Best Available Free Agents: 10/26

We're at the point in the season where depth becomes very important to a team's success. Here's an expanded list of the best players left in free agency that could be signed to fill a role as of Thursday, 10/26.

Todd Bouman - He still has a strong arm and is a decent option to be a team's backup.
Jay Fiedler - Needs to prove his shoulder is healthy but would be a solid No. 2 option for a team.
Tommy Maddox - A decent option as a team's No. 2 quarterback. He's had visits with Miami, Oakland, and New Orleans earlier this year. Tried out for Tampa Bay recently.
Vinny Testaverde - Cleveland has interest in him should their current plan for the No. 2 job not pan out. He worked out for New England recently.
Tony Banks - Could fill a role as a No. 2 quarterback.
Shane Matthews - Strictly a No. 3 quarterback.
Omar Jacobs
Koy Detmer
Dave Ragone
Rob Johnson
Jeff Blake
Rohan Davey
Ty Detmer
Craig Krenzel
Travis Brown
Stephan Lefors
Josh Harris
Rod Rutherford
Kliff Kingsbury

Running Back
Lee Suggs - High upside back but injury prone. Could fill a No. 2 role for a team. Tried out for Kansas City and Houston recently.
Lamar Gordon - A once promising back has bounced around the last few seasons and hasn't received a lot of attention in free agency.
Mike Cloud - Good special teams player and could fill a No. 3 role.
J.R. Redmond
James Jackson
Kerry Carter
Damien Anderson
DeAndra Cobb
Jarrett Payton

Jamar Martin - Above average blocker at his position.
Troy Fleming - He was a surprise release by Tennessee but still could start for a team.
Jarrod Baxter - Decent blocker and can start if needed.
Harold Morrow - Good special teams player and backup fullback.
Omar Easy

Wide Receiver
Charles Rogers - Immense talent but a big underachiever. Tried out for a few teams recently but remains unsigned.
Corey Bradford - Good deep threat but has been very inconsistent over his career from game to game and practice to practice.
Tyrone Calico - The oft-injured player has a ton of talent and could fill a team's No. 3 role or better down the road.
Darius Watts - Inconsistent hands but very talented. Tried out for a bunch of teams recently.
Randy Hymes - Big receiver that moves well. Could fill a team's No. 3 role. Tried out for a bunch of teams recently.
Kevin Johnson - Clearly the best free agent receiver out there and could fill a team's No. 3 role.
David Boston - Had a good camp with Tampa Bay and could fill a team's No. 3 role.
Johnnie Morton - Could still fill a role as a team's No. 3 receiver but could be retired.
Ricky Proehl - He still wants to play a few more years and brings an excellent veteran presence with him. He could fill a No. 3 or No. 4 role.
Todd Pinkston - Needs to prove he hasn't lost a step despite coming back from a torn Achilles.
Charlie Adams - Decent possession receiver who could fill a No. 4 role and he can return punts.
Patrick Johnson - Could fill a role as a team's fourth receiver.
Marc Boerighter - Could fill a role as a team's fourth receiver and has good size.
Troy Edwards - Decent option in the slot.
Derick Armstrong - Has good size and ability but has been an underachiever.
Rashaun Woods - Former first-round pick has been injured most of his short career.
Willie Ponder - Strictly a kickoff returner.
Scottie Vines
Eddie Berlin
John Stone
Kevin Kasper
Jason McAddley
Jerome Pathon
Dez White
Jimmy Farris

Tight End
Lamont Hall - Known for his blocking only.
Marcellus Rivers - Decent option as a third tight end.
Darnell Sanders
Cam Cleeland
Shad Meier
John Owens
Matt Kranchick
Brian Kozlowski
Zeron Flemister
Sean Berton
Keith Heinrich
Jed Weaver

Ron Stone - It's kind of surprising that he's still available. He's clearly not the player he once was but, at worst, he could provide solid veteran depth for team.
Will Whittaker - Started some for Green Bay last year and is good enough to be a team's third guard if needed.
Ross Tucker (OT, C) - Was starting for Cleveland in the pre-season for a short time. Worked out for St. Louis recently.
Larry Moore (C) - Pretty solid backup who can play center or guard.
Steve Edwards (OT) - Journeyman who can play inside or outside.
Victor Riley (OT) - Versatile but underachieving lineman.
Tyson Walter (C) - Can be a team's fourth guard or backup center.
Dave Yovanovits - Tried out for Detroit and Seattle recently.
Tom Nutten
Cameron Spikes
Javiar Collins

Offensive Tackle
Torrin Tucker - He's coming back from a knee injury but if healthy, he could fill a role as a third tackle for a team.
Orlando Brown - His starting days are clearly over but he could provide backup depth if needed.
Spencer Folau
Matt Stinchcomb
Ethan Brooks
Jacob Rogers
Scott Gragg

Jeff Mitchell - He probably could still be a starter but it appears he wants to retire.
Cory Raymer - A solid backup.
Tyson Walter (G) - Decent backup who can play two positions.

Todd Peterson - He'll get a call from a team that isn't happy with their kicking game but it's not a good sign that Atlanta passed him up for Morten Andersen.
Paul Edinger - Poor on kickoffs but decent on field goals. He worked out for the Jets recently.
Aaron Elling - He's seen mainly as a kickoff specialist.
Jose Cortez - Kickoff specialist only.
Billy Cundiff
Ola Kimrin
Seth Marler
Jeff Chandler

Todd Sauerbrun - Off the field issues have been a concern but he's clearly the best available punter out there.
Kyle Richardson - Still a decent option for a team that needs a punter.
Tom Tupa - Another ageless punter who could still get it done for a team.
Sean Landeta
Bryan Barker
Toby Gowin

Defensive Tackle
Chad Lavalais - Started off his career well but has fallen on hard times or late. When motivated, could be a solid third tackle for a team.
Lance Legree - Can play inside or outside as a rotational player.
Brenston Buckner - Certainly could fill a role as a team's third or fourth tackle.
Jerry Deloach - Should find a job likely with a team that plays the 3-4.
Johnathan Sullivan - Major underachiever and may be out of chances to land on a roster
Ed Jasper - He's still capable of being a team's fourth tackle.
Gary Walker (DE in a 3-4) - Injuries have worn him down but he could have enough left to be in a backup role.
Langston Moore - He's tried out for a few teams recently.
Shane Burton
Junior Siavii
Steve Martin
Matthias Askew
Travis Hall (DE in 3-4)
Willie Blade
Atiyyah Ellison

Defensive End
DeQuincy Scott - Failed Tennessee's physical earlier this year yet sources say there's nothing wrong with him. If healthy and at the top of his game, he could be a solid third end for a team. He tried out again for Tennessee earlier this week.
Michael Haynes- Basically a fourth end.
Adrian Dingle
Carl Powell (DT)
Mark Word

Inside/Middle Linebacker
Earl Holmes - It's kind of surprising that he's not on a team. He could start easily for many teams if needed as he can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. Visited the Giants recently.
Rocky Calmus - He's had a lot of injuries but he's still very young and is healthy.
Chris Claiborne (WLB) - He's coming off of knee surgery but when healthy, he's capable of starting. Tried out for the Giants this week.
Saleem Rasheed - Decent reserve who can play inside or outside.
Monty Beisel
Rod Davis
Orlando Ruff
Trev Faulk (OLB)
Ronald McKinnon
Frank Chamberlin
Kenyatta Wright
Zeke Moreno

Outside Linebacker
Jamie Sharper (ILB/WLB/SLB) - He can play just about any linebacker position and might have a few years left.
Barrett Green (WLB) - Was once a decent starter a few years ago but has bounced a round. A solid option as a backup.
DeLawrence Grant (SLB)
Alonzo Jackson (SLB)
Marcus Reese (SLB)
Eddie Moore (SLB)
Chris Clemons (SLB)

Will Peterson - Back problems are leaving his career up in the air.
Dewayne Washington - Could fill a nickel role for a team if needed.
Donald Strickland - Could fill a nickel or dime role for a team. Problem is the Eagles passed on bringing him back and they have injuries issues at cornerback so he may not be as good as we think.
Ray Mickens - Diminutive nickel back that probably is better off in dime.
Kevin Thomas
Denard Walker
Dale Carter
Willie Williams
Terry Fair
Ray Walls
Willie Middlebrooks (S)

Lance Schulters - Could certainly still start for a team. Seattle showed interest in him earlier this year and has tried out for a few other teams recently.
Brent Alexander - He worked out for Seattle recently and could be a team's No. 3 safety.
Kim Herring - Could fill a backup role for a team.
Jerome Woods - He would like to start for a team but probably best used as a backup at this point in his career.
Joseph Jefferson (S) - Talented but injury prone. Drafted as a cornerback but probably better off at safety because of his large frame.
Reggie Tongue
Willie Offord
Ernest Shazor
Keion Carpenter
Ronnie Heard
Earl Little
Jerry Wilson
Ifeanyi Ohalete
Bracy Walker
John Howell
Antuan Edwards

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