Jamir Miller getting carried off the field still won't go away. Still, the more pleasant memory of Jamel White proving it at gametime remains as well. More..."> Jamir Miller getting carried off the field still won't go away. Still, the more pleasant memory of Jamel White proving it at gametime remains as well. More...">

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I'm on my third cup of coffee, but that nightmarish vision I had of <A HREF="http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=149&p=8&c=1&nid=293320&yr=2002">Jamir Miller</A> getting carried off the field <i>still</i> won't go away. Still, the more pleasant memory of <A HREF="http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=149&p=8&c=1&nid=293345&yr=2002">Jamel White</A> proving it at gametime remains as well. <I>More...</I>

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How many ways can our local writers find to report on Jamir Miller's injury? Only one, it seems, and it goes like this:

1. Browns looked good last night

2. Jamir Miller ripped his achilles tendon

3. Everyone's all bummed out

4. Woe, woe, woe, woe, etc

Nothing against the fine assembly of beat writers we have here in Cleveland, because they are all far better at this stuff than I am, but on days like this it's a real chore to read all the wire stories. Unfortunately, the Miller story is key piece of news, so that's what everyone needs to write about.

There may be a silver lining to this cloud, however.

Losing Miller, whom the Browns considered trading at the beginning of the year, will help the team from the salary cap perspective next year. Miller was expressing unhappiness with the (now unachievable) incentives put into his contract for new year, and the Browns were about to be put in a position have having to pay major jack for someone who may have peaked.

Is Jamir Miller still one of my favorite players, speaking as a biased and totally subjective fan of the team? Yeah, he sure is. My #95 jersey is still the only one I own, at least until I can find a #30 Jamel White.

But looking at this from the viewpoint of salary cap management as a key factor in team success, it may make it easier on the team in 2003 and beyond.

Miller's achilles tear was the major buzzkill in an otherwise impressive debut for the 2002 Browns, but I don't think our season is anywhere close to over.

Here's what I really liked out of last night's game:

  • Jamel White proved it on the field. Those people who have been tracking this web site through the off-season knew we were pumped about Jamel and his off-season regimen. Now, everyone notices, and it they don't, Jamel is grabbing them by the back of the neck and making them see what he can do. This was an outstanding performance by White, who looks like The Flash as he blasts up the middle or to the outside. Let him use Greg Pruitt's tearaway jersey and you've got an unstoppable force.
  • Kalvin Pearson and Frisman Jackson continued their strong performances, giving the Browns hope that they may have found two hidden gems in the yearly signing of undrafted free agents. Whatever they're paying Pete Garcia, it isn't enough.
  • The Browns threw an actual screen pass. Wow! Props to Bruce Arians. I would love to see this return to the Browns arsenal. The Vikings were stunned too, as White blasted it for 28 yards.
  • Tim Couch looked sharp and at no point locked in on KJ, which is exactly what we wanted to see. If he stays healthy, he looks ready to break out.
  • This team is starting to look deep - something you've never heard me say in the history of this website. The Browns mid-round selections look uncannily prescient. Offensive line depth is a concern, but the investment in Paul Zukauskas and Brad Bedell will pay dividends here, with Joaquin Gonzalez looking like he might be ready to contribute in 2002, ahead of schedule.

I saw a lot that I liked last night. Despite the challenges of dealing with Miller's injury, the overall prognosis is very good on both sides of the ball. Now, let's see what this offense can do against a better defense.

- AB


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