I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up

When Tommy Stiletto offers up a bullet point, it's more one of those armor piercing jobs than one of those plastic ones that just knock you down. Bang, bang, baby.

More random ramblings from the Sunshine State:

  • KJ and Jamir were grumbling about contract extensions. Now KJ's reportedly on the auction block and Miller will be lucky to play again. Anybody else feel like bitching about his contract?
  • Kevin Johnson for Bryant McKinnie? I'll think about it. But a second-rounder? Gimme a break!
  • The official NFL salary cap this season stands at $71.101 million. For the record, that ".101" adds up to $101,000, which is chump change in the NFL but would look damned good on my 1040EZ. And just to put the total salary cap in perspective, a stack of 71.1 million one-dollar bills would be 35,500 feet tall, nearly seven miles. Or, to bring it even closer to home, $71.1 million would buy 11,850, 166 beers at six bucks a pop. Just imagine the line outside the lady's room!
  • Here's hoping William Green is the real deal and fares better than Sedrick Shaw, Terry Kirby, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Rashaan Salaam, Travis Prentice, Errict Rhett, Jamel White, James Jackson, Ben Gay or Curtis Enis have since the Browns were reborn. What ever happened to Rhett anyway?
  • Anybody interested in giving Spergon Wynn another shot? He was just released by the Vikings. Or is that ugly, ugly loss at Jacksonville a few years back too much to forgive?
  • Ouch, another one bites the dust. JJ Johnson possibly out for the season. Anybody got Touchdown Tommy's phone number?
  • Circle Sept. 29 on your calendar. That's the day the Browns play at Pittsburgh and the day we find out if they're for real or not. The first three games (Chiefs, Bengals, Titans) should be winnable. If we come out of Steelerland 4-0, look out, baby. The second Steelers game, Nov. 3, could be a big day, too, since it's followed by a bye week, then Cincy, New Orleans, Carolina and Jacksonville. Nobody's a pushover in the NFL any more, but we're not likely to see an easier schedule than this one for quite a while.
  • Earl Little took offense at something a columnist wrote and called him out to the parking lot to settle things. For the record, I think Earl's a hell of a guy.
  • A little advice for fantasy football players: 1. Get a life. 2. Jump all over William Green. 3. If KJ is traded, don't waste a pick on Couch. Who's he gonna throw it to, Quincy Morgan?
  • Next time you're in the Dawg Pound, look up my friend JD from Toledo (he'll be the one in orange and brown) and tell him I said "Faites Ah." He'll understand.

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