Browns Uncensored / Tim Manoa Chat Transcript

Lane Adkins talks Browns in last nights Browns Uncensored chat. Tim Manoa drops in later to talk about what he's been up to, and what he thinks of the current Browns squad.

Ramllov Hey Lane, How do you rate the draft now?
Lane OK, on the draft...........Right now, I say a ""B"" is in order. I am tough to please, so these rooks better step it up :-)
Lane On Couch..........if he stays healthy I believe that he has one hell of a season
Ramllov He also has a fair offensive line.
ArtBtz Can't really judge a draft for a couple of years (<== Standard weaselly cop-out line)
Lane Sure you can...........just pick a letter in the alphabet
BoogieBoy No one more standard and weasily than you Art! :)
Lane Never thought too much about that you'll make me work a little
Ramllov Is there much of a chance that Northcutt will be the third receiver?
Lane I don't think so Ram..........something tells me that he could and possibly should be, but I just can't see it
Ramllov I wonder which guards would be the best against the 3 - 4 defense?
Ramllov I thought Stokes and O""hara would be quicker
Lane O'Hara.........yes, I'm not too sure on Stokes
Ramllov What about Fowler?
Lane You know who is having a tremendous camp is............Joaquin Gonzalez
Lane Fowler should be starting next season at either G or C
Guest69 Playoffs this year then next year - look out. All these rooks with a year under their belt, one more draft and one more set of free agents. Enough to make one salivate. Browns - team of the decade!
crazydog Is Tre's knee ok or is he through?
Lane Tre' is limping around, but they intend on getting him a little work and ready for the opener
Lane The problem with Tre' is that you cannot depend on him staying healthy.
Ramllov Has Gonzalez taken any turns at LT?
Lane Minimal........
Ramllov Is Stokes the backup LT?
Lane They have shown Chanoine at LT......Stokes was there a couple times
BryanK Do you think Gonzalez will be on the team, or just the practice squad?
BoogieBoy What about Zuk & Quasim?
Lane Zuk makes this team, it will be tough for MItchell. He is definitely a practice squad candidate............
Ramllov Has Chanoine strengthen himself through the off season?
Ramllov He appeared to do well against the pass and bad against the run
Ramllov Like Oben
Lane On Chanoine............I really couldn't answer that correctly and feel good about my answer. I haven't spoken with him or about him.
Lane Much like Oben, actually
BoogieBoy Am I getting excited too early on Derrick Hamrick?
Lane Darren Hambrick can play this game and when he gets into shape and has the scheme down will be fine. He is very athletic, just up the Browns alley.
pegasus What role have you seen Tyrone Rogers used in so far?
Lane Backup to Courtney Brown and some standup pass rush
BryanK What position has Zuk been primarily playing?
Lane Zuk has been at RG
Ramllov I just read that OBen may start at LT for Tampa, surprise
ArtBtz Well, Shaun King may get some playing time after all, then.
Ramllov What does Hambrick bring to the run defense?
BoogieBoy I knew I would screw up his name lol
Lane Oben is supposedly having a pretty good camp..........they don't have anyone at LT there
BoogieBoy I got it Art
newdawg Hambrick is a guy I hoped the browns would bring in last year. why didn't he stick with carolina?
BoogieBoy Shaun King heh heh
ArtBtz I'm so darn subtle.
BoogieBoy and humble
Lane Hambrick has shown the ability to stick a ball carrier. What makes him much different from say Jamir Miller is that he does not have to play close to the line, he can drop in coverage and you really don't have to scheme to protect yourself with him in the game.
pegasus Livin in Dallas, I saw Hambrick play in 2000 when he led the team in tackles. He was pretty good. He just shouldn't have gotten into the pissin contest with egomaniac Jones
Ramllov Could Hambrick actually make the defense stronger than Miller?
BryanK Will Hambrick get a lot of playing time this weekend?
Lane Hambrick will bring athleticism..........he won't bring you the pass rush that Miller did. That makes it increasing important that CB stays healthy
Lane Hambrick will play, but he will share time with a few players at the SAM
Ramllov What is the delay in the development of C. Brown? Will we see it soon?
BoogieBoy Who is more important to have a break out season, Couch or Brown?
Lane Some in the game believe that CB thinks too much on the field, rather than attack.
BoogieBoy If Brown breaks out, wouldn't that help Couch?
Ramllov veterans, the offense two?
KJ the man was injured virtually his ENTIRE 2nd year
Lane Depends on the makeup of the team, the Browns need both to step up their game in the 2002 season.
Guest69 CB and TC were both first picks in the draft. Any thing less than big time play from them will be a disappointment.
Lane Being healthy, staying healthy, are critical to the progress of CB
Lane 69............It is time for them to step it up
Ramllov Do you think Brown's lite could happen during the season?
howlanddawg his or warrens
Guest69 agree Lane
Ramllov Warren is already there, but he will get better
Lane If you watched the game Saturday, CB was held on atleast 8 different occasions.
howlanddawg no staying healthy
Guest69 CB was held but he still did very little against Everitt Lindsay.
newdawg the viks will be starting a new lt in their next game.
Ramllov I was watching a tape today, boy and it was not called, I could not believe it
Lane Gerard Warren has star written all over him. This kid has some quicks and power and he is only going to get better once he really understands everything.
Gary As long as he doesn't get the ""star"" attitude
Lane Being held is no excuse though, CB has to get and maintain his aggression. I expect to see that happen this season.
Ramllov can Roye continue to play this good?
Lane Warren is really a good kid, he wants to be the best, but he wants to win even more.
howlanddawg what can they do to stop all the double teams on warren
Guest69 Does CB have one of those contracts like Couch where the Browns will have to pay a big bonus to keep him next year?
Lane Roye is healthy, he knows exactly what his role is, and he is happy. We may see the Roye we expected when he was signed.
Gary I hear it, but I saw him dog some drills. He was in overweight and the staff kept it quiet. That concerns me.
Gary It was obvious he came in close to 350.
howlanddawg is he that good didnt show much yet
Lane Offensive lines will have a lot to handle with Warren and Roye on the inside. Remember, CB and Lang can bring it from the outside.
Gary I don't question his ability, but I recall Michael Dean Perry and his tude.
KJ Which will VERY MUCH nullify the loss of Jamir
Ramllov Do you believe the offensive line, TE and FB/HB can handle the 3-4 of Pittsburgh and others?
Lane Warren is heavy, he was heavy last season. He works his weight down, but I would like to see him in better year-round condition. I don't believe that the team kept it quiet, I don't think it was a MAJOR issue with them.
Gary I hear ya.
BoogieBoy How is Verba holding up?
Lane Verba is holding up well.
BoogieBoy We need him ALL season
howlanddawg what FB
Lane I am not confident in the blocking coming from the FB and H-back spots
howlanddawg look weak to me
Lane Thsi team could use a FB, no question about it
Gary Has Davis said anything about how badly Shea was blown up Saturday?
Ramllov Could the Browns convert to a one back offense and two tightends?
Lane Could, but I don't believe that they will limit themselves in that manner
Lane No, what was said is that the blocking incertain situations must improve
Gary From Davis, that's bad.
BoogieBoy Does Spurgeon end up back in C-Town?
howlanddawg NO!!!!!!
ArtBtz Are we getting another Arena Football Team?
howlanddawg carmen said no
ArtBtz Darn. I wanted to see Spurg again.
Ramllov Shea may be two tall for FB, he does not get the leverage for blocking
Lane LOL.........Wynn won't be returning
BoogieBoy Good
Lane AB.........I heard that you were buying an Arena team
Guest69 One thing that wasn't mentioned much after the Minnesota game - our special teams were awesome in all aspects. Butch has a boatload of young gunners and Dawson looked like he took steroid injections in that leg.
howlanddawg not only no leverage over runs hole
Lane Dawson has worked very hard over the past two years to improve
Lane The special teams also looked good last year until the injuries took their toll and the players on the special teams units changed. If healthy, the Browns have very good speed and quickness with a nice mix of physical players on ST, they could be very solid
howlanddawg who sticks @ wideout
BoogieBoy who will be returning kick offs?
Ramllov JJ Dawson may be cut, how close is that to accurate?
Lane close
howlanddawg one of my fears all speed no hands
Lane Ask me on the Wr's next week
Ramllov Davis, Andre looks like a first round choice?
KJ Dawson wasn't even on the field yesterday and today
newdawg if all butch has against dawson is his lack of speed, why was he talking to chris carter during the off season?
Lane Davis has had a very strong camp. One problem that he has is that he occasionally catches the ball with his body
Ramllov When do the Browns make the next cut?
KJ You know that means Cutt's here?????
howlanddawg teaching ability
BrownsFEVA JJ cut? would like to get a draft pick, something...yr's supply of gatorade would do
Lane Carter and Dawson can't be compared. Carter was a master and his experience would have been valuable
newdawg carter would be an expensive teacher.
Lane I don't have the exact date on the first round of cuts, I don't have my material presently here with me
ArtBtz I'm sure the Lions would give us a second-round pick for him, FEVA, if you get Millen or Morninwheg during one of their ""fits of stupid"".
Ramllov Carter would have been a sure number two receiver with K. Johnson getting less double coverage
howlanddawg ok how much was spent on line only to add 1 guy
Lane I can add on Northcutt.........He is a dilemna to this coaching staff
Matthew How, exactly, do we run the ball without a fullback? And did Butch and company really drop the ball on this?
Ramllov Could Northcutt be the third receiver?
BoogieBoy How many WRs make the team?
Lane All I can add is that a true FB couldn't hurt the rushing attack
BoogieBoy 5 or 6?
howlanddawg not sure northcutt can last many more hits like on kick returns
Guest69 Hate to say it, but next to Jeremiah Pharms, its looking like James Jackson was Butch's worse draft pick to date.
KJ RAM...Aug. 27 to 65
Ramllov GAsh is still out there, is there any one else?
Lane Northcutt could be, he also could be the 5th receiver. It really depands on how he finishes camp.
Lane 5-6 on the WR's
Ramllov Seven LBs?
Lumpy Ram, is Gash still available?
Lane Gash will end up in Baltimore if all that we are hearing is correct
BoogieBoy one counts as ST returner?
ArtBtz We've got 10 now... Jackson, Booty, Sanders, Cavil get the axe. Down to six with Dawson staying.
howlanddawg how bad is sanders
BoogieBoy with money saved on Jamir, go out and steal Gash
Lane Booty ends up on the practice squad..............If Jackson gets past the dropsies of the past couple days and can get it done on the field in the preseason games, he may stick
KJ Sept 1 to 53 players and Practice Squads Sept 2
Ramllov Thanks KJ
ArtBtz Then Jackson stays and King goes?
Lane I HIGHLY doubt that Chris Sanders makes this team
Reverb Does Booty really have any upside ?
Lumpy Blocking back is still a vacancy...Shea is not the answer
ArtBtz Abram?
Reverb yes
ArtBtz He showed flashes his sophomore year and was a high school ultra-stud, but his last several years of college were a washout.
Lane What money saved on Jamir? The team is responsible for his contract
howlanddawg no incentive payouts
BoogieBoy the incentives
Lane KIng has a better chance of making this team than say Dawson and Sanders
Reverb sounds likre another Ben Gay
ArtBtz So it's sort of down to Dawson, King, Jackson for the last two spots?
BoogieBoy KJ, QM, Davis, King, who else?
ArtBtz Or is that premature?
Lane Quite possible
Ramllov So, How is Kevin Johnson's extend contract negotiations going?
Lane Ram...........not everything is rosy in Berea
howlanddawg king vanishes just like dawson without up side
ArtBtz KJ, QM, Cutt, Davis, and two of (King, Dawson, Jackson)
Ramllov I guess they want Morgan and A. Davis to have great years
newdawg if we aren't going to play dawson, I hope we cut him and let him have a chance somewhere else.
Lane King is more valuable to the team because of his special teams / return ability
ArtBtz I don't think he really has Gay's upside. Josh Reed really wiped out his chances at LSU.
ArtBtz Ben Gay is #5 on the depth chart in Indy, BTW.
Guest69 Maybe Houston will give us a 7th rounder for Dawson.
Lane Houston just may be willing to do that
newdawg this situation reminds me of Belichek and mccardell.
ArtBtz Huh? what?
Lane The Legend isn't lighting up camp in Indy
Ramllov ART?
Ramllov LSU?
ArtBtz Reed wiped out Abram Booty's chances at WR at LSU.
ArtBtz That's why his catches dropped so much.
Ramllov ok, I did not understand that
ArtBtz He didn't really kick butt at Valdosta St, either.
howlanddawg good news we have to cut people others want, must be getting better
Lane Why is that, newdawg?
Lane Absolutely howlanddawg..............
BoogieBoy Sounds like the Legend just doesn't get it
newdawg Belichek never warmed to mccardell. mccardell would perform but Belichek kept making him prove himself again and again.
Lane What has Dawson done to warrant anything more than he has received?
BoogieBoy Might be some vet WR cuts coming up also
Ramllov If the Browns carry five or six corners, who is the fifth and sixth?
ArtBtz BTW, anyone who wants up to talk to Tim Manoa should let me know.
Ramllov Tim Manoa could block
newdawg whenever he has a chance, he has produced. at least in the games i've seen.
ArtBtz Pearson might be one of them Ram.
BrownsFEVA please explain the comment ""everything not rosey in berea""?
howlanddawg sign him
Lane I'll go that far, right now
Lumpy We need a blocker in the backfield
Lane Fuller, Cutch, Henry, Sanders, Pearson, .............
howlanddawg who starts
Lane Fuller and Cutch
Ramllov What about the guy from the Giants 7 year vet?
ArtBtz McDaniel?
Ramllov Yea
Lane McDaniel is in the mix
Ramllov Trade him for a choice, he looks like he has value
ArtBtz He would be the other.
Lane To a point Dawson has been productive, but I would say that should garner him anything but an opportunity to compete
howlanddawg not henry shafted probowler
pegasus Do you think they'll keep four safeties?
newdawg how much of a chance did he get to compete against the vikings?
Lane Size and speed..........that is what this organization looks for
Ramllov Is Tim in the lobby?
flavor Lane, what would you say KJ chances are of being on this team next year?
howlanddawg no dougt
Lane Seeing that Dawson wasn't on the field extensively, that should send a premlinary message that he isn't at the top of their depth chart or they wanted to look at other receivers...........depends on how you look at it
Lumpy How is Andra Davis doing at MLB this week-how many snaps is he getting?
Tim yes,i'm here
Lane Atleast 4 safeties
ArtBtz Anyone who wants to talk to Tim Manoa, let me know throogh person-to-person chat
Lane Griffith, Bush, Little, Jameson.........make this team
pegasus If Hambrick or someone steps up big at SLB....Will they cut Jamir and how much cap hit or saving would occur?
newdawg how long was manoa with the browns?
Ramllov How much upside does Jameson have?
Lane They will not attempt to cut Miller, while injured.
Lane According to a member of the organization, Andra davis is doing extremely well and is progressing very quickly
ArtBtz Lumpy is up first.
Lane Jameson fits the mold..........good aize, very athletic, quick, speed, and aggressive
ArtBtz You're up Lumpy... and welcome Tim!!!
Lumpy Are you in touch with any of your old college pals still? Thanks for being such a tough player while in Cleveland!!!...I'm donee
Lumpy Tim what are you doing these days?
Tim working at the money tree loan co. send me business. I'm also putting on a benefit for Eddie Johnson Sept. 7th.
Lumpy finished...thank you !!!! (I wish we had a blocker like you now !!!)
thekid what do you think of the Browns running backs? I know we drafted William Green first but Jamel White seems like he could be the real deal. Any thoughts?
Tim I think Jamal White has a bit more experience than Green and it shows.
thekid the browns running game struggled last year for a lot of reasons. one problem area not addressed in the offseason was a blovking fullback. How important is it to the running to have a great blocking back?
Tim it's very important to have a blocking back so the tailback can make his read from the blocking back and also a good offensive line & hopefully everybody will stay healthy. That's the problem they had last year--too many people were hurt.
thekid Tim---who was the toughest player you ever played with? and against?
Tim played with--Eddie Johnson & Kevin Mack. against--Lawrence Taylor
thekid did you ever knock LT on his butt?
Tim no. but I sure would have liked to.
thekid any plays or memories stick out while you were with the brownies?
Tim against Pittsburgh in 1989--when we won 51-0. I was the player of the game.
thekid i remember you sticking your helmet in quite a few linebackers' chests during your day. do you remember crushing anybody? and whom?
Tim the game against Seattle-- I knocked down one of the defensive backs --don't remember his name right now.
thekid one last question. does Joe Paterno still have it and are his best days already behind him?
Tim yes. but not for too much longer.. maybe one more year. He will beat Ohio State this year.
ArtBtz (Contact me via person-to-person chat if you want to talk to Tim)
pegasus Tim, of all the Browns teams you played on what squad was your favorite, and which team did you think was the best overall? BTW I still have a tape of the 51-0 game. I usually watch it every year before the first game. Thanks that's all.
Tim the best team i played on was the 1987, 88,89 we were close as a team. 1987. Thanks.
ArtBtz Tim, do you still follow Big Ten football? Think PSU has a chance to win it this year?
thekid back to the penn state will beat the buckeyes comment. penn st was horrible last year. seriously-what makes you think they can compete with all the talent that ohio st has accumulated?
Tim No, haven't followed Big Ten , but I know Penn State will have a good team this year.
Lane Tim, looking at this Browns team, is there anything that stands out to you offensively or defensively that would make you believe or think that they can be a playoff type team in 2002?
Lane BTW...........Is Jim Tressel in the house?
Tim Joe has something up his sleeve for Ohio State before he calls it quit.
Tim THey have improved on their receiver talent this year and also they have been playing together for two years now, that makes a big difference, they don't have to second themselves with each other. Defensively --Jamir Miller's injury is a big loss.
Lane Who was the best coach that you played for and is there one player that you really enjoyed going to war with on the field, as a teammate?
Tim Marty Schottenheimer was a great coach--because he was a player's coach. Bernie Kosar- he knew how to handle any situation, and he knew how to break up the monotony on the field.
Lane You spoke of the 1987 season, was there a specific moment or incident during that season that really got the ball rolling, got the confidence level to a point as where it was?
Lane That's all I've got, thanks Tim
Tim when we came back from the strike, everybody decided to get down to business, because all the scrubs came in and played. Thanks.
ArtBtz LOL... Thanks Tim.
ArtBtz We really appreciate your visiting us tonight!
ArtBtz I am not going to say Go Nittany Lions at this point, however.
Tim Thanks, it was fun... By the way, here's some info: The Eddie Johnson benefit is Sept. 7th. Call (440) 785-1615. Please come and support Eddie!!!!
ArtBtz Thanks Tim! I'll make sure that's in the transcript in big bold letters.
Tim Thanks....Appreciate it. Goodbye.
ArtBtz Bye!
ArtBtz We'll see ya folks... I'll slam up this transcript tomorrow.

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