Savage: Another Day, Another Rumor

While the Browns General Manager tries to concentrate on improving the roster, he also has to deal with rumors which occasionally bubble up to the mainstream press. Exclusive to The OBR, the Browns general manager responds to rumors of his desire to lessen his responsibilities.

As is often the case with a team that is struggling through yet another disappointing season, there are rumors and innuendos flying around nearly every corner the Cleveland Browns turn.

Not a day goes by, it seems, where there is not a rumor of anarchy here or subterfuge there attached to the Browns.

(Yes, guilty as charged)

In the aftermath of the Carthon "resignation", there is yet another rumor making the rounds. And this time, it involves general manager Phil Savage specifically and by name.

In today's edition of the Philadelphia Daily News, the following clip appears as part of an NFL notebook column by writer Paul Domowitch:

Browns general manager Phil Savage is growing increasingly unhappy with the many duties of his job and has talked to owner Randy Lerner about dividing up the job and letting him just handle scouting and player personnel, sources say.

When reached via e-mail by The OBR for a response as to the validity of the story, Savage had the following response:

"Absolutely, 100-percent false. I wouldn't for one minute consider lessening my duties. I have no idea where something like this would come from."

There you have it. Take the very direct denial for what it's worth.

As of the publishing of this article, Domowitch has not responded to an e-mail request by The OBR seeking comment on Savage's denial of his story.

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