Fan View: The Long View

Jeff Biletnikoff provides his perspective on the Browns latest loss...

I've been a Cleveland Browns fan for over 25 years and I will always remain that way.

What does this have to do with yet another loss?

Cleveland is 2-6.

They are not a good football team, period.

What to do?

I could start watching "Dancing with the Stars," get in touch with my inner self and take up yoga.


Let's just say the following.

Tim Couch had 5 years to disappoint us.

Charlie Frye is still basically a rookie in game experience.

Coach Crennel has had a year and a half to fix something that was completely broken.

We gave Butch Davis 4 years.

Same thing with Phil Savage.  A year and a half.

How long did we give Carmen Policy and all the personnel men, coaches, consultants, soothsayers, astrologers...etc.  that he brought in?

(ok, I'm stretching the Policy thing a bit).

But you get the idea.

As a permanent Cleveland Browns fan, I'm trying to take the long view.

Cleveland is a work in progress and we have to have patience and trust that Crennel and Savage can turn this around.

Or, we start over.


What's your take?

Just a thought

Cleveland scored Sunday with their kicker.

San Diego stuck it in the end zone more often than not.

There will be a hundred articles this week describing how the above happened.


I'm taking the long view.

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