Fan View: Salvaging the Season

Jeff Biletnikoff thinks the season can be salvaged. Here's how...

The two games coming up between the Browns and Steelers is shaping up to be Cleveland's playoffs.

For me as a fan, two wins over the Black and Gold would salvage this sorry season.

Who knows?  This could be the last two games against the Steelers while Cowher is the head coach. 

He hasn't signed (yet) for 2007 and I'm sure he's looking for big bucks or more control.

Beating the Steelers twice and sending Cowher out of Pittsburgh with two losses against the Browns would be something to savor.

I think it's still possible for them to finish 6-2 in the second half and even their record at 8-8.


Cleveland needs to establish an identity, especially on offense.

Run Droughns, get Edwards and Winslow 5-6 catches apiece per game, help Frye stay upright and make better decisions.

Cleveland's offensive line problems are as obvious as Crennel's waist line.  Without improvement none of what I just wrote is possible. 

We have to get better play from the trenches otherwise Frye will join Tim Couch fora permanent golf vacation sooner rather than later.

In the second half of the season Cleveland should simplify their offense with 3-step drops and a heavy dose of Droughns to take the pressure off Frye.


They've shown some solid performances.  If the offense can keep them off the field maybe they won't wear down so much at the end of games.

Granted, the pass rush is still anemic and they have lapses in the run D but overall this is an improved unit, especially when you consider all the injuries they've suffered.

Crennel is a defensive minded coach so I'm not so worried about the long-term prospects for the D as much as I am the O (or lack thereof).

The injury bug bit Cleveland hard this year but they're not the only team suffering.  The key for them is to hold it together as much as possible in the last eight games, fight hard and realize that a lot of backups are getting valuable playing time.

I hate to say this will all help us next season but in reality the Browns have been thrust into rebuilding mode once again.

I think the team can gel and earn some wins and respect to build on for 2007.  It's up to the players and coaching staff now to make sure that happens.

Just A Thought

Who is the most important person on a pro football team?

QB, LT, dominant pass rusher, LB?

I say follow the money.

Who is getting the biggest bucks on the team?

That's a pretty good indicator.

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