Browns-Chargers: Gameballs and Goats

We close out our coverage of the Browns eight game with the fans' choices for hero and goat. Kellen Winslow stands out once again with eleven catches and determined play. Hometown boy Charlie Frye, however, got attention of a different sort...

The Week's Results: Browns fans have seen the future and it begins (as Vintage1974 pointed out) with the letter "W". Kellen Winslow and Kamerion Wimbley bracket six-field goal booting PK Phil Dawson at the top of the Gameball list in this week's results. While K2 dominated the gameballs, the player throwing to him would up at the top of the goat list. Browns fans were very unhappy with Charlie Frye's performance and goathorned him with a vengeance.

Player Gameballs
Kellen Winslow 141
Phil Dawson 109
Kamerion Wimbley 45
Joe Jurevicius 43
Dennis Northcutt 41
Sean Jones 33
Todd Grantham 25

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Mo for leaving, The Fans, The Defense, Leftover Halloween candy, Santonio Holmes' punt return ability, That old dude that Winslow flattened on the sideline (2), Chargers O.C. & L.T., The Denver Broncos, Dawson times 6, "Mel Tucker again for making a reasonable defensive backfield out of duct tape, cardboard, and spit", The D in the first Half, Big Ben and the Suzuki, Tim Couch,
Antonio Gates, 2007, All the Orange and Brown in Qualcomm!, hanging in there with a 3rd string D, frye being okay after the hit, NOBODY,
The San Diego Trolley, Borat


Player Goathorns
Charlie Frye 175
Offensive Line 87
Braylon Edwards 29
Ralph Brown 25
Romeo Crennel 25
Kevin Shaffer 24

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Mystery illness (3), Mo for not leaving soon enough, Dropped passes resulting in INT's, Dead-ball cheap shots, Charger's fans for booing Winslow, "All the WRs that dropped balls, I think there was at least 5", Cribbs' fake injury after his fake catch..., Dorothy Mantooth, "My brother-in-law, who's not a football fan and showed up unannounced in the middle of the game, so I had to watch most of it delayed on tivo", Terry Robiskie (WR coach), Play Calling on O, the weather, Willie M's high polish shine job on the bench!, Oucho Weenieo, Art Modell, "Wow, do we SUCK", Whoever decided to run 3 times from our endzone, Tim Couch, Red Zone Offense, "Whoever ran into Frye's thumb in practice", Bruce Arians, "$4.50 for a friggin water! and the dude that threw up on my buddy, not cool...", Quarterback posters without magical powers, Interior Defense, "Staph, LeHigh Bowden's ankle, Mystery Illnesses", San Diego Fans, "Frye's fumble, offensive line protection and Frye staring down receivers", Steroids


Fan Comments
chico1227 There is no reason Fraser should not be starting ahead of McKinley. He is ALWAYS around the ball and ALWAYS disrupting a play.
njbrownsfan A good effort against a superior team. I see progress!
dp10451 I hope Phil's leg doesn't fall off. He seems to be the only offense we have. K2 showed he was the best TE on the field today. Zastudil tries to keep the hounds off our backs with deep punts inside the 20.
rrmalns Fans get the gameball for sticking around all these years, hoping and hoping and well, hoping. Thanks for leaving Mo I hope we can start winning sometime soon. I hope...
dawgedue Pontbriand gets a gameball every week because he's the only Brown that does his job properly every time every week.
theyankeekiller Winslow helped keep the drives alive, but he didn't show up till the second half.
Wimbley kept pressure on Rivers since McGinest was hurt, AGAIN!
Jones played a solid game and was probably one of the reasons Brown and Perry didn't look as terrible as I expected.
k2thechosen1 Charlie is not the answer! He sucks!
mxaxdxax The defense kept us in the game until the Chargers realized they had Tomlinson on their team. Winslow and Jurevicius played tough and smart. The offense can't seem to find the endzone. Frye probably should have thrown 3 or 4 INT's...I don't think he played well.
fanofbrwns Kellen Winslow backed up his statements and was the best TE on the field.
The Defense played hard and kept us in the game for at least three quarters( should have been four, lol).
ilndawg Great game from Dawson, tough play from Winslow, nice to have Northcutt back returning punts, and Jurevicius playing like a crafty veteran. Plus, at least the offense shows some fire under Davidson. Defense is to banged up and worn down to blame for 4th quarter collapse, fought hard for 3 quarters though.
skat007 Kellen Winslow continues to be a beast. Imagine what he could do if they would throw the ball downfield to him in a little space. - Northcutt returned and showed Cribbs how to return punts. He even hung on to the one ball that was thrown his way. - Dawson was Mr. Reliable tonight. Gotta give credit where it's due.
number1brownsfan Chargers O.C., for waiting until the 4th quarter to expose our poor run defense, and L.T. for not breaking a new rushing record.

Officiating Crew, for helping our WRs.

Special teams outplayed other units, & Winslow showed why he's the "best" TE in the NFL.
hummed Winslow is still a stud, open on many more occasions than when he was actually thrown to...nothing made me happier than seeing Schottenheimer frustrated all game though, someone should ask Wilhelm if Marty made his infamous "gleam" speech before the game because the Chargers played awful in the first half...
rrobertson2433 pass defense is remarkable in light of all the injuries.
gabrownsfan Glad we have Dawson. He provided the only points that mattered. A garbage time TD....big deal. Another great offensive output. A gameball for Zastudil and our defense.
phelix17 Thanks to all the great fans I met in San Diego.
dazedawg Not a game ball, but good to see Harrison get some touches. And also not a gameball, but for a guy who should be on his couch cheering in front of the t.v., Jereme Perry's not half bad.
englishdawg It's grim when all 3 gameballs go to the Special Teams. Both Dawson & Zastudil had good games, but this is a return to the days of "Gardoki for MVP". Cribbs & Northcutt both did well, but they need to score TD's on the returns, because the O sure isn't.
muskiebuck Outstanding performance in front of his Dad's hometown fans-played his heart out and dropped nary a ball. Great effort.
wholesaler1972 the special teams are putting us in a spot to win games.

k2 for the pro bowl.

good game, phil.
sg2431 Winslow is a stud.
Todd Grantham deserves some credit for doing more with less.
apvic Stewart played every bit as good as McGinest has... McGinest is way, way over the hill... screw his locker room presence... start Stewart..
vintage1974 We have 2 players on this team and there last names both start with W. Winslow & Wimbley. If we could get half the team to play with the intensity of those two, we would have a lot more "Ws".
Dawgalong Winslow backed up his talk...'nough said. Cutt is STILL the only guy who shows up to play week in and week out. I don't care if he drops a ball every once in a while. My final gameball goes to the kicker? EEEWWWWWW.
lynxis Jones and Pool Played well. Dawson was great although im sure he is in for major reconstructive leg surgery in the near future. Didn't vote for him, but Wimbley looked good.
greycole Kellen Winslow continues to make us dream of what might have been his first two years, barring the injuries. What a talent!
froggy60 great day for bad no win to go with it.
K2 walked the walk so go ahead and talk your talk anytime.
another pro bowl day.
vandalfan11 Even though we have one of the top 3 kickers in the NFL, we need more than to exhaust his leg with 6 FG's!
Gameball for Ken Dorsey...for standing there and not quitting the team, after not being allowed to come in FOR 1 FREAKIN series, just one...please RAC?
Winslow-Truly an elite player, hope we can get some wins, just for him!
jdavis Jurevicius is a veteran who made tough catches and drew a few key penalties; KW is a machine and he backs up what he says; Sean Jones is fast becoming our best defensive player.
mrgrinch Jones played better than his stats indicate... I still don't see how he only get's half a sack just becuase Wimbley was within a couple yards of him. Grantham is doing a lot considering how banged up the Defense is. Phil... what can you say... pounding kickoffs, 6 out of 6 on FGs INCLUDING one that was BLOCKED! (never have seen that before... tipped, yes; but BLOCKED?)

There were actually a couple other candidates for gameballs this game in my opinion... and that is an improvement of sorts, just not enough yet.
brownsfanmn13 Todd Grantham is coaching out of this world. To have DBs who are 6, 7 and 8th in the depth chart and no Roye and keep San Diego out of the endzone for 3 qtrs. WOW! The browns better do what they can to keep him this off season. That will be a huge blow if he does go to Michigan St.

Good to have Northcutt back for punt returns, did a good job.

Winslow again, backs up his comments.
crurode Northcutt gets a gameball for NOT being tackled by the kicker.
mistofdeath best thing i can say is 2 out of 3 first round picks are doing good.ahh well that is about it....grrrrrrrrr
12penguins the offense still looks better under him than it did under the previous leadership
beerman13 Jeff Davidson for finally getting the offense to score of 20 points. Joe Jurevicius for his heads up play on Harrison fumble. Derek Anderson for being the best back-up quarterback in the NFL.
clevelandcraig It was so Awesome to see so many people in ORANGE AND BROWN, to bad the team couldn't figure out how to play with so many fans there!
rutger Gave mine to Northcutt, Jones and Winslow although Kellen disappointed me in the post game interviews when he made mention of how much he loved San Diego, fans out there, the stadium and their colors and that although he said he was just trying to have fun, poking at Gates and the others he never once said that he'd have traded those 11 catches for the win..
thecommish Fraser needs to play more!
Winslow IS the best TE!
muddydawg67 Lotta guys did a great job in this game... Jurevicius, Edwards, Winslow, Jones, Wimbley, Northcutt... The defense was amazing until late in the game too. Too many subs, not enough wheaties - but you gotta give them credit against the bolts O.
dvalentino I am not sure how our patchwork defense did what it did - but Grantham has to be congratulated,
tjdalton2001 Dawson continues to be a bright spot, Northcutt is back and performing well and KW2 is backing up his talk.
jpaxton Winslow can back up his mouth (which is very impressive)At times he looked so much like his father out there it was unbelievable. Wimbley just keeps getting better
brrexkl Cribbs, along with Northcutt, made special teams special. Kellen backed up his words with his play. Phil, any time any one scores 18 points in a football game then that person deserves something. Dawson scored 3 TD's with his right foot. More than our entire O.
ludden A tough loss to a great team that is playoff bound, sporting the best running back in the nation - LT. We need to turn those field goals into touchdowns from here on out!
jdailey23 Sorry Phil, only 3 slots to pick!
gbeachy50310 FANS earn a gameball for continuing to watch this dreck as it sucks the very essence from our tortured souls. NOBODY on the club gets a gameball for a loss.
clayrocks Winslow is THE MAN. Dawson 6 Field Goals is awesome. Jones just keeps getting better and better.
deathbyeagle --K2 is reliable and the only legitimate star on this team
--Wimbley is looking good for a rookie
bigdaddy78 Phil the Boot, sure wish those were extra points, but good day anyway.
Nice Return by Dennis, sure wish you had a TD there.
KWII backed up the talk.



Fan Comments
chico1227 "There it is...Yeah-haaaaaaa..." I thought a neutral announcing crew was supposed to be, uh, neutral?
oarzero charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye  charlie frye
nasdaq Get up and get get down, Charlie suck a$$ Frye is a joke in yo town.
grinquisit Edwards has cost us two games now by dropping passes into the opponent's hands. Unacceptable for the $$ he makes.

Schaffer is not worth the $$, and someone needs to tell him this. Step up, man. He has cost us two important TD's this year.

OL is a bunch of bums.
dp10451 Sooner or later Charlie has to step up and show us he is a starting QB caliber player. We're still waiting. The O-line has to show better in both the pass and the run. Frye can't run every damn play. Brown still sucks. Can't defend the pass. Afraid to put his body in danger by making the tackle.
rrmalns Our Browns just aren't used to playing to win yet. With Mo gone, I Hope that will turn around soon.
theyankeekiller Charlie Frye is entirely too inaccurate.
The O-Line had too many penalties, although a silent count was used at times.
The Officiating Crew, only because they totally blew the intentional grounding call. The flag was thrown, but nothing was called once Rivers threw a temper tantrum.
mxaxdxax B. Edwards dropped another pass resulting in a Frye pick. Field goals won't win you many games. The Chargers were missing two starting LB's (Merriman and Phillips) and we still couldn't run the ball. Maybe Davidson should keep Friedman in and Andruzzi on the bench. Frye looked bad.
fanofbrwns The reason I chose Braylon "STONEHANDS" Edwards is his ability to bounce the ball up into the air for the defense to catch.
The offensive line gets a vote because of their lack blocking in passing situations. We're going to lose another quarterback.
appraiser Holds the ball too long, even when he only has 3 seconds and stares down receivers. Learn or get out.
ilndawg Very disappointing outing for Frye...I can live with young QB mistakes, but he literally could've thrown about 5-6 interceptions today. The O-line didn't help matters, but he made some horrific throws into coverage.
gingerdeadman Charger fans cheering when Winslow was hurt was pretty rude. That would be like us cheering for a Bernie Kosar Jr injury.
skat007 Ralph Brown is such a hack. How is this guy in the NFL? - Frye really made some terrible decisions tonight. This is the first time I ever have given him a goathorns vote, but he earned it tonight. - I couldn't decide on a third vote, so I figured that meant that everyone deserved goathorns. There wasn't any intensity on defense in the second half, the offensive line got pushed around once again, there were dropped passes and missed assignments. The Chargers tried to give the Browns this game and Cleveland blew it.
number1brownsfan Braylon Edwards, for giving Frye another INT this season. How many is that this year, 4?

O-Line couldn't open holes or protect Frye, but what do you expect with the injuries and all.

D-Line got pushed around, nothing new here. We seriously need to make this and the O-Line our #1 priority this offseason.
hummed It becomes clearer and clearer each week that we are an effective offensive line away from having a really good offense...I'm scared to think what would have happened to Frye if Merriman was active (probably 3 sacks and another concussion)...lets just take this as a moral victory and upset the Falcons like Detroit did which would still allows us an outside chance at 8-8...
rrobertson2433 run defense sucks as usual
gabrownsfan Great offensive line we got. Way to nurse that big two point lead, Romeo. Somebody give Frye some glue for his hands. A goathorn for Carthon cuz he still sucks.
frank.seprino This "Offensive" line continues to live up to its name. Even LT would've been hard pressed to gain 50 yds. with this old, tired group that has to over-achieve to reach mediocre. The lack of a consistent running game is sabotaging the offense and quarterback play.
phelix17 Our OL stinks.
mtsames frye, dumb hillbilly,edwards dumbass
dazedawg Frye missed receivers all day. Droughns only has one gear. And the offensive line is offensive.
mtsames frye sucks to stupid to play the game
englishdawg The team needs a new WR coach who can drill the basics into these idiots. In previous years we got used to drops at crucial moments. Now we have to put up with receivers bouncing the ball to the opposing D to create INTs. Ok the rest of the O stunk too - we could have put this game away before the half. The D gets away without a horn because the lack of O meant they just wore down.
muskiebuck The defensive pressure notwithstanding-his O-Line should receive the goat horns as well-Charlie once again made some bad decisions and threw very inaccurately, even when not under pressure, missing easy out patterns and over the middle throws repeatedly, also never once looking off his WR. Just plain stupid.
wholesaler1972 my confidence in Charlie is becoming very shaky.

edwards has another ball go off his hands and turns into a pic. since braylon is always open, he now needs to work on hanging onto the football.

87 degree weather...our team hasn't seem that since august. it had to take its toll.
sg2431 This entire franchise sucks.
zodypop Orpheus Roye for not playing. Is it possible we need more help on the DL than the OL?
apvic how did the defense look soooo tired after being on the field 5 min less than the chargers "d" ???? Just to old?? or is it just to shitty???
andra davis really, really sucked yesterday... so did eason...
vintage1974 Our offensive line stunk up the field yet again. Nice job on the run blocking. Was the San Diego defense in the backfield on every play? Charlie Frye continues to play like he's at Akron. Charlie, repeat after me, if your still in the pocket after 3.5're going to get killed! Please repeat this over and over again until it sinks into your hayseed brain. Hey Willie, way to shine the bench with your ass! You have made such a contribution this year! This was a game we needed you in. TV guys, u were terrible. How many times could you call the Chargers the Browns and the Browns the Chargers. I lost count. The only thing I can count anymore are wins and losses. 2 wins 6 losses. And I thought ESPN was nuts saying we would go 5-11. We'll be lucky to get that with our schedule.
Dawgalong O-line still can't block for s***. Where the H*** were the linebackers? You cannot tell me that Stewie is better than Chaun. Talk about out of position all day. Davis looked like he wanted to block all day instead of tackle. If the scheme calls for your best linebacker to get crushed by the oppositions O-line every play, then it worked. Sorry Charlie, I want you to be the guy, but I'm not seeing any improvement at all. I'm beginning to see the validity to the weak arm comments. Not A bad day to start off with for Grantham, but boy did it go south fast. I saw the bounce out to the right coming as soon as they lined up. I went horse yelling for Stewart to slide to his left. Three straight plays. Geeez
sfratianne I vote for Phil Savage for not addressing the QB situation and bringing in a veteran to at least help teach Frye, and to replace him when he is playing badly, as he did against San Diego. Frye's ability to telegraph the play is horrifying.
lynxis Ralph Brown is terrible. Everyone that keeps saying he is playing well must be watching another channel with his fictional twin that plays for the Bears D or something. He is completely awful and played, for lack of a better term, lazy in this game.

Andra Davis was out of position for most of the game.

And yeah, another crappy O-Line performance.
greycole The offensive line looked like a sieve.

The defensive line applied no pressure all day.

When does the pain stop?
bomeister Ughhhh! Charlie showed what a rookie he still is. 6 FGs and the 1st two within the 10 yd line....we HAVE to score when it's that close. Bad call to run 3 up the middle when we're on our own 1 yd line!!! McGinest is a non-factor, send him back to stinking Boston! Sam for "run stuffer" Ted Washington in the 4th quarter...pathetic!
froggy60 Charlie you are a back-up QB in this league at best. take extra practice time to work on your timing with all receivers.
this goes to the o-line and Mr. Davidson. they looked horrible. did his new job keep him from working with the o-line to pre-pare them for the game.
you look like you are lost on the field anymore. are you in a retired mold?
vandalfan11 Andruzzi- C'mon! Your a veteran guard...he was manhandled! He's running on fumes now.
Braylon, Braylon, Braylon... I know that you know that we know you are a GREAT receiver. I think you are playing to the level of our whole offense. You need to step up and be part of the solution, not the problem
Frye- I was totally OFF the #9 bandwagon last night, now I think he played like a QB from Akron, against the #2 Defense in the NFL... I'll give him one more shot, but if he stares down his receivers like he did yesterday, then we either have HORRIBLE coaches or he is un-coachable... WAIT AND SEE.
jdavis It's scares me to say it, but i don't see Charlie being the guy - back to the F#@%ING drawing board again; Shaffer's false starts always seem to be painfully untimely; I guarantee Gus Johnson went to the locker room and serviced Tomlinson after the game.
mrgrinch Reuben... ya gotta do better than that! (though I'm not sure how much is you, how much is the line and how much is SD's front 7); Smith has not impressed me as a fullback since he got here... and the contrast to SD's Neal made him seem worse; Squandering Red Zone opportunities like that has got to stop!

I honestly didn't think that the Browns would be leading at halftime, but this turned out to be a winnable game that they let get away from them... can't tell yet if there's light at the end of the tunnel, or if it's an oncoming train...
jlac20 Frye locks onto one receiver, overthrows receivers, doesn't see the open man, holds on to the ball too long, and can't seem to move the offense. I like Charlie, but I don't think he is the guy. If we had Tom Brady our offensive line looks better, and we would be a winning team right now!
fcfogl Up 12-10, we are at our own two yard line and we run three straight times up the gut?!!! We are 2-5 for God's sake - play to win, not to avoid losing. Show the team you have some confidence in them. Give the defense some time to rest! The lack of confidence shown and rest for your defense showed up on the very first play run by the Chargers - a 41 yard touchdown run by Tomlinson, who had been bottled up all day. Way to change the momentum, Romeo, by playing Marty ball. I am sick of conservatism in Cleveland. Can we come up with some offensive ingenuity? And, no, I don't blame Davidson, as this is a head coach's call. Also, I don't buy that he was afraid Frye might make a mistake and take a sack or turn it over. If you don't have confidence in your quarterback, get a new one! Otherwise, show your team you have faith in him.
brownsfanmn13 Davidson seems to be doing a lot better than Mo Car, but when it is obvious we can't run more than a yard against the defense, DON'T DO IT WHEN WE ARE ON OUR 1 YARD LINE!!!!! That was moronic!

Edwards, caused that interception. He seem to finally come out of his funk at the end of the game. Hopefully that will continue.

Frye, my God, I love the kid but hold on to the ball better.
crurode Charlie Frye's intangibles are dwarfed by his tangible lack of talent and physical limitations. A poor man's Brett Favre? More like a homeless man's Jon Kitna.
mistofdeath Looks like we need a Q.B. I love Frye's heart but in the NFL you need the skills too. All the Def. had to do is look at Frye's eyes when ever he tried to pass. unless he does a lot better by end of the year. We need to pick T.Smith of OSU or pick up a good and not to old Vet at Q.B.
cashmoney216 When doesn't Leigh Bodden get hurt?
metz2421 I knew who Frye was throwing to on every play and i couldn't even see the receivers on the screen. Look away Charlie, look away.
theskaterx Washington must go, all of LT's big runs went right through his hole.
12penguins i think the failure of the referee to call an obvious intentional grounding in the third quarter really hurt us. it was 3rd and 8 and the loss of down would have made it fourth and 8. Instead the Chargers complete a p-ass for a first down and then LT runs one in from 40. Crucial bad call that I think killed us.
beerman13 Ken Dorsey for still being on the roster and collecting a pay check. I would rather have Todd Philcox come out of retirement. Romeo Crennel for not give the OC job to Davidson sooner. JD is awesome. Mystery Illness for take out some many good players.
deputydog9810 Andruzzi has the foot speed of Z of the Cavs.
clevelandcraig that was one ugly game to watch!
rutger OL, TV announcer and Frye.. First time I've given one to Frye but I really think he played his worse game of the year yesterday and should have been pulled at some point..
thecommish BAD penalty from Shaffer!
Love Frye's heart, but......
muddydawg67 I really hate to sound like I'm already giving up on a kid with a such a great story and what seemed like such great potential, but QB decision-making is the one thing that should not be getting worse with experience - regardless the state of the team. Watching Manning and Brady sunday night was in stark contrast. Those guys were getting the ball out so fast compared to Charlie, that they'd still be great with our O-line pass protection.
three sewers gone Phil for not keeping a veteran QB to mentor Charlie and be a fill in as needed. Address the OL now!
glousterbrown Savage gets one for not having a vet QB to help Frye.
weijusdawg For not tackling LT when they had chances to.
dcsherman Frye is still playing out of control too often and there is little sign of his maturing as a qb...It is the same old story about the "d" line. Will it ever change? Why not go to 7 lb's and forget the linemen?
andrews_electric We need a seasoned back up to Charlie Frye, the option to pull him has to be on the table this offense needs a spark and leadership
dvalentino I think we have to face the fact that Charlie has a long way to go-holds ball way too long, telegraphs passes, won't throw it away at least not enough - but he does have heart.
nhansenjr Charlie had his worst game. He threw at least 4 interceptions (2 for TD's) that the Charger's dropped. He held the ball too long, causing sacks. He stared at one receiver the entire route. He made poor choices when scrambling and he didn't take care of the ball. Pretty horrific.
tjdalton2001 Edwards drops too many balls, Shaffer for his blatant holding cost us a TD and the O-Line couldn't stop my 5 year old granddaughter.
bfan99 FRYE NEEDS TO IMPROVE AND MAY NOT BE THE SOLUTION, BROWN WOULD NOT EVEN MAKE A HIGH SCHOOL TEAM AND BUTLER HAD AN AWFUL DAY! No Offensive line means no rushing and no pass protection. When will Savage figure out teams are only as good as their offensive line? Travis Wilson versus any offensive lineman available? Good grief! Braylon Edwards remains the biggest bust of the new Browns regime--lousy routes, hears footsteps, and drops four passes a game that hit him in the hands.
sinko4 I am sick and tired of Romeo showing no emotions, he stands on the sidelines and looks overwhelmed most of the time. Also what the is Frye doing, he locks on his receivers and takes to many chances. San Diego fans for cheering when Winslow was hurting. I am starting to have doubts about Charlie. I think he will be a very good backup.
brrexkl If Phil had broke his leg or missed the bus we might have been forced to score TD's. I hate it when a guy is so good that it's a bad thing. 43 passes, eh? Guess what that says about our RB's and OL? Not pretty.
jdailey23 Where's Tim Couch when you need him??
alaskanbrownsfan OK...I know we are still "building" however this team IMHO needs better coaching...they showed they have the talent and the ability to do things...but then they just don't close better start doing a better job of "coaching them up" or your time here is going to be shorter by the day!!!
gbeachy50310 FRYE: Hate to do this to a fellow Zip alum, but you stunk it up this week Chuck. But he isn't only to blame, since the whole WR UNIT continued to have a case of the dropsies. Turn those drops into completions and it is a different game. And ROMEO gets one this week for not having a viable veteran back-up at QB. Bad move, RAC.
clayrocks Charley not a good day. O Line stinks. McGinest WHY was he not playing. The NFL needs to fire all of the officials and train in new ones. They are terrible this year in every game!
deathbyeagle Oline---talk about beating a dead horse.

D-line broke down in the 4th quarter--I know they played tough but they get paid to play 60 minutes!!

Why does Schaffer always hold on TDs???
mtsames Frye is to stupid to play QB in the pros . aa at akron is his speed . just ask john buddenberg
bigdaddy78 Our coaches are big sissies, afraid to gamble, worried about not losing too much
Our Defense got tired, not very good conditioning I'd say.


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