Browns Not Giving Up Hope

Romeo Crennel spoke to the media today, and vowed to hold his team together as they try to come back from a 1-5 start. Meanwhile, Joe Jurevicius cleared the air with the media and the Browns ponder Gary Baxter's uncertain future...

BEREA – When you're 1-5 and not much going right, it would be easy to throw in the towel and start pointing toward 2007.

"There's hope (for this year)," Romeo Crennel said. "If you don't have hope, you might as well go home. I think there might be some players frustrated because we're not winning, but I don't think any of them don't believe in what we're trying to do here."

Crennel said it's the whole team that's losing.

"I talked to the guys about hanging together and not getting pulled apart," Crennel said. "Times are tough and we have to deal with the adversity and do better.

"When you talk to your guys about team, that involves everybody," he said. "I try to make it a point to the team that one side of the ball can't do it themselves. I preach to the defense that their job is to play defense. Likewise, we expect the offense to go play offense, whatever the situation is."

Joe Jurevicius said the Browns have to turn things around themselves.

"It's all about attitude," he said.  "Sure, there should be some criticism, we're 1-5. But, let's turn things around. We have the talent and we've done some things thus far that are not up to par."

"We have to put any negativity out of our minds and get back to the Cleveland Browns tradition of winning games," he said. "I came here to try and help the Browns become winners again."

The Browns offensive woes continued as they scored just seven points against the Broncos after an Andra Davis interception that started the drive at the Denver 18.

"Offensively, the consistency word I continue to use, we continue to struggle with that," Crennel said. "We weren't able to sustain the drives when we needed to. This all culminated in the loss. We have to eliminate the mistakes.

"We show signs here and there, but we're not consistent enough."


Joe Clears Air: Joe Jurevicius spoke to reporters in clearing the air for comments he made after the game when he said "To hell with them" in references to the criticism leveled against the Browns by fans and media in Cleveland.

"We need to be in this thing for the long haul," he said. "I've been through the drive, the fumble and so on. I'm a die hard Browns fan. I had a chance to go other places, but I wanted to come home and that's why I came to the Browns.

"I bleed orange and brown and if any Browns fans took what I said I apologize," he said. "I said what I said just a couple of minutes after a tough game where I dropped a couple of passes."

Baxter Suffers Severe Injuries: CB Gary Baxter is lost for the season and possibly his career. He suffered tears to the patellar tendon to both knees according to Crennel. This is the same injury that put OL LeCharles Bentley on the shelf for at least a year.

"(Baxter's) having surgery and we're going to lose him," Crennel said.

Crennel said he's optimistic that Baxter will eventually return to the field.

"I think he has a good attitude about it and he'll rehab," Crennel said.

The original diagnosis for Bentley was at least a year for one knee. Baxter faces dealing with coming back from both knees.

"There's adversity in everybody's life," Crennel said. "If you can deal with adversity today, you can appreciate the success at a later time."

Baxter's teammates are concerned for their comrade.

"Obviously, it's a tough blow," Jurevicius said. "He's fought hard to come back. It's unfortunate, because he's such an integral part of the team."

Mo No Go: Crennel was asked if there would be a change at offensive coordinator.

"Things can always change in football, but I'm sticking with Maurice right now," he said.

Crennel was asked if he thought the offense would've had more production, especially after coming off the bye week.

"I thought we would've done better," he said.

Other Injuries: The only other injuries mentioned by Crennel was the mild concussion suffered early on by QB Charlie Frye.

"Charlie had a concussion but was able to come back," he said. "We talked with him after several series and he was able to operate fine."

Bentley Infection: Crennel would neither confirm nor deny that OL LeCharles Bentley has suffered a staph infection after his injury.

"LeCharles is at home rehabbing and we'll talk about him Friday."

Third, Fourth Down Inefficiency: The Browns continue to struggle big time when they really need a first down. Against the Broncos, the Browns were 1-of-11 on third down and 0-of-3 on fourth down for a whopping 1-of-14 overall or .071 average.

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