Browns-Jets: Your Questions Answered

This week, Jets Confidential publisher and Sirius Radio host Dan Leberfeld answered questions about Eric Mangini's squad from OBR forum members, including inquiries about an unflappable QB and a disappointing rickshaw.

---Let's suppose you are the new offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns: How would you attack the Jets defense, with the personnel you have at your disposal?

Leberfeld: I would go after them through the air. The Jets are without starting cornerback David Barrett, who is out with a hip injury. The team's other three cornerbacks--Justin Miller, Andre Dyson and Drew Coleman--are very inconsistent. Plus the team doesn't have much of a pass rush. So they should attack the Jets pass defense.

---What is up with Pennington's calf injury? They've listed him on the injury report for six straight weeks but he looks fine to me. Why do they keep listing him as "probable."

Leberfeld: Pennington's calf injury isn't an issue. It's becoming like Tom Brady's right shoulder, which has been listed for about three years. That injury shouldn't be on the report anymore. It's a non-factor.

---What is the status of Curtis Martin and is he going to call it a career?

Leberfeld: Next week the Jets will make a decision on Curtis Martin. He was on the PUP list the first six weeks of the season, and now the Jets are in the middle of the two-week window where they must make up their minds. It could go either way. He has bone-on-bone in his right knee.

---Would a softer cover 2 (zone underneath) look work on the Jets?

Leberfeld: Chad Pennington excels at short-to-intermediate passes, so, whatever system is best at dealing with that, is the way to go. Pennington could have a field day if Leigh Bodden joins Gary Baxter on the sideline. He reads defenses so well, he is good at finding weak spots.

---How would you rattle Pennington?

Leberfeld: He is very hard to rattle.

---IIRC, early in the season the Jets were terrible against the run - what is the current status of their run defense?

Leberfeld: The Jets' run defense isn't good. The only team that didn't fare well running on them was Tennessee in Week One. But the Browns are just as bad running the ball, so maybe this is the week the Jets' run defense gets their act together. They are starting to get comfortable in the Jets new 3-4 system.

---In Cleveland, fans are upset that the team hasn't invested much in offensive linemen on the first day of the draft. What has been the impact of D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold on the Jets?

Leberfeld: Mangold has done an excellent job. He's big, smart and powerful, and is playing like a veteran. He was a good value at 29. Ferguson has been very shaky, and is under 290 pounds. He's too small and doesn't use good technique. The Browns could exploit him. He's very inconsistent.

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