Transcript: Adam Caplan

Adam Caplan, of Sirius Radio and, offered his thoughts about the Browns tonight in the OBR chat room. Get Adam's objective takes on the Browns offense, Charlie Frye's progress, Mo Carthon's "resignation", and other topics of interest to Browns fans...

ArtBtz: What are your thoughts on the Browns dumping Mo last week?

Adam Caplan: A little earlier than I expected but I knew it was coming. It was the right move

ArtBtz: You buy that "resignation" story?

Adam Caplan: Art: Uh, no

ArtBtz: LOL

Adam Caplan: If the Pope was Jewish I'd believe it. Since he's not, no.

Guest6: Why do you think Jerome Harrison has been inactive as of late?

Adam Caplan: I know they have been down on numbers at CB so that's the reason that RAC gave. But still, they need some speed at RB to compliment Droughns... that should happen soon.

BigDaytonDave: dam, what is the scoop on Travis Wilson?

Adam Caplan: Big: Nothing going on there, they really don't need to use a 4th WR at this point

Guest11: Why was Crennel willing to stick with Carthon so long when it was tearing the team apart? Isn't he worried about looking out of touch with what is going on with the team?

Adam Caplan: 11: My sense is he wanted to wait until after the season was over but there was pressure from within to get him out

Guest129: What's the update on FS Justin Hamilton? playing time soon?

Adam Caplan: Haven't heard anything on Hamilton yet

nybrownie: Anything on Joe Andruzzi..

Adam Caplan: Andruzzi had an MRI today

Guest105: What do you think of Kelly Butler, our RT sub-ing for Tucker? And do you know anything about what is ailing Ryan Tucker?

Adam Caplan: 105: Butler was ok.

jb42776: or Orpheus Roye or Willie McGinest?

Adam Caplan: Roye and McGinest were getting treatment today.

RedDawg: Why did Antonio Perkins warrant a high 4th round pick, and Wilson a third rounder, when neither have helped the team at all. Busted picks by Phil?

Adam Caplan: RED: Perkins was expected to contribute more this year and didn't so you can say that to a point. Most 3rd round WRs don't contribute the first year. It takes a while for WRs to develop.

Guest129: Anything on Dennis Northcutt? Cribbs a little shaky at PR

Adam Caplan: 129: I think Northcutt is likely to be ready this week

nybrownie: What do u think of the new OG, Fred Matua

Adam Caplan: NY: developmental G, tough guy, not very mobile

Sagapulotele: Where is Travis Wilson?

Adam Caplan: Sag: #4 or #5 WRs don't usually play much if at all

RedDawg: Follow up, Joshua Cribbs struggles at PR - Perkins drafted as PR - and can't get an opportunity? He that bad?

Adam Caplan: Red: there could be more going on there with Perkins... We'll see what comes out this week. Teams generally don't give up on picks like that.

RedDawg: Ah ha....doesn't take studying a play book or brains to return punts...thought there was more.....

Adam Caplan: Red: I can't say for a fact that there is more but I suspect it was more than what's being reported

newdawg: Wasn't Perkins cut???

Adam Caplan: New: Waived

Guest122: what's the word on matua?

Adam Caplan: 122: Developmental G, tough guy, but limited in movement.

Guest219: Your thoughts on the job Jeff Davidson did

Adam Caplan: 219: Not bad, windy conditions kind of limited the passing game, though. Forget this week, they won't do anything at SD.

RedDawg: Did Davidson add new running plays? Condense the old ones down? Use more base blocking, or some other scheme?

Adam Caplan: Red: Simplified running game, the OL took it right to NYJ

RedDawg: Merriman likely out?

Adam Caplan: If he drops his appeal then he won't play

Guest105: Does the Jets run D suck that bad?

Adam Caplan: 105: Yes

Adam Caplan: Terrible... They don't have a true NT

Guest6: What's your take on D'Qwell Jackson?

Adam Caplan: 6: Solid rookie season

Adam Caplan: Overall, defense has been decent - It's the offense that needs to improve.

nybrownie: Will we see Isaac Sowells now with Andruzzi out>

Adam Caplan: NYB: If Andruzzi is out, that's possible but Lennie Friedman looks to be the first guy to go there.

jb42776: What about Daven Holly have the browns found something in him?

Adam Caplan: JB: I would say so, even by accident

Guest129: Do the Bolts have 1 or 2 d-lineman out for this weeks game? (Oshalky)

Adam Caplan: 129: Olshansky is out again... and OLB Shaun Phillips likely... and possibly Merriman.

jb42776: I bet we dont see Gary Baxter on the field again

Adam Caplan: JB: Could be

RedDawg: What are the Browns doing to limit good WRs so well? Very few have had good games...

Adam Caplan: RED: Bodden has been solid when in the lineup, safety play has been decent but teams generally like to run on CLE

Adam Caplan: I was surprised the Jets couldn't run better on them.

Guest122: will Jerome Harrison see some time this week?

Adam Caplan: 122: No indication yet that he'll dress, but I think he will be a factor before too long.

Guest6: Speaking of the Chargers, why has M. Turner seen limited PT even when they are blowing people out?

Adam Caplan: 6: It's a game by game thing with Turner. Earlier in the season he was playing more but they wanted to get LT in more of a rhythm lately.

jb42776: turner would look good in orange and brown

Adam Caplan: JB: He's a tank but can move well.

jb42776: when is he a FA?

Adam Caplan: I think he's a RFA this coming year.

RedDawg: Turner would cost a first rounder...

Adam Caplan: Red: I would imagine they would put a first round tender on him. I remember watching him during Senior Bowl practices.

Guest219: Assess Charlie Frye's performance yesterday please.

Adam Caplan:
Average, missed some throws, but was more patient in the pocket

Guest105: Is Ted Washington hurt?

Adam Caplan: 105: Not that I know of

Guest219: do you see Frye making any significant progress?

Adam Caplan: 219: It will take some time, I'm interested how he does at SD, tough road test...

Guest129: S. Jones Pro Bowl caliber?

Adam Caplan: 129: Not at this point, but he's developing.

Sagapulotele: what happened to Jerome Harrison?

Adam Caplan: SAg: They're trying to dress more DBs

Guest219: if you were the SD DC, how much would you blitz Frye?

Adam Caplan: 219: They zone blitz often, so you'll see that. The good thing is he can move and he does face the 3-4 in practice.

Adam Caplan: They won't be able to run so the pressure will be on him to throw. That's where the test comes in... decision making... and Davidson will really be under the gun there.

Hasn't decision making been his main weakness?

Adam Caplan: 219: Pretty much and accuracy

jb42776: Browns need some big plays to stay in it with SD

Adam Caplan: JB: Frye is capable and OL play is key

Guest6: how much would Merriman being out affect SD's defense?

Adam Caplan: 6: A lot as that would mean both OLB starters and best pass rushers would be out

jb42776: Phillips and Merriman likely out?

Adam Caplan: JB: Phillips yes, not sure yet on Merriman

jb42776: that could help

Adam Caplan: he may drop the appeal this week and if he does, then I believe he's out immediately four games.

jb42776: Castillo and Jamal Williams are tough as hell though

Adam Caplan: JB: Williams is the best NT in the NFL. Their secondary is much improved too. FS Marlon McCree has been great so far.

Guest219: what seems to be braylon edwards' problem? he's still dropping passes and has trouble getting open.

Adam Caplan: 219: That one play could have been big yesterday if they would have hooked up

jb42776: Do u get to watch coachs tape? if so is Winslow always double teamed?

Adam Caplan: JB: In the playoffs I do but I do talk to NFL people quite a bit. I'll see what I can find out there.

jb42776: those are so hard to find, where are the Browns gonna get one of those elite NT

Adam Caplan: JB: Develop one through the draft... They never are out in free agency.

JMIDD44: wheres gilbert brown when you need him?

Adam Caplan: JM: I would imagine he's 400 pounds now

ArtBtz: I kept saying ""Sign Grady!"", ""Sign Grady"". But noooooooooo,,,,

Adam Caplan: Grady Jackson would have been a smart move, but motivation is always an issue with him.

Guest219: how bout a glass of sam adams?

Adam Caplan:
219: He may retire after this season and he can only play about 15-20 plays

Adam Caplan:
Adams will have knee surgery after the season

Adam Caplan: 219: BTW, Sam Adams is big back here in philly

jb42776: Big Ted may not last much longer either

Adam Caplan: JB: I know, I would be surprised if he's back next year

jb42776: He was dominant in the preseason and has been very average thus far

Adam Caplan: preseason means nothing

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have... Ill be on Barry's show tomorrow night for a segment.

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