PODCAST: Post-Bye Mime Spectacular

The phones were dead but the takes were live and on the air via email. Fred and Barry offered their sympathies tofans unhappy about the Browns sticking to the status quo, and offered what hope they could for a Browns rebound after the bye. The OBR Radio Show podcast is now available.

The telephones at SportsTalkCleveland showed the same signs of life as the Browns offense in recent weeks. In other words, they were toast, but Fred and Barry kept on keeping on. Because that's just how they are. And, well, they didn't have anything else to do.

The show is available for podcast download on the OBR's fan-driven Muni Lot at:


We think this program is a real alternative to the normal sports talk fare. AM radio call-in shows tend to be filled with anger and venting after a loss, but the OBR program is fortunate to have some of the most-informed and clear-thinking callers around. It's a show where the callers actually add value to the program rather than just erecting a soapbox for the show hosts.

No one gets cut off, no one gets yelled at. It's sort of strange if you haven't listened to it before, honestly.

Fred Greetham and Jeff Schudel, both of whom have more than two decades of experience covering the Browns, lend their insight to the caller's questions and comment on the analysis offered up by fans.

The OBR radio program has put together the highest-rated shows in the history of SportsTalkCleveland.com, a figure which includes the years when the internet station was aligned with local sports-talk mainstay WKNR.

Give the podcast a listen and hear for yourself why Browns fans have been turning to an alternative which relies on insight, observation, facts, and the occasional stab at humor rather than loud arguments and slick soundbites.

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