Browns-Broncos: Goats and Goats

In honor of all those fans who said no one deserved a gameball, we've renamed this feature Goats and Goats this week. Sorry for the delay in getting this out this week, but Mo had to go out and rent a tux for the goathorn awarding ceremony...

The Week's Results: Browns fans couldn't even motivate themselves to hand out goathorns after this one. Alright, it was fine when fans were spontaneously combusting while writing down gameballs, but when someone hands ME a goathorn for an old editorial and my Mom gets invoked, that's too flipping much. YOU LEAVE MY MOM OUT OF THIS MULEKICKER! That woman is a SAINT, I tell ya, A SAINT!

Player Gameballs
Kamerion Wimbley 32
Dave Zastudil 32
Andra Davis 29
Fans 25
Josh Cribbs 17
Alvin McKinley 16
Gary Baxter 15

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: "Your mom", NOBODY, Not a darn player deserves a gameball, NONE!, NO ONE, Big Daddy 78, "The Drive, The Fumble, the Browncos", The Fans that actually showed up for that mess, Cable Network for still televising these games, "Fans, Fans, Fans, Fans", Every fan who still supports this team after years of garbage, My Wife, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Jake Plummer, The "Junior Miss" Offense, John Taylor and Tim Couch, Joe Jurevicius, Lynch for Denver for going over to check on Baxter, Me. For watching the entire debacle, The "Coorinator" Turk, The guy who gave me free club seats, We Fly High!!, Front office.... For Monday's actions, Lerner and Savage for finally firing Mo(ron), Me - For driving up from Cincy to see the Re-Tooled & Fired Up Offense.


Player Goathorns
Maurice Carthon 62
Romeo Crennel 45
Offensive Line 30
Entire Offense 25
Ralph Brown 19
All Coaches 18
Joe Jurevicius 59

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  everyone, 2006 Cleveland Browns, WKBN, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER, The Cleveland Browns, Randy Lerner's futbol team, "Carthon, Savage, Lerner", Gary Baxter's knees, Randy Lerner, Braylon Edwards, the whole damn organization, EVERYONE - that about sums it up!, Dick Enberg, EVERYBODY, The medical dictionary required to follow this team., Offensive Playbook; all the useless fullbacks not blocking anyone or opening up any holes, o-line, Jurivicious, "Butch Davis, Owl and Barry", Phil Savage and that Lerner dude, Jeff Davidson, Ceddarbest, "Glass Joe" From Mike Tyson's Punch Out, "Whoever decided that I have to get my ticket scanned when I leave the club seats", George W. Bush, Romeo - for not firing the Moron sooner., Lerner, Savage and Crennel for taking too long to fire Mo(ron), Art @#$% my &%$# Modell


The Fan The Words
bendal The entire defense gets a gameball for their hard play all game. McKinley and Roye get individual ones too.
naxos Gameballs for that effort????
nasdaq This team has better than 2 - 14 talent
dp10451 Roye, Wimbley, and Jackson were active and made plays all over the field. The BIG "O" really had a great game. Wimbley is a terror once he crosses the line of scrimmage. And Jackson is improving every game.
worthbuck12 Wimbley/Davis - both were bright spots on a defense that kept the team in the game and gave the offense tons of opportunities to score but all for not.

Zastudil - Great game by the punter in a treacherous wind, had one downed at the 2 yard line and didnt shank any out of the end zone (cough Derrick Frost cough)
gbeachy50310 NOBODY: No gameballs for a loss.
jdailey23 Best play of the game was Anderson's handoff... did you see how effective that "good call" was?!?!?!
vadawglb No one because they all sucked today!!!! I can't give the punter one because he did his job.
bigdaddy78 "I happily share this gameball with all fans of the Cleveland Browns that had no choice but to be subjected, yet again, to seeing horrible NFL football"
mgrizut Only the fans deserve a gameball after this one.

I think back to all the hours I spent reading off-season coverage, discussing the FA signings, the return of K2 and Braylon, and what it all might mean for this season.

Maybe I'm dumb, but I don't think so. I really thought we had a shot at 8-8 this year. We've had so many roster improvements from the 6-10 team last year. I don't see how, with our schedule, we can do much better than 3-13. What are we hoping for here? Brady Quinn? Adrian Peterson? Joe Thomas?

Watching the Browns has never been less fun for me than it is at this very moment. My heart goes out to all of you.
javorsky No players or coaches earned a gameball especially given 2 weeks to prepare for this game.
alaskanbrownsfan I gave Charlie a Gameball this week because he actually played pretty good... Cribbs once again (with the one fumble - rookie mistake I could have killed him for) played wonderfully!
grinquisit Yes, Winslow dropped balls. But he paced sideline and cheered for the defense. Looked like a leader on the sidelines. Lerner, Savage, Romeo, you jerks! Ball is in your court and you still allow Winslow to leave the huddle for Heiden on third down! Totally unacceptable.

Grantham. One of the few with fire on the sidelines. Bring him on now as HC. He's our '84 Marty.

It's extremely sad when all that's left for the third gameball is the punter.
mdoogal Looking forward and hopeful that something will change for next week's game against the Jets.
mark zickefoose The fans are the only ones that deserve ANY credit for actually watching this load of gutless, lifeless crap.
gabrownsfan A "get better" gameball for Baxter. Gameballs for: Hines Wards' missing shoe (I wish it had bounced up through his facemask and wiped that s*** eating grin off of his face). The Falcons for beating Putzburgh and giving me SOMETHING to smile about; Snickers bars at 9 a.m.
dk We recorded the game and watched it later, my wife was smart enough to go to bed halfway through the 3rd quarter.
montanadawg Z still doing a nice job!!!
skat007 The fans deserve a gameball. Why? Well, they sure as heck don't get anything else out of watching this crappy team.
akronbrowns If it wasn't for the intercepted pass jake the snake, we NEVER would have scored.
knowitallbob The Junior Miss Offense deserves a gameball. Sure, they don't belong in a man's game; but those little girls really play their hearts out.
goofybuckeye Baxter gets a ball because the man works his ass off through those past injuries and I guarantee he'll come back from this one. It friggin sucks that he's out.

Wimbley is a beast. He cut down any role outs to his side. The Broncos were forced to the other side the entire second half

It looks as though Grantham has these guys playing in unison and it's apparent this is the best unit since '99 (barring the injuries of course), but that's saying something considering this isn't the most talented...not yet, of course. It's not his fault that he's stuck with Brown and Holly, for crying out loud.
aqib The defense gave up 17 points and got two turnovers. Zastudil punted well. I am giving one to Couch because we have has so many guys come in and done worse than he did, but he still gets ripped by the fans in stands. I am also giving one to John Taylor for calling out Frye when no one else in the media covering this team has the guts to do.
idrthrbncleve No one on offense was worth anything. If anybody was it was those three defensive players
d2hayes Joshua Cribbs is the real deal. Too bad the old coaches couldn't scout and sign Gates!
dogguitars One to Gary, thanks for working hard to get back, great interception, my sympathy for your injury and hope rehab goes good, nice knowing you and good bye.
fhanson At least we've got a punter and a kick returner... they'll see LOTS of action this year.
dawgdc Kamerion Wimbley because of his steady growth in a rather sad season. Alvin played well with a sack and several disruptions in the back field and I'm hoping to be the president of the Kellen Winslow fan club even though he drop a pass yesterday. Same for Joe Vicius, but I love the fact that he is a stand up guy and called out those fans who aren't a true fan
shrooney Special Teams continues to be lone bright spot. Defense played well enough to win, put in a lot of difficult situations.
section36rowg For putting up with this crap for another week.
drewmiller320 Anyone who made any kind of decent play also made at least one terrible play to negate it.
dexterbrowns Gary Baxter! Thank you for playing our little game here in Cleveland Mr. Baxter. Please try again real soon. We hope you will accept this lovely gameball as a parting gift... Mason Unck - For making sure he told Quincy Morgan how it is.
section 527 dawg Na na na na.....Na na naa na...HEY MO-MO.....GOODBYE!!!!
plumpgrizzlybear Baxter played hard, had a great interception, and didn't go through the tunnel a loser.
deathbyeagle The Fans----for forcing Carthon out the door
sg2431 Andra Davis and Kamerion Wimbley made some plays on Sunday. Kudos the rest of the defense for holding the fort.
rutger Gave one to Baxter, not for his play but because he's had such a run of bad luck since he signed here. One also to Roye and Russell..

Doubt it will save the season, but the stubborn, non-player friendly coordinator had to go. This guy just found a way to suck all of the excitement out of our players. Hopefully they will find a way to get it back..

Cribbs looks fantastic.. except for those bobbled punts. It is time to get him involved in the offense more.

Zastudil has a amazing knack to get his punts to curve away from the end zone around the 1-5 yard line. What a leg on him.
whoknowsmore Strike one up for Z. 6 punts a +40 yard avg and 3 inside the 20. I have to give Baxter props he played well, and it makes me sick to see is career on the line after that injury. Roye had some fire in him and got after the QB.
debsch72 Winslow always seems to display the fire that the other players are missing, even when things are going good. If more would play with his passion and desire we would be a much better team.
mdr Wimbley is the real deal. Zastudil has made me finally forget about our former all world punter Gardocki. Me and the other fans for putting up with this crap for the past 42 years.
writerdawg No gameballs to any players for that awful effort.



The Fan The Words
bendal The entire offense gets goathorns. So does Carthon for not changing anything on offense after the bye week, and Crennel for not making him change. That was pathetic.
naxos First time I have given a goat to the fans but I honestly can not stand to read or listen to all this infighting anymore.
nasdaq No heart, no effort
dp10451 Mo Carthon. Need I say more? Brown dropped 2 INT's. He can't stop the opposing RCVR's and he can't catch the ball himself. Baxter is quickly becoming Courtney Brown "Take Two".
worthbuck12 Baxter - The man can't stay healthy to save his life....and ultimately that will cost him his job

Carthon - I don't know why he wasnt let go during the bye week which would have given the new OC 2 weeks to get in tune with the playmakers we have here

OL - Ryan Tucker is terrible, to get bullrushed by a 250# DE in the NFL is an embarrassment
gbeachy50310 RALPH BROWN lets us down. Again. Talking smack after breaking up a TD pass, only to get burned on the next play. And 2 INT drops to boot. Loser. WR UNIT again with the drops. Even JJ! Extremely disappointing. ROMEO: My first time for 'goathorning' RAC. Yes, you are the head coach, so this does all ultimately fall on your shoulders. I'm no longer targeting Mo. If RAC can't come to terms with this business decision on making things better, then he deserves the goathorns.
jdailey23 I feel bad for Baxter, with that said, he is injury prone and we should consider cutting our loses!
phelix17 We suck.
caryncbrownsbacker This is a horrible football team, they cannot block, they cannot run, they cannot pass protect, they cannot catch the friggin football!!!! They cannot stop the run, they cannot stop the short passing game. We are watching a football team that IS NOT "coached up" this team is not prepared week after week ... and playing like they did on Sunday after TWO weeks to get ready is sickening. If this coaching staff cannot coach then bring coaches in that can!!!!
vadawglb ALL COACHES because that was a sorry sight after the bye week. What were they thinking.


Droughns - He got his fat paycheck and now runs like a wussie!!! Let him and his paycheck walk after the season!!!
bigdaddy78 Horns all 'round. Name any area of the organization, and they get a horn. It's officially a laughingstock.
mgrizut I love the Cleveland Browns. But my blind loyalty and idealism is forever gone. I'm not buying any more tickets. Not one, until it becomes clear that this team is on a path to competitiveness. The NFL has more parity than identical twins in a modeling competition. Yet, the Browns can do nothing.

The Cleveland Browns are a bad football team. The need new coaches, an infusion of talent, and little bit of luck.

I've certainly felt letdown by this team in the past. But I've never felt HOPELESS after six games.

I'm without hope. And it breaks my heart.
walldog Not enough goathorns provided, so let me add Ralph Brown, Randy Lerner, Joe Jurevicius and half-a-horn for Charlie Frye.
alaskanbrownsfan OK, I was a in Romeo I trust, but I am starting to worry here...Randy - the product had better start showing improvement before I am done with being an NFL fan..get the fact we had to deal with the move, and now...well crappy teams since 99...and no the 02 team was nothing special...
grinquisit Buck now stops with Lerner, Savage, and Romeo every week until something is done. Goats of the year. They give us crap and show no urgency. At least D. Green hit the crap out of the microphone last week. Why don't we see that fire in our "leaders?" Is it too "un-Christian" for Phil to show some balls? WWJD? Jesus would have turned over the tables of this scam in the pre-season!
mdoogal Lack of pressure or all out blitzes on QB. Maurice Carthon's or maybe Romeo's play calling skills. I think a division II A college team could move the ball better
mark zickefoose It all starts at the top, and if they don't give a damn, why should the fans? And why should we bother to give them a single cent more while they so carefully ignore and disdain us?
gabrownsfan Goathorns for: Phil Savage for passing on Max-Jean Gilles; Romeo for not staying in his basement; Carthon for not quitting; The o-line for being horrible; Jessica Alba for not returning my calls; Joe. J. for his postgame comments; the Texans for having a better record than us.
irishmutt i'm too p;;;;;sed off to comment
shegalofus Everytime he does a Browns vs. Bronco game . . . well you know the rest. I run a Browns Backer in So Cal and this team and coaching staff is really testing ALL Browns will or at least what is left of it. I can not keep prescribing Jagermeister and Petron shots anymore because there will be none left in the world when we actually win again. Also, throw salt on the wound by having Enberg talk about all those infamous Browns/Broncos games while announcing a pathetically played game by the home team. This must be hell on earth !!!!!!!!!! Dick Enberg before he Dicks you !
go browns !
montanadawg MoC and Romeo - are you kidding me??? With two weeks of prep time that's the best you could do? Just go home - really, go home.
skat007 This was just such a collectively ridiculous failure to execute, I can only think that all the players and all the coaches are worthy of horns. How can you come off the bye and play like this? The only person I'm going to single out is Romeo. I liked him when they hired him, but slowly since about week 4 or 5 of last year I have just had less and less confidence in his ability to lead this team. This week settled my mind. I don't think he is the answer, and I am convinced this team will never go anywhere with him at the helm.
wolfpack2 THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!
mrgrinch Barry, can you add a button so that I can automatically vote goats to Carthon 3 times? I think I'm getting carpel tunnel...
akronbrowns You mean to tell me that with 2 weeks to prepare for the Browncos, this was the offensive gameplan. This was what an extra week of preparation got us fans as an offensive output. What the hell would the offense have looked like if it was a normal week?

Yikes, that game made me ill!
knowitallbob On Mo, thanks for discovering you can pass on 1st down - it worked great. Now, please learn that a pass attempt over 7 yards is occasionally required in order to "stretch" a defense.
goofybuckeye Fraley was getting absolutely killed. He really doesn't seem to have any idea what's going on out there. Now I see why the Eagles stopped playing him.

Tucker was getting devastated by everyone playing his side, mostly by Dumerville. He's not even close to quick enough to play RT.

I can't even bring myself to name Andruzzi and Coleman...maybe the OL coach sucks..yeah, maybe that's the problem.

Terrelle Smith has no idea how to pick up a block on a pass rush and he's late to pick up blocks on runs. Get a new FB, please, as long as you continue to think you can have a between-the-tackles-only RB like Droughns and insist on using wash-ups as your middle 3 on the line.

Jurevicius gets the write-in. He doesn't look like he's all that interested for some reason. Maybe there's a reason he's never been seen as more than a #3.
aqib I am slowly moving Frye from the question mark category to the not a player category. I am tired of the hype because he is local. He is towards the bottom of every statistical category, he doesn't put up points, he missed open receivers, the list goes on. This line is not good but not any worse than any other line and he has better skill position support than anyone else we have tried.

The fans get a goat horn for reaming everyone else in the stadium but Frye. The radio announcers get one for the postgame report in which they were bitching about a defense that gave up 17 points despite being on the field for 37 minutes. But no one questions the QB plays. Butch gets one for the fact that we have 7 players from his 4 drafts. The Owl wherever that gutless wonder is these days gets one for supporting him for so long. Barry gets one for his article calling for Romeo's ouster and Savages demotion, this from a guy who wrote "the case for patience" with Butch in year 4.
idrthrbncleve The offense was terrible. RAC was terrible. The O-line is and was terrible. Mo Carthon should have been fired last week, so he is no longer at fault.
d2hayes When was the last time we heard anything from these two. Hindsight being 20/20, an O-lineman in round 3 sure would have looked better than Travis Wilson does riding the bench! This is too painful for me to stomach any longer. I'm glad I have my Sundays back!
fhanson All the skill position talent in the world won't make a difference until we have an O-line that can make some holes and pass protect. I hope Charlie doesn't get killed -- or turn into another Couch after his beatings.
dawgdc RAC for just promising us that we would better this week and not firing Mo when he had a chance. Mo because he couldn't call a game if his life depended on it. The O-Line for allowing a weekly arse whipping of Charlie and Jeff Davidson for not doing something about the weekly beating that Charlie takes!!!!
shrooney Ill prepared AGAIN!!! Hate to say it but JJ caught a case of the butterfingers Sunday. Ralph Brown could have given the offense valuable extra chances and changed momentum.
section36rowg Bring the Ravens home and send these bums to Baltiwhore !
dexterbrowns See ya 'round Maurice. "Vickers THROW!" has replaced "Metcalf up the middle" in illustrating the Browns offensive incompetence.

Cracked my molar on a Cheddarbest at the tailgate before the game. It hurt.
section 527 dawg Gary Baxter is undoubedly a close, close, clsoe relative of Glass Joe. Or glass Boob Mucsle, or Glass Knees, or glass tendons.....shoot me now!
plumpgrizzlybear Crennel, Carthon, and the offense all deserve this goathorn.
deathbyeagle Ryan Tucker has sucked donkey balls this year....just awful

Fraley plays more like Farley

Braylon has been very quiet since he called out Gamble for no reason.
sg2431 Stone Hands Ralph Brown strikes again.
The entire offense is challenging for worst in Browns history.
Terrell Smith is useless, period.
rutger Mine went to Carthon, Crennel and Savage.. Mo for his play calling and offensive (take that both ways) preparation of the teams Offense for the game and to Romeo and Savage for not pulling the trigger on him the first week of the bye week.. I know MO was working with an OL that looked like it isn't as good as some college teams put on the field but he never changed his approach to the game to try and help them achieve any success either.. Mis-direction, cut back type running plays, short quick hitters to the TE down the middle.. Rolling the pocket to protect Frye while moving him away from the rush and also not allowing audibles or being VERY restrictive with them??.. What the hell was with that??.. That alone should have gotten him fired..

But I still want Romeo to get 4 years to get us to the top and over it.. We need to quit changing coaches like we do Free Agents..
brownsfanmn13 Wow, the coaching staff did absolutely nothing during the bi week. That had to be the one of the most boring offensive games I've seen out of this team.

I think the lack of excitement has finally rubbed off on Winslow and Jurevicius. Both dropping passes is unbelievable. When are we going to start seeing Slant routes for quick Forward passes??? If I remember correctly, wasnt that how Edwards scored his 80 yard TD last year? A quick pass just behind THE OTHER teams line???

Amazing how simple plays elude this team.
whoknowsmore 9% 3rd down efficiency...165 yards TOTAL offense. Mo is a moron, and RAC should of let him go.
debsch72 Droughns is really disappointing me. He isn't hitting the line the way he didn last year. This line in no better, or worse than last year. So what is his problem
mdr Too easy - lots of low hanging fruit.
apvic Edwards has been playing like a little girlie... he needs to grow some balls and stuff them with an attitude of not being intimidated...

JJ needs to be careful what he says when using the fans name like he did..
he does not want us on his ass !!!!

And speaking of pussies...Perkins is getting his a$$ handed to him by street free agents.. what a waste.. he needs a good old fashion blanket party to straighten his worthless butt right up!!!


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