig The dude wearing the french fry outfit!
bomeister D played as well as could be asked and kept the Fumbles and INTs coming from our sorry looking offensive offense. The O-line should send their checks back to Lerner for lack of showing up.
tellimad Special Teams again gave us points... And Winslow catches anything near him!! That's Ok MO C take him out on third downs you idiot!!
fullbackdawg Savage or Lerner need to step in, because in Romeo's mind, play calling doesn't matter...
fladawg1 Winslow made some decent grabs, it's too bad MC hasn't realized he has one of the better TE's in the league, as little as he is used, and still pulling him on 3rd down attempts???

Cribbs is going to bust one yet, he has been close.

The fans that showed up in Charlotte deserve one for dealing with the wet weather and the agony of hearing the panther fans brag because our team acted as if they didn't want to be out in the rain.
mgrizut Josh Cribbs may be my favorite undrafted FA ever. Great return man. Great special teams tackler.

All things considered, I thought the defense was solid. I can't wait for the game when both units play well on the same day.

Thanks for the points, #4. It's not flashy, but you did your job. You or your pet monkey interested in an O-Coordinator job?
slate I was really surprised that the secondary kept the panthers to under 200 yards in passing. Daven Holly did a great job keeping Smith contained. Special Teams again played another great game. Maybe RAC should look at moving Jerry Rosburg to OC.
alaskanbrownsfan Cribbs is the HEAT!
mfabrams Cribbs should replace Northcutt in the lineup completely. Wimbley continues to impress with his pressure and Zastudil kept them in the game.
fair hooker Cribbs should have been throwing the ball on the third and inches play, NOT Vickers!
tdh48 Cribbs remains a bright spot on the team. Charlie shows progress and a real attitude on the field thus he gets a game ball even for a loss. Please mature a bit faster and don't hang on to that ball so long. Finally, we have a punter who consistently gives our defense a chance. While I didn't give one, the entire defense deserves a game ball for a good performance against a first class offense (0 and 11 on 3rd down conversions deserves some recognition).
sg2431 The only time I got excited on Sunday was when Josh Cribbs was on the field.
mxaxdxax The defense played well enough for them to win this game. I thought they played tough, but the offense is only averaging about 15 points per game.
norm59 Other than special teams and Cribbs no one earned a game ball. Gutty performance by Frye, good first CB effort for Pool and another stellar performance by Cribbs.
schafrath Josh Cribbs - our sole bright spot.
mrgrinch 3 times for Cribbs, one of the few reasons we were even IN the past 2 games!
ohio_jarhead78 Wimbley is going to be awesome. Cribbs for President!
Jones continues to make plays.
creature Kudos to the Special Teams!
They scored all 12 points, and gave the team a chance at pulling off an upset.
The Defense deserves honorable mention for only giving up 13 points despite a depleted secondary. Brodney Pool deserves credit for playing tough at SS and CB.
nasdaq Cause for some unknown reason I keep watching this unwatchable sh*t the Browns try to pass off as football and plan my life around these douchebags. Is the draft here yet?
bhaubert These are getting harder and harder to come up with each week
gbeachy50310 No gameballs for a loss.
dawghowl Grantham did a great job of setting up the defense to give our young corners some help, which enabled us to keep steve smith in check. The defense was very solid and kept us in the game and the special teams was superb. The big returns really sparked us in the second half and got us back in the game.
muskiedoug Another great game by Z
gabrownsfan Poole, well done. Entire defense is getting better, while the offense continues to rot. Grantham is great. Hang in there, Charlie. Wimbley's proving to be a great pick. Cribbs is just getting better. Courtney Brown is injured again. Hope the Broncos are enjoying paying him for not playing.
mistero Our DB coach is working wonders with little talent. Mo must go and take befuddled RAC with you.
froggy60 cribs with multiple duties the northcutt getting hurt put together a very nice game.
robjenkins64 I really appreciate all the dogs here at obr that post in game comments. The game is not televised in Hawaii and reviewing the game thread allows me to keep up with how pathetic we are. This will not always be the case.
merrimi Our defense has gotten better each game and continues to give us chances to win every week. Cribbs is a beast & Pro Bowl Bound...flat out! Zastudil needs to retire a Brown
fgm Joshua Cribbs- Should get serious consideration for Pro Bowl special teams player. He has been one of the few bright spots on a 1-4 team.

Defense- Played a smart game considering both starting corners were dressed in street clothes.

Dave Zastudil- After the failed experiments with Derrick Frost and Kyle Richardson the last two seasons, Zastudil is breath of fresh air. And he actually knows how to pin the ball inside the opponent's 20!!!! Something Gardocki couldn't even do!!!!
mdr Cribbs - this guy comes to play every week. One of the few.

Winslow will be on here till he quits.

Zastudil - quickly making me forget about our former all-world punter gardocki.
cashmoney216 Keep Winslow in the game on EVERY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bankone The defense is playing stronger while Orpheus is the most consistent player on the defense. Josh Cribbs is fantastic!
bendal No one deserves a gameball from this game.



Dawg Comments
naxos I don't have the energy or emotion to write up all the goats.
bigdaddy78 Tattoos make you tough, just ask Ryan Tucker, but it doesn't make you a good football player. The O-line is directly responsible for Charlie Frye making mistakes. Not all of them, but a great majority. Our coaching staff, is showing itself to be not very imaginative, and their style is not about winning, but rather not losing too bad.

Northcutt, nice volleyball action there for the int /td. Pro, my eye.
phelix17 Rookie fullback option pass on 3rd and inches? Mo must go.
tomahawkdawg This was possibly the worst offensive performance I have ever seen regardless of teams playing. Horrendous. Mo, OL, Charlie, 'Cutt, etc., you guys should be ashamed.
salemdog Hey Mo,3rd and inches. Lets try one of those things called a running play! Maybe even up the middle. You know, our 3rd and 17 play. Good job Roberto Duran Northcutt.
zigzag420 Goathorns for Entire Offense, Carthon, and a special Goathorn for the Offensive Line. Dropped balls, penalties, bad passing etc. Carthon needs to be gone. Enough, already. O-line... you guys suck! I don't care if it is Peppers. Tucker, you especially suck!!! Frye was running for his life all day. ONE offensive TD, and we win this game. Pitiful.
mistermagoo_21 Northcutt holds onto that ball and it's at least a 7-point difference i n the game. That one wasn't on Charlie, but the other 2 were. Fortunately, this was about his tenth start, and he'll get better. Like Peyton Manning did...remember him in his tenth game? Huh?
metz2421 Get the ball in the endzone or give phil dawson and zastudil a raise.
walkingtheory Third and inches with a chance to get back in the game. If that was not Mo's ticket out of Cleveland, I don't know what will be. HORRIBLE. It's pretty bad when a team has to resort to a safety to play corner. Quit wasting money and get rid of Baxter (aka Courtney Brown II).
mastilak I'm giving Romeo all 3 goats because it's all his fault at the end of the day. He stinks.
aqib Charlie Frye made some awful decisions and even worse throws. I can't even pin this on Carthon. The OLine wasn't bad but the holding call on 3rd and inches killed our drive. The OL wouldn't be so bad if Davis hadn't been such a screw up. The Owl gets a goat for supporting him for so long.
houndfromhell Northcutt, Lets let him ride his contract out. Smith, could of helped block Peppers, but he does miss a lot of pass rushers now. Frye, still the man. Reminds me of Sipe, but fumbles and fourth quarter ints, have got to go. I love trick plays, but know all info during the game before you call them.
adharbert I'm getting sooooo tired of the same boring team that looks like they have no interest in playing. Why is Northcutt still on the field as a receiver when we have JJ waiting??? I'm starting to lose faith in this coaching staff. Having consistent low energy and lackluster execution is a direct result in the coaching staff. How much longer do we have to see other teams with new coaching staffs look brilliant as we are always in rebuilding mood? They just suck!!
three sewers gone Carthon must go now!
apvic what was up with Edwards??? he was short arming everything. very disappointing. he seemed scared out there. almost as though he got intimidated. as far as Northcutt goes, I hope he sits for a while. he has been a major disappointment.
number1brownsfan Too many!!! Officiating crew, not just our game, but others as well, these guys are a joke this year, and what is with all the roughing the passer calls around the league. Dennis Northcutt will not be here next year. How many dropped passes has he had so far this year? Braylon "the Destroyer" Edwards, for not backing up his boast, and dropping several key passes.
angstrl When will MC figure out an empty backfield = Tee Off on Charlie!
greycole Maurice Carthon is an offensive Anti-Christ when it comes to play-calling. Another 3rd and inches and we run a halfback option that gets blown up!
tjdalton2001 Charley has to get better in the fourth quarter (I love the guy, but the truth is the truth). Maybe Charley could do better if we had a real O-Line. Northcutt is expendable - too many drops and Cribbs can return punts.
28stops85 Hard to put anyone on defense here, this loss goes strictly to the offense.
glousterbrown Wow it's almost sad to see and say. Mo looks as lost running the offense as any coach I have ever seen, a fullback pass on 3rd & inches when close to the red zone? Also at the end of the game Romeo was in kind of a daze trying to decide if there was enough time for us to maybe kick 4 more field goals.
glabonne Not only are Carthons' play calling abilities in question, so should his coaching! His offense has major weapons available and yet he brings them to game after game unprepared for what they see. YOUR KIDDING WHEN YOU SAY THE O'LINE CAN'T BLOCK A ONE ON ONE RUSH RIGHT? And that's not taking into account the many times the o'line was blocking 5 on 4 and still got handled!!!
section 527 dawg OH MY GOD, DROPCUTT!! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE OFF THIS TEAM!!! I will no longer comment on Carthon's moronic play calling and the Offensive line - if I think about them anymore I may spontaneously conbu.......BOOM!!
writerdawg Like everyone else, I'm sick of watching our offensive linemen taking turns at being some D lineman's bitch for the game.

Maybe someday we'll actually have a decent offensive line. Someday...
topdawg21 Mo looks so much like a stooge that he could pass for all three of the stooges...
dl72fan I would love to be able to give goathorns to the announcers because they were horrible, but there are so many more deserving players that it's not possible to waste one on the announcers. Top 3 are Crennel, Frye, and Northcutt.
snowmahn We have a great history but when will we be proud again. It's time for a change.
worthbuck12 The OL was shredded today by one tough line, but fellas if you're going to hold someone at least get your moneys worth and don't let them get the sack on top of the hold.

Charlie continues to struggle in the 4th quarter, somebody tell the kid that he cant continue to throw games away when his first target is covered.

The game turns out differently i believe if Northcutt catches the ball with his hands and not his shoulder. We drive on and add at least three points and the game is completely different if Dennis plays catch, paging Travis Wilson....Travis Wilson
ernielogo Use the pass to set up the run. It works. Try it, you'll like it.
playbrowns Dennis Dropcutt please excuse yourself from my team. And Art and Butch, how about you both die.
dgh35 WTF? Get rid of the loser already.
dawgshelter The roughing the passer call that gave the Panthers an automatic 1st down was quite simply one of the WORST calls I've ever seen!!!
schehlk That's three games the Browns could have won if they would have controlled their mistakes, interceptions, fumble, and penalties lost the game.
lukedawg12 this team is pathetic on O-line. too pathetic for words, actually.
bobbyflats My goathorns went to Carthon - for losing the game for us, Romeo - for letting Carthon lose the game for us, and Lerner - for letting Romeo let Carthon lose the game for us.
heidelbergdawg Frye was throwing the ball consistently high or behind the receivers all day. That is not going to get it done in the NFL.

Northcutt is definitely earning his name "Dropcutt" time to bench and play Wilson

The O line has to open some holes to run or we will never be able throw deep or score consistently.
mistofdeath Was Hoping we had a coaching staff that was good and would lead us to a super bowl in 3 to 4 years. But Crennel has no balls if he did M.Carthon would be looking for a job. D.Northcutt is a punt returner not a wide out time someone tells the browns this.
muskiedawg01 Dennis Northcutt simply drops way too many passes. We have been waiting for the lightning in a bottle receiver who could give us the spark. He hasn't provided that. He's a punt returner, that's it. I really hope this is Joe Andruzzi's last year on this line. He's old, slow, and weak. He must be replaced. Mo Carthon, what can I say? On third and inches we throw a fullback pass. Wow. He must be axed after the year.
ssmith6331 Northcutt was awful. His 1st drop was the difference in the game. Inexcusable. Carthon is the NFL version of Jeff Bowden. He has no clue how to call plays or stretch a defense. Al Wallace wore out Kevin Shaffer. He consistently pressured Frye, driving him into Julius Peppers area, and we all saw what happened then.
mckbuckeye Some one MUST be better than Carthon calling plays and Crenel can't see this? OL looked like High School (open door policy) for Peppers. I know he's good but someone has to be able to slow him down!
wahoopcc The offensive line continues to be a major problem. The run blocking is worse then the pass blocking.

Mo Carthon has no business calling plays. Does anyone thing it was an accident that Bill Parcells would not let him handle the play calling?

Romeo Crennel is quickly testing my patience. The team is unprepared to start games each week. For all the good news with fewer penalties, the coaching staff is making this team worse with bad decision making, playcalling, and depth chart mismanagement. Blame should clearly be directed at the head coach.
bucks57 Northcutt set the tone with his horrible hands and we could really use our DB's healthy.
samatlanta Northcutt for doing his best Steve Smith impersonation. The OL looked like they were just standing around watching the play. Carthon gets horns for the usual idiotic stuff, and the New Three Stooges - Romeo, Phil and Randy - need to recognize that Mo is terrible.
ilndawg Tucker got obliterated by Peppers, Northcutt does nothing but drop balls, and the play calling is absurd at times. It's frustrating to watch the defense show fire and the special teams deliver, only to watch the offense do absolutely nothing.
gobrowns 3rd and inches? Fullback pass? Is Carthon nuts? With all the past QB's on the team, at least let one of them throw the rock!!!
brownsman2002 The entire offense sucked. Play calling sucked. Mo sucks. Romeo is an idiot who couldn't coach a high school football team.
willedavis We need a line that can block for the quarterback.

We need receivers who catch the ball, not just let it bounce off of their pads.
dcsherman Frye is the victim of a terrible line, pathetic play calling and a poor scheme---but he is making too many mistakes of his own!
brwnsy2k Frye was abused the whole game but was his own worst enemy. Continues to make bad decisions and even his completed passes weren't where they needed to be. Definitely a step backwards for the kid from Akron.

The O-Line went up a terrific D-Line and got manhandled as expected. No surprises here.

Dennis Northcutt gets a goat just becuz. Can we get a complementary WR for Edwards. Oh yeah, we had one but he's starring for SF and making they're rookie QB look good this year.
12penguins Carthon because he just sucks. #rd and inches and we throw a halfback pass. He is consistently idiotic and needs to be replaced.
Crennel for not relieving Carthon of his duties.
Savage for not making Crennel relive Carthon of his duties.
renegade15 What kind of idiot run a fullback pass on 3rd and inches. Carthon must go!
mdoogal Carthon's play-calling, can we turn the calling over to Robiskie?
deathbyeagle Refs botched that fumble call. Dropcutt annoys me. Time for him to play elsewhere....maybe then he will be able to help the Browns
salesman217 Carthon...when does this guy get fired? Trick play on third and inches in the red zone? When does a team just line up mano -a- mano and get the freakin' inches. What the hell is Terrelle Smith on the roster for if not to lead the way on 3rd and inches? Isn't Reuben Droughns a dirt tough runner if nothing else? It's sad. I hope Opie Savage is scouting OCs as we speak. I hope Romeo is thinking "OK dude. You're my boy and all, but... If you call some silly sh!t like that one more time, your @ss will be on the next train outta C-town. Sheesh...

Northcutt is a vet. He's got to catch that (although Gannon did question Charlie's accuracy on those out passes). Cribbs punt return success spells the end of the line for Northcutt. And I like the guy.

Braylon Edwards talked trash and then caught 3 passes. Not cool. Try again next week rookie.
elracko OT's were miserable, simply terrible. Dropcutt should not line up on offense again, that was game changing. Would also like to horn Mo, as the Vickers pass was a miserable choice, and the 3rd and goal pass to Droughns sucked as well.
cletus_875 he needs a new box of crayons, maybe an etch -a- sketch
whotemp Dropcutt is garbage. JJ should be a fixture at #2 WR. Carthon still thinks he is coaching Indy. Any the offense is terrible.
dkdawg Northcutt - This guy should be returning punts and THAT IS IT - I do not ever want to see him lined up as a wide receiver AGAIN

OFFICALS - Roughing the passer? ROUGHING THE PASSER? You have got to be fucking kidding me. My 5 year old daughter plays rougher with her 10 month old sister.......

Carthon - Vickers sweeps right to pass.....need I say more???
jdawgy Braylon Edwards needs to learn how to catch, Northcutt could use some of that to. O-Line can't even run block, forget pass blocking against Peppers. Run defense continues to be a joke!!
dirtydave98 There is nothing good to say about the game on Sunday. Why wasn't Tucker given help on Peppers on every play, that guy just destroyed us. the officials blew the fumble call, nothing new for a Browns game. Carthon continues to find new ways to screw up the play calling. there's just too much to bitch about after that performance nough said.
brwns4lfe Dennis Northcutt to me should only play special teams he keeps dropping passes that big joe can hang on to.
mdenzinger Northcutt most go...maybe he can carry Maurice's bags too...Romeo is a goat for letting the play calling on offense get this bad...if the Browns weren't my team this would be only solace is the Steelers suck right now too.....
btngcrew Where is Ralph Brown when you need him?? I slay me
astew24 this team will finish a lot better than most people think right now.
njfortino1021 Crennel needs to override plays like a fullback pass on 3rd and inches and get the first down. No common sense coming from the guy calling the plays. Without Carthon calling the plays the Browns are at worst 3-2 but more like 4-1.
fanofbrwns Baxter is BUST!!!! Waste of cap space, always hurt, not a shutdown corner like he claims.
smagyar 2 fullbacks on 3rd and inches??? And this wasn't even the first time!!! At least the Steelers lost again...
montanadawg I voted for in MoC...He Sucked yet again. Then I voted in RC for letting that slug stay around for another game. Tucker has never looked so bad - you got your arse kicked all day dude.
shrooney Tucker just flat out was abused. Braylon needs to take a page out of Marvin Harrison's book and let his play speak for itself. Mystery third down calls continue. And I thought the refs were suspect on some calls this week.
oldeguard Will the officials ever forget bottle-gate and give the Browns a fair shake? Our receivers were getting mauled - no flags. Fumble called on the field overturned by very questionable replay.
john.varner 36 mil for Shaffer? Andruzzi moves like growing grass. These guys are an embarrassment. Start the kid Sowells over Andruzzi.
brownsbot I voted for Carthon 4 times including the write in. This guy sucks.
rubix60 each player on the offensive lin may not deserve goat horns, but this is the single worst unit on the team. its hard to tell if ANY of them are really playing well because as a unit they act like a funnel to the backfeild rather then a dam
bomeister D played as well as could be asked and kept the Fumbles and INTs coming from our sorry looking offensive offense. The O-line should send their checks back to Lerner for lack of showing up.

Oh, and Modell SUCKS! So does Policy!
And why doesn't that weasel Policy use his real Italian surname? Is he ashamed of his background???
tellimad Week in and Week out we have to put up with this jerk Carthon.. Romeo are you going to do anything about it... And DROPcutt u stink..
fladawg1 Cutt and his inability. This time he decided to not catch with his hands, but his chest, it cost us a TD int. Too bad they charge CF with this instead of a blunder by our boy wonder.

MC for his wisdom on calling a FB option pass, with 3rd and an inch, does he really have clue? Also for not utilizing KWII more and still pulling him on 3rd downs, he really has no clue.

Our OL needs to realize they have to block, isn't this what they are paid for?

D-line needs to realize if they can't manage a pass rush our secondary suffers big time. Maybe they need to start eating habenero peppers to light a fire under their a$$e$.
weijusdawg Using Vickers twice on a sweep and once on a halfback pass is NOT clever, Mo.
caryncbrownsbacker This offense is just that ... OFFENSIVE ... The O-line is no better then a high school teams. How in the name of Lombardi do you not score one friggin touchdown. FIRE Mo Cathron NOW!!!
mgrizut Mo' Carthon has never heard of a silent snap count QB sneak on 3rd and inches. Unless he reads OBR message boards. I'd rather have a monkey randomly pointing to plays in the book than have Carthon trying to outsmart everyone all the time. How many times did you see Joe Montana throw to Rathman instead of Rice because those tricky Niners wanted to catch their opponents off guard? Good teams are good because their best players gain yards and points by throwing, running with, or catching the ball. Same crap we all did in grade school. Maybe Carthon spent his youth playing four square and drawing unicorns.

O-Line's killing me. And Northcutt really needs to catch the ball if he wants me to forgive him for the Pittsburgh playoff game in 2002.

I'm just saying.
gddawg Northcutt over Wilson? Cmon.
FB option pass? ... Killing me.
Carthon is still employed? I give up. A 15 year-old madden PS2 champ would give us a better chance to win. Most the players know that playbook better, anyhow. Nice job Carthon!
alaskanbrownsfan Randy...for nothing....I honestly hate wasting my hard earned money on your product year in and year out and what do you give me in return??? Crap...that's right this so called product of yours friend here in San Jose is a 49er fan, anyhow I asked him why the 9ers and Raiders never sold out and he told me something I should have been thinking the whole time - "If they are not producing a good show for my money why should I kick out $70 bucks a seat, $20 bucks for parking, 2 hour long traffic jam and a min of $30 bucks for food when I could sit at home and watch something more interesting then my team get smaked down every week....when they put a good product on the field again I will go back" I though it was bull and not know you should ALWAY SUPPORT your team, but you know what...he maybe right on the spot....maybe then and only then when Randy looks out from his box and sees a stadium only a quarter filled will he try and do something about the product - or should I say so called for Nothcutt..I cannot believe his butt is still with this team...JESUS the guy needs to go, and go NOW..Cribbs is way better!
buck2zz3 how many drop balls can you have in 6 years before you lose your job, its ridiculous
mfabrams According to CBS Sportsline, Dennis Northcutt's injury was due to an excessive case of gas due to an unbalanced amount of butter in his system specifically on his finger tips. Gary Baxter - We wonder why Michael Lehan and Anthony Henry were let go. Are you still on the Ravens payroll? MoNo - It was slow going again with no major adjustments. According to Madden 07, play action may open up the field.
fair hooker Ryan Tucker Blows.
tdh48 Every week I've seen things to be hopeful about. Maurice Carthon may be the number one reason for a 1 and 4 season. I'm thinking Bill Parcells knew what he was doing when he wouldn't allow Carthon to call plays.
crock0511 who the heck is this Vickers guy that we put the game in his hands 3 times now????
sg2431 It's just mind boggling, how Dennis Northcutt continues to play more than Joe Jurevicius.
What's left to be said about this offensive line?
mxaxdxax Northcutt's drops literally changed the game. Yo Mo' start JJ and what was Savage thinking when he selected Travis Wilson in the 3rd round? He was late to camp, hasn't played one snap, and we could have drafted an OL, or any other player/position other than WR. Should we think about replacing Andruzzi/Coleman with Issac Sowells? Savage, I don't think the Browns fans will be upset with you if you draft all OL/DL in 2007. That is where we have been losing the games since 1999.
jab Our Offensive Line is the Best argument for Merit Pay
jbilet Frye should drag Maurice Carthon, Dennis Northcutt and the offensive line into Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court and sue them for non support.
schafrath Mo Carthon - "a frustrated fullback" now running our offense... jeez.. all offense runs through the backup fullback..
mrgrinch Can we vote MoC some more goats during the bye week? It'll help him catch up on how many he really deserves
theskaterx I go back to Winslow's comment after week 2, what do we have to lose? 4 field goals just means 4 more chances we could of had touchdowns.
ohio_jarhead78 Carthon sucks the sweat off a dead mans b@lls.
Northcut couldnt catch a cold.
creature Would having a healthy LeChuck really matter? I suspect that Mo'C would use him as a fullback!..
Gotta' go with double goat horns to Mo'C for another pathetic offensive showing, and one set of horns to Romeo for backing this fiasco.
When you have weapons like Edwards, Winslow, JJ, and Droughns, and can't get a single TD,something's wrong!...
nasdaq Because every time I watch Julius Peppers I am reminded that Courtney was supposed to be him - a dominant speed pass rusher too slippery & quick for a big tackle to handle and a power rusher too strong for any quick tackle or TE to handle. Except Courtney was made of porcelain, played as mean as a porcelain doll, and was a half-steppin' busta. We shoulda had our Peppers. We got the Silent Dew.
au561 Mo Carthon should be fired TODAY, and a new OC should put in a new scheme tomorrow!
bhaubert Let the patrons of BW3's call the plays from their trivia game consoles over Mo.
jasoncheatham Romeo gets a goathorn because he continues to let the Imbecile we call an offensive coordinator to continue to call plays. It's time to cut the dead weight, this is what the bye week is for. Good riddance Mo, it really wasn't nice knowing you!
dawghowl The OL as a unit was horrible, they committed several penalties and failed to open holes for the running backs. Also, as usual Frye was running for his life and Tuckers missed block on peppers was the cause of the fumble.
gabrownsfan Carthon, you blow beyond belief. What did we do to deserve YOU coming to destroy our offense? You make butch Davis look brilliant. A fullback option? WTF are you thinking, you, maniac???? And quit smiling at the end of our losses. Braylon, catch the ball, number 3 overall pick. Shut your yap until you actually do something in the NFL. Crennel, you get horns cuz you brought Carthon here. Nice catch, Dropcutt. Where is Travis Wilson? Can we please stop drafting wide receivers? They don't justify thier selection or they aren't played by Crennel. Gee, sure glad we passed up Max-Jean Gilles for a WR who sits on the bench, Savage and Romeo.
neild24 You'd think that after 4 games, where the browns have obviously had the most success throwing down field, they might actually do it.
dl72fan I would like to be able to give goathorns to the announcers, who were horrible, but there are so many more deserving picks. Coaching staff, Frye, and Northcutt are top 3.
froggy60 when is mr. wilson going to show up?
grouse Romeo has to go if he does not replace Carthon
wavs2u Playcalling is boring and predicable!
merrimi Carthon needs a pink slip. I like Romeo, but he needs to get rid of his achilles least act like Parcells and don't let Carthon call the plays!
fgm Ryan Tucker- Although the entire offensive line deserves goathorns, Tucker gets the biggest one because Julius Peppers ate him up alive. Peppers had his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snack in one afternoon. And Tucker is supposed to be the best lineman the Browns have on the field?!!!!!

Dennis Northcutt- How many more passes does this guy have to drop before Crennel starts Jurevicius, who is much more sure-handed?

Maurice Carthon- I don't think I have the energy to rant on this guy. I did enough of that cursing at the television.

Romeo Crennel- For not having either the balls or the brains to fire Carthon. Does he even realize how worse of a head coach Carthon makes him?
mdr MoC - has no business calling plays in the NFL or even pop-warner. Please leave NOW! I'll help you pack and move!

The O-line sucks. That's the best I can say.

Ref's - So we're now back to phantom holding and roughing calls - great.
cashmoney216 MO MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
frankryan The OL is just plain bad. If we don't do something soon Frye will never make it thru the season. These guys just don't have what it takes to win. Too old too slow no point of attack strength. Cant run block,cant pass block. Changes must be made or mail in the rest of the season. We couldnt be any worse off if we went out and raided the PS of other teams and grabbed 5 or 6 young kids and thru them together. Best to start now than later. What do we have to lose?
bankone Ho Hum another game another drop for Northcut. The O-Line provides another game insuring that Charlie gets in his aerobic workout. Please no Mo!


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