Berea Report: Davidson Talks to the Press

The local media gets very few opportunities to talk to Romeo Crennel's assistant coaches, but today was one of those rare chances. The team's new offensive mastermind, Jeff Davidson, spoke to the press before getting ready to fly off to San Diego...

Jeff Davidson is approaching his new job as Browns offensive coordinator - even though he doesn't have the title - with energy and enthusiasm.

"There are two major stress points the staff discussed when we got together as an offense," Davidson said Friday. "Two words that came to mind were precision and the group being cohesive. Those two words we tried to use over and over again."

Davidson was speaking to the media for the first time since replacing Maurice Carthon last week. He would not be specific about his game plan for the Chargers for obvious reasons, but it would be a surprise if the Browns run the ball 39 times as they did last week against the Jets.

San Diego has a huge nose tackle, Jamal Williams, who is bound to spell trouble for the Browns. Davidson and the offensive staff apparently have found others areas of the Chargers to attack.

"I think the strength of this offensive is trying to simplify the plays and multiply the looks," Davidson said. "This week's (game) is going to be different. It's hard for me to go into detail with what those things are. It will be clear in the game."

Instead of looking back on what Carthon did not do well, Davidson kept the focus of his remarks on what the Browns can do to improve their 2005 record. He said the game plan is a collaborative effort of the offensive staff from meetings Monday and Tuesday.

Another difference is the way Davidson involves the players. Guard Joe Andruzzi said the was confusion sometimes when Carthon called plays; players lined up wrong and not everyone always knew their assignments

"Everyone is responsible for their own actions in the play," Davidson said. "If one guy does something wrong, the whole play is messed up. They have to be accountable for that. Secondly, they all have a piece in the play and I want them to understand where their ‘fit' is. Every receiver on the field knows what he is supposed to do. They are equally accountable for knowing what they have to do."

Davidson did not discuss how Braylon Edwards or Kellen Winslow Jr. will be used. He said calling plays for the Browns 'is a dream come true' because he grew up near Akron in Doylestown.

HEAVYWEIGHT MATCH AT TE: Kellen Winslow sounds eager about having a big game Sunday in San Diego. For Winslow, it's personal.

He will be returning to the town where he grew up and where his Hall of Fame father played professionally.

And he will face Antonio Gates, one of the other top tight ends in the league.

"I look at it like it's a heavyweight match," Winslow said. "It's me vs. Gates."

One he takes personally.

"I'm trying to be the best," he said. "I said I was the best. I am the best. And I'm going to prove it on Sunday."

Winslow leads all NFL tight ends with 40 catches, but he watched from the sidelines the past two years while Gates caught 81 and 89 passes for 964 and 1,101 yards.

Winslow does not back down. In training camp he said he would never be 100 percent after hurting his knee in a motorcycle accident, but 90 percent of him is better than every tight end in the league.

"That's not being arrogant," he said. "I am. I know what I can do. They know what I can do. The defensive coordinator knows what I can do."

INJURY REPORT: Ryan Tucker was downgraded to "Out" by the Browns today, and CB Jereme Perry upgraded from questionable to probable. Listed as questionable for the Browns were OL Joe Andruzzi, CB Leigh Bodden, S Justin Hamilton, CB Daven Holly, LB Willie McGinest, WR Dennis Northcutt, DL Orpheus Roye, and TE Kellen Winslow. Of the players listed as questionable, only Hamilton and Winslow did not miss any of today's practice.

For the Chargers, DE Igor Olshansky was upgraded from questionable to probable. Linebacker Shaun Phillips remains questionable, while S Clinton Hart and S Bhawoh Jue ware still listed as probable. Only Phillips missed any of today's practice for San Diego.

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