Gameballs and Goats: Week Seven

Sean Jones and Reuben Droughns were the heroes of the Browns second win, according to Browns fans voting in Gameballs and Goats this week. Meanwhile, Josh Cribbs needs to learn how to field punts cleanly unless he likes wearing the horns...

The Week's Results: Jeff Davidson gets the most gameballs for a write-in, ever, thanks to the webmaster forgetting to replace Mo Carthon on the voting sheet. On the upside, Mo Carthon still did respectably well in the goathorn voting. It's also obvious that the Oakland Raiders have a special place in the hearts of Browns fans for embarrassing the Steelers (chuckle).

Reading the gameballs and goats is one of the highlights of my gig here, and reminds me of the sense of humor that is just part of being a Browns fan. Where else but in Cleveland would I get one goathorn for screwing up the voting by forgetting to replace Carthon with Davidson on the GBG ballots, but get two gameballs for my admission that I now have to watch home games sans beer in the press box. And, yeah, I agree about Ulrich Winkler, non baby-kissing dude that he is.

Player Gameballs
Sean Jones 163
Reuben Droughns 153
Kellen Winslow 115
Offensive Line 80
Jeff Davidson* 55
Kelly Butler 32
Entire Defense 32

* Write-in

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: "Our future 11-5 record", Our 2005 running game..., Oakland Raiders (4), The Fans, "End zone official who called the last Jets TD no catch" (3), Ace Frehley, "Larry Johnson, Damon Huard, Tony Gonzalez", Hubbard High School Football Team, "Me", Pittsburgh Steelers, Maurice Carthon - for leaving!, Mel Tucker (2), "Big Ben's arm", Barry McBride (2), Ben Roethlisberger


Player Goathorns
Josh Cribbs 91
Phil Dawson 84
Maurice Carthon 84
Special Teams 58
Romeo Crennel 45
Braylon Edwards 24

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  "Whoever called for conservative play towards the end of the game" (7), "Playing not to lose" (2), Gerard Warren---it's been a while since I gave him one, "Deactivating Harrison", Ocho Loso, Casey Casem, OBR Message Boards / Edgar the Hamster(2), "Seattle Defense, Bronco Defense", Randy Lerner, WKBN, Joe Andruzzi's knee, Idiot Bear fans, "The fullbacks: could they please pick-up a blitzer or open large holes for #34", The NFL, "My sister in law for going into labor during game", Ulrich Winkler, Fart Modell, "BARRY - CAUSE MO IS STILL OC IN THIS POLL!", Dick Cheney, "my DVR that records everything but the Browns game. I hate you Direct TV", Bruce Arians, Josh Cribbs' ability to catch punts, "Bill Parcells allowing THE MO to get this far to begin with!", "Maurice Carthon's fake resignation" 


Fan Comments
caryncbrownsbacker Andra Davis was around the ball all day and deserves a game ball!
chico1227 Running lanes? What running lanes? I didn't know the 2006 Cleveland Browns came with that option. Holly seems to be helping to put the fire out in the secondary. Thank God, 'cause where there's smoke there's Ralph Brown.
playbrowns Mike Carey is the sh*t. Who? Sean Jooones.
tripinthehead Well since the ratbird game I didn't think I'd be impressed the rest of the year. WINSLOW, JONES, DROUGHNS. BUCKEYES
tdh48 Carthon for quitting so we finally see an intelligent game called. The O line for a first rate job particularly in the fist half and the entire defense for keeping us in the game. I know it was only the Jets but a dramatic improvement over what we have seen.
bigdaddy78 O line had a great first half, The D won the game. Gotta give the officiating crew one, because that last pass was a TD.
hummed Droughns ran with his characteristic passion, a noticeable change from previous games, maybe it was him getting healthy, maybe he hated Mo Carthon, or maybe it was the Jets lousy run D, but it was definitely about time!!!...
number1brownsfan Thank God Bodden is back, Holley played good too, Jones made the best of his opportunities. Winslow is by far or BEST playmaker, and he could be the first to make the ProBowl this year. Davidson did great in the 1st half but....
thewuck Creative and effective. Stuck with what was working
dp10451 Reuben ran like a man possessed. Just like last year. Sean Jones had maybe is best game as a Brown. He was everywhere. The O-line finally showed of what they are capable when put in the right situations. Gotta give Davidson a lot of credit here.
writerdawg The D was stellar and deserves most of the credit for this win.

That said, Davidson's debut was a raging success. We saw an offense in the first half that was unpredictable and well conceived.

In the second half, the Browns played the percentages (not taking extra chances because of poor blocking and a rookie QB) and it paid off.
apvic I'm glad Davidson did not throw Frye to the dogs and pass during the fourth quarter.. he kept the pressure off of Charlie.. I think it will pay dividends in the future.
k9corps Good to see Rueben looking good again. Gameballs to him and to Jeff Davidson. Also must thank Randy Lerner and Phil for encouraging Mo's resignation.
soldiersfryeandwinslow I would say it was a pretty good day of execution overall. For what its worth i think the players responded to the fresh start.
slambar Don't tell me it wasn't MoC. They weren't a juggernaut, but the running game was sharp and overall a lot less predictable on offense. Droughns looked hungry as ever. Even though they did a lot of multi TE sets, they didn't give up a sack in the first half. I singled out Butler bc he was the new guy and didn't look half bad. Jones is showing he's the Man on Defense.
skat007 Droughns ran hard all night and finally made some things happen. - Sean Jones is the best playmaker on this defense. He is always around the ball and disrupting opponents' offenses. - K2 keeps on coming up big. - Davidson might not be THE answer, but he sure did a nice job tonight until Romeo boxed him into super-conservative mode (SEE GOATHORNS)
plumpgrizzlybear I don't like that Carthon is still listed as the OC. Fraser held his point of attack allowing others to do everything else well.

We have the Droughns of old.

Sean Jones is all over the place.
k2thechosen1 11/18 OSU Beats Michigan
11/19 Browns Beat Steelers

Best Weekend ever of Cleveland sports
dawggonesouth Duded Rocked
worthbuck12 Jeff Davidson for president
adharbert Mo gets a game ball for knowing when to hang it up. That was one of the biggest boosts for this week.

O-line played very well, especially considering no Tucker and Andruzzi injured.

Thompson needs to be out there more. Had a key sack at the end there. I think he's better than people give him credit for.
Sean Jones looks really good out there. Seems to be in good positions to make those interceptions.
mcnally.30 Fans, you put up with more crap than anyone in this league, good job hanging in there.
rutger The entire offense and defense plus Davidson get game balls just for winning the damn game and making it look like a real team was out there for the first time in a while. There's still plenty to improve on and they still have to prove that this wasn't a one game effort. But for this Sunday I'm a happy Browns fan for the first time in a while. Thanks guys keep it up and now that we're tied with the Squealers let's go get the other two a-holes in our division!!
buckeyeindenver Davidson's game plan wasn't flashy, but it took advantage of the Jets terrible run defense and capitalized on Reuben's hard-nosed running style. I never understood why former fullback Carthon always tried to be cute instead of just riding Droughns like Davidson did today.
rickyfeacher Out of the box with less then 1 week preparation Davidson calls a game that puts 20 points on the board.

If he were in charge earlier those 20 points would have gotten us wins against BAL and NE and be 4-3 right now.
bigchief28 All 3 had a great game.
doughboy22 It is written that if you have a 1-5 record, you will proceed to fire your inept offensive coordinator and thus win your next game against a team with a winning record. MAN LAW!
losangelesdawg Only heard Kelly Butler's name for good holding or procedure calls....not a bad pick up...also props to Lennie Freidman....we actually have decent back-ups....
oarzero Solid game all around, this was the team I expected to see all year, defense keeping the team in it; average play from a QB with 4 previous starts to this season.....and a HOME WIN. Atta Boys.
rrmalns The team actually has some hope with Mo gone. I hope Romeo Crennel doesn't do anything to hinder Jeff Davidson in bringing life to an offence that actually does have talent. Browns - Mo = WIN (simple math)
dcampisano Finally glad to see the offense with an attitude. Davidson has them going in the right direction.
chowdogg Butler 's first start and I didn't notice him at all....great game
jmatt19534 Charlie is growing. Yes, he had a bad pick, but he didn't throw one in the red zone. He also made some great plays. Sean Jones with the picks! Finally no more passes by the FB on third and 1!
tomahawkdawg Droughns - Not only did he have a great game for the Browns, but he was my fantasy stud this week.

K2 - Nice TD...I'm seeing an All Pro TE here on the lake baby!

Kam - Leading the team in tackles, along with plenty of pressure on Pennington, and a fumble recovery to boot. Great game.

HHS Football - 9-1, 2nd place finish in Div. III, reg. 9...way to represent Eagles.
tochigi Biggest game ball to Davidson, for turning the offense around.
mdr Sean Jones continues to impress - Looks like Botch got that one right!

Seeing Wimbley perform like an all pro, as a rookie, gives me goosebumps.

Winslow - On my list till he screws up.
eblenman Even the it got a little too conservative the offense played inspired and had a nice mix of plays called.
naxos Finally a fun game to watch. It's incredible what a win can do for the mind. I could have definetly found more than 3 gameballs here.
ffas23 Happy to see Reuben Droughns run well in the first half but half way through the 3rd quarter he was basically useless. I would of liked to see Jerome Harrison get a few shots at the Jets to be honest with everyone here as a change of pace. Jets wouldn't of been expecting his kind of running.
donaldrjordan Congratulations coach!! Let's do it again next week.
gilewicz For being in LAST place in the AFC North
sg2431 Entire secondary played well. Sean Jones looks better every week. Aside from the play at the end, Brodney Pool played well on special teams yesterday.
Rueben Droughns was just what the doctor ordered for ball control offense.
dawglberbarb We were so ready to play! Thanks, Davidson!
andrews_electric offensive line for finally doing their job.
glabonne I think our Defense is being overlooked as the offense garners all the attention all be it negative or positive. The Browns "D" gave up a measly 6 points yesterday, and go back and look at the previous games and take out points off turnover and it's very respectable. So I think this week they should get an honorary gameball!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN !
mfabrams Jeff Davidson - You had the entire offense prepared and the O Line seemed ready to set the tone for the entire game.

O-Line - A running and passing game - Something we haven't seen in years.

Reuben Droughns - Punished the Jets with the workload.

The Defense is coming on strong - 6 points total for the game. They have been getting better each week. Good job!!!
pissonpitt Mo for getting the hell outta town.
frumanchu Granted it was against the Jets, but the O-line actually looked like an O-line! Winslow continues to be a playmaker. Droughns finally has a decent game. Wimbley still playing like DROTY. Grantham actually put pressure on at the end of the game instead of going soft (unlike the offense)!
beerman13 That was the best game this season. Reuben was a dumptruck, once he got going you didn't want to get in his way. The OL line looked like it had new life and Kelly Butler was the spark that gave the OL that life.
tjdalton2001 Great Performance by the makeshift O-Line, Droughns and the D-Backs !!
ssmac1919 About time
deathbyeagle Props go to....

Kelly Butler-- deserves some credit for not missing a beat as the starting RT.

K2--doesn't drop the ball!!! Unlike Joe J, Dropcutt and Braylon

Sean Jones--awesome!! Props to the defense in general---didn't allow a TD
muskiedawg01 Dave Zastudil has been a major weapon all year long. He has nailed balls inside the 20 consistently and has gotten us out of trouble when backed up in the deep part of our own end zone. Field position is huge in the NFL and Z has been cool under pressure all year. He deserves a trip to the Pro bowl.
swede People called him a bust last year. Even after he had a serious injury. Now he's starting to become an impact player.
muddydawg67 Our young guys looked awesome: Wimbley, Jones, Pool, Bodden, Winslow... And Butler & Friedman did a great job steppin in on the line. Reuben was running as hard as he did last year too.
phelix17 Best Mo Carthon effort, period.
jasoncheatham The time for Tucker is over, pass the wand to Butler.
sfratianne Jeff Davidson by far should get all the gameballs. His leadership turned the offense around in only five days. Our line responded by acting like a line, Droughns finally had a 100+ yard game, and their was less prssure on Frye. It may not have been perfect, but it was vastly improved over Carthon's mess.
bulldogdad Butler and Friedman for admirable fill-in work; Droughns for his tough running.
englishdawg After bottlegate & the other times it's nice to see some decisions go our way. Let's hear it for winning! Mmmmm Beer
 Dawgalong IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!
gabrownsfan Bodden rules. Sean Jones is a future pro bowler: Butch didn't screw up EVERY pick. A get better gameball to Baxter and Tucker. Offensive line, great job (your reward is the San Diego front 7, good luck). Winslow continues to back up his words with actions. 90 percent of KW IS better than every other TE. A gameball to Big Bust Roethlisberger (thanks for making my day again). One for Jeff Davidson (hey, suck it Mangini, he's OURS). Nicely done, Nick Eason. Kim Cattrell's still mondo-hot.
gingerdeadman It's harder to give out game balls after a win.
dawgbizquick Mo Carthon should take this one easy this week for his resignation which led to a Browns win on Sunday.
schehlk The O line is coming together Great Job. I'd still like to see more of Edwards. Winslow had a solid showing and Droughns showed us his power. The forth Quarter Offense scared me, but it's a win and you can continue to improve and fight. Overall good job Browns.
mgrizut K2's a stud. Sean Jones looks like he might be one, too. Kudos to the entire defense for playing well.

Reuben Droughns. Good, hard running. I love the commitment to the run. Great job O-line for allowing him room to run. DZ kicked the crap out of the ball. What a pleasant addition he's been.

Nice to get a win that feels legit.
dawghowl Droughns ran hard and carried the way to victory

The OL got good push and opened holes in the running game, they actually dominated in the trenches for most of the game. And they did a nice job of protecting Frye in the first half, they had a few breakdowns in the second half, but overall they did a very solid job.

Sean Jones is a force on defense, he made several big plays, coming up with two ints and nearly a third. He is playing at a pro bowl level.
mark zickefoose Yes, I gave Maurice Carthon a gameball for GOING THE HELL AWAY. And Jeff Davidson for actually having a clue.
copdawg Picking three gameballs just ain't enough.
jdailey23 Jones is coming into his own and is going to be a special player!



Fan Comments
chico1227 Although the chants for the firing of Jerry Rosberg won't be heard, the ST unit played about as bad as Mo(ron)'s offense played well.

Romeo went into "play not to lose" mode way too early. I hate not going for the throat.

Braylon was absent again, and he has no one to blame but himself. This guy needs to find a way to consistently get open.
playbrowns You still suck Mo. BE needs to quit dropping passes and be a factor in games. Cribbs looks lost as a punt returner.
tdh48 No goat horns this week although I think Cribbs needs a lot of work on punt returns. Can't give him a goat horn because he is so successfully everywhere else on the fields.
bigdaddy78 Could someone find out what Cribbs was doing before the game or last night?
Special teams had its worst game of the year, 100 yard returns, botched chip shots, not very good fellas. And Ian and Soloman need to go to Fox or something.
hummed I thought for sure we were going to go into a "prevent defense" near the end judging by how conservative the offensive play calling was towards the end...
number1brownsfan Special teams; Cribbs, Dawson, coverage, tackling or lack there of. Frye has got to make better reads. Carthon; just because he's not on the team doesn't mean he gets off the hook. Davidson did his best MO impersonation in the 2nd half.
thewuck Ghost of Mo Carthon inhabited Jeff Davidson for a quarter. How about a screen pass, dude? A play fake for a long bomb? Something to take the heat of Frye? Nothing like suffering through a quarter of prevent offense.
dp10451 Joshua, ya gotta hang on to the ball! Phil, the 47 yarder looked good, but ya can't miss the 26 yd. chip shot. Braylon, see Cribbs's problem. Same answer.
writerdawg This should have been an easy win, but inept special teams play almost cost the Browns this game.
apvic Hey Dawson what did you do??? have a little smokey, smokey before the game?? shit man, you sucked !!!

Hey Cribbs you looked awfully tired out there.. Tell RAC you need less to do, not more and he needs to increase your nap time and get you some glasses....
k9corps No more punt returns for Cribbs, please!!
soldiersfryeandwinslow The shut down on creativity in order not to lose in the 4th was a little disconcerting. Hopefully it doesn't get quite that conservative next time.
slambar Crennell gets horns for taking so long to move MoC. Although I like to see nasty play on the line Fraley has to get a Goathorn for getting caught at it. Hey, it was a win, we only get 2 Goathorns this week!
skat007 Isn't the first step for a good kick/punt return catching the ball? Cribbs needs to get his act together because those dropped kicks are usually going to bite you in the butt. - Braylon is not showing any ability to go after the ball on these long passes. If it doesn't hit him dead in stride with a yard cushion between him in the defender, he doesn't even make a play for it. And he dropped another pass. - The offense looked good all night until they went into run into the pile mode. I'm wagering that the conservative offense in the 4th was Romeo's call, not Davidson's. And for that, Romeo deserves horns. They almost lost because they didn't go for the throat.
plumpgrizzlybear I can't help but give Mo a goat since he is still on the list as OC.

I keep hearing that Holly is holding his own. For every decent coverage he has, there are three completions on his side of the field. Play the ball in the air, not after it is caught.
shakadawg Romeo almost gave this one back. The man has to learn to go for the jugular!
dawggonesouth He played Shaggy
worthbuck12 Frye still made a couple dumb mistakes that a young QB makes....

Carthon gets a goathorn for holding back this offense for so long
adharbert Dawson needs to practice a little bit more short ranged field goals. Couldn't believe he missed that.

Cribbs, awesome talent, but maybe we should pull him from punt return duties.
brownsbuck6 Almost a goathorn to our coaching staff, who continue to refuse to play to win and instead attempt to survive games. Talk about sucking the life out of a victory... but at least we got it.
mcnally.30 Romeo, your obvious attempts at concealing the truth do not sit well with me.
networkned MO, because hes still on there.
rutger No-body gets a goat after win number 2 on the season. Now let's get win's number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and then who knows. It ain't over till it's over.
buckeyeindenver Our usually reliable special teams almost gave this one away, and probably would have if Cribbs' muffed punt was ruled a fumble. The kick return and Dawson's missed chippie at the end of the half are the only things that kept the Jets in the game.
Phil Dawson -- how do you miss an unblocked 26-yard FG?
Special Teams -- The O and D play a good game, so naturally, since something has to stink, the ST take their turn at bat.
thespazdawg See carthon, 3rd and short... you run up the middle.
usafbucknut I only put Braylon Edwards here because I am really frustrated about him consistently dropping passes. Where has he been?? he has disappeared in recent games.
bigchief28 They both sucked.
oarzero WHERE WAS WILLIE MCGINEST today? Bad calf, strained hammy, vaginitus? What's the excuse now? He's getting paid a lot of money to look average.
rrmalns Mo, in my opinion, had to work very hard keep a team full of talented players from winning. Romeo, Phil and Randy are just as bad for keeping Mo around for as long as they did. Browns + Mo = LOSS (simple math)
chowdogg Perkins ...I know is not with the team but he got beat out by 3 Street free agents
jmatt19534 Dawson-I love ya, but you can't miss that short FG. Luckily, it didn't come back to haunt us. Cribbs-get the ball on your returns before you do anything else! Romeo-if you wouldn't have been so loyal to your buddy Maurice, we could easily be 4-3 and be tied for first(we would have beat the Ravens with a better offensive plan)
tomahawkdawg ST's - Nice job keeping their return man bottled up.

MoC - Just thought I'd give you a goat for the heck of it.

Rosburg - See my comment on ST's.

Phil Andruzzi's knee - I wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad that Phil had to leave. This might end up being a gameball in the long run...
tochigi Romeo, I like you as a man and liked you for your honesty and stability. Your stubbornness about Maurice cost us the season. This could have been the 4th or 5th win, not the 2nd.
mdr Cribbs - All world KICK-OFF returner - crappy PUNT returner.

Moron Carthon - You still suck.

Romeo - for not firing the Mo(ron) sooner.
murdocky1 RC has got to quit playing not to lose
eblenman Should have been up 10 in the last few minutes!
naxos Josh muffed to many punts. Special teams in general were bad giving up a TD and missing a field. What the heck was up with the play calling for the last 20 minutes or so of the game and clock management before the half. But hey we won :)
ffas23 I am happy the Browns came out with a win on Sunday against the Jets but the last quarter of offensive play was terrible. It started to look like the Browns where looking for a way to lose the game. The last play of the game by the Jets if called differently would of been a kick in the pants for what the Browns accomplished in the first half and half way through the 3rd quarter.
jrrdnovotny NFL for blacking out the browns game in Youngstown again
sg2431 Josh Cribbs was sleep walking yesterday.
No excuse for Dawson missing that FG before the half. That could have proved very costly.
dawglberbarb I'm giving Crennel one for not getting rid of Carthon sooner. Not too pleased with the way that he plays not to lose instead of to win.
andrews_electric Romeo Crennel's ultra conservative play not to lose fourth quarter
glabonne First time all year I couldn't come up with Three... man I miss Carthon as an option here. :-)/td>
mmfabrams Josh - Please do make the fans wish Dennis ropcutt was back fielding punts. We know the wind played a factor but lay off of the Butterfingers.

RC - The decision to sit on the balls lies in your hands and not the OC. Mix up the play calling especially since they stacked the box waiting for the run. Can we also see Travis Wilson

Special Teams - Only for the kickoff. Still the best unit so far this season.
frumanchu Romeo, WTF? The "play not to lose" playcalling SUCKS! What does that tell Charlie if you don't trust him to pick up a couple first downs through the air instead of two straight 3-and-outs to end the game, a game which the Jets would have tied up if not for a blown call by the refs? Need somebody else to return punts...Cribbs is the man on kickoffs but sucks on punts. No reason Dawson should have missed that FG.
beerman13 The first two goat horns have to go to Ken Dorsey and Dennis Northcutt for taking up roster spots that would be better used for guys that know how to play football. Neither could play for the Columbus Destroyers. The final goat horn goes to Ulrich Winkler because you aren't out in the public more greeting people and kissing babies.
tjdalton2001 Hard to give them after a win, but the offensive play calling at the end of the game was bad - nearly cost us the game. RAC gets the horns because he either over-rode Davidson's calls or allowed them. Costly stupid penalty by Fraley.
ssmac1919 4th quarter play morphed to the bad old days
deathbyeagle Braylon is a he hurt???

Joe J for being offsides on the TD run -- what's up with him??? And those 2 drops last week.... headscratcher
swede Is it really THAT big difference between a punt and a kick-off ?
muddydawg67 get well 'cutt...
phelix17 Romeo gets the goat for not firing Carthon earlier, and he gets the goat for pulling a triple Marty at the end of the game. Play to win, Romeo.
jasoncheatham To Antonio Perkins: for not being able to beat out Ralph Brown.

To Mo Carthon: for not realizing you needed to resign prior to the season
sfsfratianne Fraley for getting that stupid penalty that set us back 15 yards when we had a good drive going. Frye is still showing some stupidity and immaturity when pressured, we should start fining him every time he throws into triple coverage!td>
bulldogdad Phil, this team can't afford shanks from 26 yards out; someone give Cribbs a fishing net to field punts; Romeo's "playing not to lose" in the 4th quarter almost cost us this game.
jljlee33 Romeo gets all of my goats of the game as he should have made the move for a new offensive coordinator sooner. What a fferents on offense with Jeff Davidson calling the plays.
dixiedawg Phil gets a goat for the miss...
englishdawg We should have cruised to victory but turned it into nailbiting tension. Not taking enough advantage of turnovers and bad ST play didn't help. Mo gets a final goathorn for not going sooner.
 Dawgalong All for you MO!
gagabrownsfan Romeo, quit coaching like you're scared. It almost cost us the friggin' game. Chad Johnson for not shaving off his stupid mohawk. Chad Johson's parents. Mo for not "resigning" sooner. Nice tackle, Mason. Kevin Federline sucks.
gingerdeadman Maurice Carthon
scschehlk I have to give athorns as a departing gift to Antonio Perkins just because I thought he was going to be able to contribute, especially with the current medical issues at corner. If Perkins is the worst Corner on the roster and couldn't take over the punt return for Northcutt, we don't need him on the team. The other Goathorn goes to the Special teams kickoff coverage team just because the Jets scored a 100 yard TD on a kick off return.
mgmgrizut Phil, buddy. Make them inside 30, please. With that kick, the controversial final play's a nonissue.r>
Josh Cribbs. Great KR. Lousy PR. Gotta protect the ball, dude. Could've lost the game.

Braylon. I wanted so bad for you to emerge as a dominant WR. And so far, you simply haven't. I really thought you'd be a 1,000-yarder with 8-10 TDs. Now, I'll just be happy with 750 and 5. Please catch the ball when it hits your hands and/or numbers. Can't have a TV show, drop the ball, and expect to be taken seriously. You've got the gift. Please use it. We need you.
dawghowl special teams nearly cost us the game, we gave up a 99 kickoff return which got the jets back into the game. Dawson misses a chipshot fg from 26 yards and Cribbs whiffed on several punt returns. This is unexcusable and very uncharactoristic of them, they better get it cleaned up and back on track.
mark zickefoose ...and Mo gets a goat for not GOING THE HELL AWAY sooner.
copdawg The Fans at CBS for booing the offensive plays at the end of the game. MY GOD RUN THE CLOCK!!!! Hank Fraley for the bonehead late hit after the catch by Winslow that was just short of the first down.
jdailey23 Carthon still sucks


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