Fan View: Pretty Please?

Jeff Biletnikoff provides his perspective on a Browns win and a wish for an early Christmas present

Seven To Go

One down. Seven to go.

The Cleveland Browns got off to a fast start on Sunday and held on to beat the Atlanta Falcons.

1-0 in the second half of the season.

Bring on the Steelers!

Finally the Browns did something right at the end of the game by hitting a late field goal that made Atlanta go the length of the field to win.

Remember the Baltimore game, anyone?

That's ancient history. The Browns have a chance to finish 10-6!

Ok, ok, 8-8.

Cleveland had all the ingredients Sunday. Excellent D (please don't leave Todd!), limited mistakes from Frye, Edwards/Winslow involved and a committment to run Reuben Droughns.

I said last week you needed to run Droughns 25-30 times, use Winslow like they did in San Diego and get Edwards/Winslow 7 catches.

Against the Falcons Droughns got 21 carries, Winslow had 5 catches, Edwards hauled in 3 balls including a TD and Frye went 16 for 22.

Not bad!

You must have balance to be a great offense.

Think about some of the great ones in NFL history.




How about adding Frye/Droughns/Edwards/Winslow to that?

I know, I know, you also need a great offensive line too but one thing at a time

Think about this, Aikman only won one time as a rookie.

Charlie Frye is ahead of that.

One down, seven to go.

Just A Thought

Did you happen to watch ESPN's pre-game coverage on Sunday?

One of their designated "eye candy" reporters was wearing a hat that looked like it fit more in a NY fashion show than on a football broadcast.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis would have been proud of the headgear but can we stop this trend before we get pre-game fashion shows?

Don't the cheerleaders provide all the fashion we could possibly ever need or want in football?

Please, enough already.

Just A Thought, The Sequel

Santa, if you're listening, I only want one thing for XMAS after you left that huge stinking lump of coal in my stocking last XMAS Eve.


Right now they have an outside chance to go on a run and possibly duplicate last year.

One more loss will finish that talk.

One more loss will make their last 6 games basically meaningless.

One more loss will cause them to have to plan for 2007 instead of fighting in 2006.

One more loss will really discourage everyone with a Terrible Towel in their pocket.




Let Cleveland deliver that loss this Sunday.

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