Exclusive: Dilfer Talks About Carthon

It was a poorly kept secret last year that Trent Dilfer and Mo Carthon weren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye. Today, exclusively on the OBR, the veteran Niners quarterback offers a few quick thoughts about his old offensive coordinator...

Last year, following the Browns victory over Miami, Trent Dilfer expressed uncharacteristic irritation with being removed for rookie Charlie Frye during the course of the game. Most Browns fans never saw the news conference, since some of the usual sources of post-game video elected not to make it available over the internet.

That Dilfer was upset following the game was seen by some as prima donna behavior from someone upset at being lifted for another quarterback.

Dilfer also made some remarks implicating the coaching staff following the 2005 Browns loss to the Minnesota Vikings, pointedly saying "I just do what I'm told" when referring to questionable clock management at the end of the first half of that game.

It was perceived by many observers following these events that Dilfer and Browns offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon weren't seeing eye-to-eye on how to run the offense, and what Dilfer's role within the offense would be.

The veteran quarterback's comments this afternoon should solidify some of those suspicions, and perhaps help to explain his reactions in 2005.

Prior to the 2006 season, Dilfer made no secret that he wouldn't mind being traded to San Francisco, where Mike Nolan's club was looking for a veteran backup for Alex Smith. The Browns ultimately dealt the QB to the 49ers in exchange for QB Ken Dorsey and a seventh-round draft pick.

According to Craig Massei of SF Illustrated, Dilfer has commented on his old offensive coordinator indirectly a couple of times, and has discussed how he felt wide receiver Antonio Bryant wasn't used properly when he was with the Browns. Bryant, nonetheless, had a 1,000-yard season with the Browns in 2005.

Today, spurred on by a request by "grinquisit" in the OBR's Ask the Insiders forum, Massei talked to Trent Dilfer about Maurice Carthon. Here are his remarks, reported exclusively here on the TheOBR.com:

Q: What's your reaction to what went down in Cleveland yesterday?

Dilfer: About him being fired? It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

Q: There's been a lot of head-scratching this year regarding Carthon's play-calling and use of offensive personnel. Did you see some of the same things going on when you were there last year?

Dilfer: Yeah, I made no bones about it. I didn't think he was very good from the second I got there. I think there's people that are good at what they do, and people that aren't.

Q: So you saw this coming from 2,000 miles away?

Dilfer: I'm shocked it didn't happen sooner.

Q: You think because of Romeo's background in defense, he stuck with Carthon a little longer than he should have?

Dilfer: I can't explain why he stuck with him, to be honest with you.

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