Browns-Falcons: Gameballs and Goats

Better late than never? Right? Sorry for the lateness this week - here are more gameballs for K2...

The Week's Results: Due to your friendly neighborhood webmaster dealing with message board challenges elsewhere in this oh-so-massive Scout Network of Sportsball Websites, the Gameballs and Goats are waaaaay late in being posted this week. And I'd been doing so much better. Mucho apologies, and rest assured that I have self-administered the ritualistic punishment of listening to an hour of ex-Steelers announcer Myron Cope whining about the five yinzers from the 1970s who haven't been put in the Hall of Fame yet. It was too freaking painful, so, lesson learned, hopefully.

Needless to say, the GBGs were much happier than in weeks before, as Charlie Frye was rescued from his sudden descent in Carthonian approval ratings by the Atlanta Falcons "defense" and the ability to chalk up another road win.

Player Gameballs
Kellen Winslow 171
Sean Jones 139
Charlie Frye 73
Kamerion Wimbley 68
Entire Defense 62
Todd Grantham 38
Andra Davis 33

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Mel Tucker (5), Michael Vick (4), "Travis Wilson - You should see him pour Gatorade", "Carthon's efforts to become president of NAMBLA", Borat: "Please, make hand relief", "Frye Good, Ralph etc...", Jay Knecht, Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr., Jim Tressel, Ashley Lelie, Michelle Vick, "Leon Williams for spying Vick and forcing him to throw on the run", "Ralph finger wagging Brown and Mel Tucker", "Davidson (first half)", "Micheal Jenkins and Falcons WRs", The browns rehab staff (jones, winslow, edwards)", "A Cincy Loss", Atlanta WRs, "micheal vick's arm", "Ladanian Tomlinson for destroying any chance I had in Fantasy Football, 4 TD", Ralph Brown's 2nd positive play of the year, "Venomous Ducks", Thick chalk that tripped up Vick, "To the fans who have stuck with the Browns", Italian Sausage, "Browns fans in the Georgia Dome, Falcons fans (see explanation)", Bill Coward's Spittle, The Chat Room!, Ron Mexico.


Player Goathorns
Reuben Droughns 81
Offensive Line 65
Joe Andruzzi 41
TV Announcers 30
Charlie Frye 29
Cosey Coleman 21

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Maurice Carthon (4), No goats! (3), Ron Mexico (3), Ron Mexico's STD, Prevent Offense, Michigan---Bring it on a**holes!!!, Bench a Rookie program?, "Columbus because Browns not on TV again", Michael Louis Weldon, Muck Fichigan, "Where is Jerome Harrison?", Fans who despite the win found something to bitch about when they called the post-game talk shows, 2nd. Half O, "Officiating was the worst I've seen all year", run game, Davidson (second half), Any WR or TE that dropped the ball!, Rich Gannon, Warrick Dunn's Necklace, Steelers, a Squeeler win, New Orleans for not beating Pittsburgh, 3 and Outs in the Second Half, 4th Down Intelligence - Knock the ball down, "The bridge-jumping fans who cant even enjoy the fact that a win is a win.", "Me for accidently hitting "vote" before I voted for my goats", Announcers who mysteriously forget about Daylon and Gary when mentioning the Brown's injured CB's, CBS for not having the gameballs to broadcast the Brownies in HD, "Myself, for buying a Droughns jersey last week...", Nancy Pelosi, Venomous flying turtles, "Fullbacks - block someone, open a hole, or pick up a blitzer sometime this year", "3 points in the second half", Butch Davis, El Nino, The Georgia Dome, The "NFL Experience", Michigan State, "Brodney Pool, for intercepting the 4th down pass instead of knocking it down", "Pittsburgh sucks--like brushing your teeth and then drinking orange juice."


Dawg Comments
other bjk If there was a category for "Wow, he didn't suck today" I'd give an award to Ralph Brown
lynxis This is my 4th week in a row giving Jones a gameball. He's playing good football. Williams gets a gameball for a good job spying Vick. Also, any defensive coordinator who holds Vick and the top rushing attack in football to 13 points at home deserves a game ball.
griz13 Grantham put together one of the best defensive game plans against Mike Vick I've ever seen. I have a horrible feeling we're going to lose him to Michigan St.

I'm admittedly biased, but Sean Jones and K2 should both be in Hawaii in February. If they're not, our players, once again, will be getting the shaft.

Lot of players and coaches deserve gameballs for this one. It was a good win.
rutger Mine went to the entire Defense, All the coaches and to Leon Williams who's job it was to spy on Vick when ever Leon was on the field and he did an excellent job.. Vick's two long runs were when Williams wasn't out there..
grouse solid day
tjdalton2001 KW2 is a stud - Sean Jones continues to impress as does the entire defense
madman57 Charlie was on his game, looked like a seasoned vet!
tdh48 Excellent upset victory. Fry was greatly improved, good job all around on offense. Defense and special teams has been consistently pretty good. Excellent game preparation by coaching. I think we're starting to see just how horrible Mo was in his former position. Now if we can improve a bit more this week, maybe we'll get a bit of revenge against Pittsburgh.
naxos Always fun to watch a win.

Props to Charlie and Sean Jones on a great games.

Also if you haven't notice yet our defense is pretty good.
mistermagoo_21 Think Frye's thumb made it worse last week. He seems to have extracted his head...somewhat. Hey charlie, want some ketchup for that football? Winslow, Jones, Pool, Wimbley are studs--this will come together in '07 and last awhile, the way they planned it. If Frye is the guy...
deathbyeagle -K2 is the man once again
-Wimbley is having an impact as a rookie
-Davis had his best game of the season
-Pool blankets the TEs
-Heck, even McGinest made an appearance.
-Frye was accurate
-Gameball has to go to Atlanta OC Greg Knapp--or as I call him--the MO C of the NFC. That guy is clueless.
vandalfan11 Wow, Charlie played well...
Ralph Brown looked like a steely veteran (although he talked entirely too much)
Reuben- I know a lot of people will not recognize him, but getting 54 yds on a tough run defense like the Falcons was impressive...And that TOUCHDOWN/4th Down run-AWESOME
Ethan Kelley...Who? Well I damn sure didn't see Ted Washington in there for more than 4 plays and Kelly was in the backfield for at least 7-10 plays, good solid effort.
eezer58 Jay Knecht is a super fan that wore his Winslow Jersey for two years when he was a bust.
slambar Sean Jones is a monster and needs Pro Bowl recognition for the year he's having. Leon Williams was a big reason that Michael Vick was contained, Williams shadowed him like a hawk. Frye gets a gameball by default, no interception or turnovers that cost them. Have to mention Mel Tucker for "coaching them up" in the D backfield.
easternk9 Way to go D - hit her (surely him?) hard and the will to run out of the pocket disappears!!

Will need to play better next week to get the win against Pisspuke, but cannot argue with one in the W column.
clevelandcraig The Defense won this game, and played a great game.
pitbullterrier Too many game balls to hand out, so little choices. The entire defense deserves kudos for containing the NFL's#1 rushing attack and keeping Vick from killing us. McGinnest looked like he still had some speed out there!
to1629 simple as this without Winslow's big catches that set up many of our points and without the good play from our D (Jones,Pool,and Brown stepping it up) we would not have won this game!!!
I maybe a head of myself, but I am witnessing the growth of a true team.
clockwork The Defense was unbelievable throughout. The front 7 stuffed the run all day, minus a couple expected Vick scampers, against the best run O in the league. The depleted secondary, with a little help from some drops, played huge. And Winslow's three giant plays stole the game.

Best game of the season for McGinest. Best game of the season for Andra Davis. Best game of the season for DQ and Ralph freakin' Brown. Another nice game for Jones and Wimbley.
losangelesdawg Zastudil is ZMAN.....with the quality of our offense, he was is the most important free agent pick up we made...
brownsfanmn13 I'm amazed how well this defense is playing with so many injuries in the secondary. We have to have the three best safeties in the league.

Frye looks solid. Wimbley held Vick and Winslow just keeps backing up his claims.
number1brownsfan The entire defense gets a gameball, Wimbley and Jones are STUDS!!!

Winslow is crazy good!!! Did you see that catch?!?!

I sure hope we are able to keep DC Todd Grantham, the guy is brilliant!!!
rockymtndawg There were certainly more critical players, but let's give a shout-out to LB Leon Williams, who did a great job of shadowing Vick all day!!! He very well might be a future starter.
mtsames The D finally plays Cleveland Browns Football, Now let's see them do it to the Steelers.
mmmbrowns Kellen Winslow Jr. is an absolute prize.
muskiedawg01 Davidson's playcalling is much better than Carthon's. The third quarter was a little conservative but I still liked it as a whole. Dave averaged 12 more yards per punt than the other punter. That really helps with a team that needs good field position to win. Sean Jones is a stud and needs to go to the pro bowl. Same with Winslow. He's the best tightend in the league.
thespazdawg Besides the INT at the half yard line on 4th Pool had one of his best games yet. He was all over the field on D and special teams.

Unck gets some love too this week. We need to lock him up as a special teams specialist.
playbrowns Sean Jones is really impressing me this year. So is K2. Maybe Botch didnt get hosed in the 04 draft trade?
mfabrams K2 - Can you say 1st Pro Bowler in years? Folks around the league must begin to sip the Kool Aid you are pouring over Defenses each week.

Sean Jones - Can you see you in Hawaii in February?? Tremendous presences around the ball this year. I'll take Cherry Kool-Aid..

Mr. Grantham - Green and White does not suit your wardrobe well - Stick with the Brown and Orange. Excellent execution and sticking Leon Williams on Vick's butt all day long.
gbeachy50310 JONES continues to deliver pro-bowl quality performances every week. FRYE made much better decisions. GRANTHAM deserves one for great defensive planning against a tough team, and DAVIDSON for solid play-calling. Nice win.
bobbyflats This game was won by the DB's.
dkee2 real deal
great game
no int
writerdawg The entire defense deserves extreme kudos, which is why I'm singling them out there. And put Todd Grantham at the top of that list, along with our DB coach and all those much-maligned guys who have had to step it up at CB.
dexterbrowns NICE catch down the sideline Winslow! Can you PLEASE show the WR's how to grab the ball like that?

If you see a great play on the DL, it's usually Orpheus. Glad to see him back!
jdavis Great job by the coaching staff, all around - good call to go for it on the 4th down touchdown, O was ready with a good game plan, D was ready to stop Vick and Dunn; KW will get my gameball every week, he is an animal and the next Browns Pro-Bowler for years to come; I've given a gameball to Sean Jones for 2 straight weeks, but this week the whole DB unit gets the gameball, even Ralph Brown who FINALLY made some big plays.
vintage1974 I'm going with my "W"s again this week. Winslow & Wimbley, both show up to play every week. Both have fire and passion for the game. Vick was hearing Wimbley's footsteps all day. Honorable job in the banged up secondary, and a shout out to Leon Williams AKA the spy. Good job driving Vick out to Wimbley. Zastudil was HUGE on the day.
mulekicker3 1st being the open field tackle of LT last week. This week's pass defense over the middle is another sign that maybe Ralph has played organized football before this year.
avicennasis Hope Frye shut up the critics (for 3 seconds at least) with this win. DraZilla also showed he belongs.
hummed Grantham/Crennel(evolving defensive geniuses) utilized Leon Williams to effectively neutralize the damage of Mike Vick, we simply put our best athlete on their best athlete and give Williams credit, the man made some plays...
mxaxdxax Good game all around! I hope this can be the win that propels us into believing that we can win every game we play. Frye looked much better. Zastudil gave us great field position in the first half. Seeing Winslow downfield was great. Braylon made some nice catches (one drop). Droughns got into the endzone. Heiden made plays. The defense (Jones, Pool, Wimbley) looked strong. Go Browns! Beat the Steelers!
dg624 Entire Defense...Mel Tucker and STs coach
whoknowsmore Z's punting was a big reason we had such a good 1st half. Winslow was keep to both TD drives, and the D held them to FG for the most part. Great WIN!!
ross18 Excellent effort by the defense including the depleted secondary. Charlie did alright got to get rid of the ball down by the goal line and work on quicker decisions
rrmalns Thanks again for leaving Mo. Really, thanks! I only wish the Browns never had to say hello. We will all support you if you want to apply for the head coaching spot in Pittsburgh.
bigdaddy78 A stellar Defensive effort. Again KW2 shows his stuff. Pool was everywhere.
ccclay57 KWII, if he hadn't made that incredible catch nobody would be talking about the "great drive we had to set up field goal, Wimbley, WE GOT A FIRST ROUND DRAFT CHOICE RIGHT THIS TIME. Andre was everywhere
skat007 Charlie Frye deserves a lot of credit for finally doing what he is supposed to do: manage the game. He held on to the ball too long a couple of times, but outside of that, he was very good today. - Andra Davis was everywhere today and was a major factor, I think, in Michael Vick's struggles. - Kellen Winslow once again stepped up. This guy had better make the Pro Bowl, because there is no question he is deserving.
clayrocks Jones is a stud. Davis is a stud. Winslow is a freaking stud.
phelix17 great effort by the D. Unreal catch by Winslow.
buckeyeindenver Unbelievable job by Todd Grantham and the whole defense. The front seven controlled the line of scrimmage, Wimbley picked up another sack, Leon Williams did a great job shadowing Vick, and the secondary played lights out, even if they weren't exactly going up against Jerry Rice. Winslow gets my third game ball by a hair over Zastudil thanks to that great catch down the sideline.
dawgedue The three players that as individuals impacted the game the most: Zastudil, Ralph Brown, and Wimbley
mark zickefoose Yes, I gave a gameball to Falcons fans. They get it for bailing nice and early so us Browns fans could have a nice, leisurely, roomy saunter out of their house while basking in the glow of victory. Oh, and for being nice and quiet about it while we celebrated.
dawgdc Winslow is a beast plan and simple. I think we all are running out of words to describing this kid. Mark him down for the next 7 weeks. Kamerion is the other beast on the defensive side of the ball. To see him run down Dunn and to sack Vick has to make Doc Savage smile at his number 1 pick. Leon is double 0094 super spy. James Bond who?
I've been a Todd Grantham and Mel Tucker fan since last year they are two of the brightest young coaches in the league and I hope we can keep the both of them until we win a Super Bowl. They both coached a helluva game. Pool and Jones will be our starting safeties next year great job!! Perry got burned but could have sulked and got burned again, but picking up the fumble and keeping his head in the game he deserves kudos. Heiden's block of the punt should have garnered us some more points, but you have to give him props for the effort.
dawghowl Sean Jones come up with a nice interception and made several nice plays in coverage. He continues to play at a pro bowl level

Andra Davis had a monster game, he made a ton of tackles and made plays all over the field

Kellen Winslow...what an amazing catch he made, the adjustment he made to come inside on the defender and pull that pass in was impressive. He continues to show why we took him in the first round back in 2004.

Two other guys I feel deserve gameballs...

Brodney Pool, he did an impressive job in coverage on Crumpler and came up with an nice int

Charlie Frye, I felt like he made real progress and his decision making was very good. He avoided throwing an int and finished with a qb rating of 106 and most importantly, he lead us to victory. Possibly his best game as a pro.
sg2431 The entire defense deserves a game ball with that effort.
Sean Jones is looking more and more like the real deal at safety. I can only imagine a bright future with a secondary led by Bodden and Jones.
Kamerion Wimbley did an outstanding job in shadowing Michael Vick.
Kellen Winslow, what more can you say? The guy comes to play. Great 4th quarter catch is not something we are used to here.
froggy60 Gratham did a very nice job with his defense against Vick and keeping him in check.
Davis played a very solid game.
With what we have at the DB position right now due to injuries that did a fantastic job.
rattdawg This guy will be our next D-Coordinator if Grantham is plucked by MSU.
1stanubiis It was a team effort and I really like what I saw from Special Teams. Need to be more aggressive like the first half. Just go for it!
wholesaler1972 the play of s jones and k2 demand pro bowl

charlie--good game..not great, but good. no int's and i liked seeing him scramble for positive yards. just stop hanging onto the ball for so long.

run defense....good job in bottling up vick and dunn. you deserve alot of credit.
schehlk Good win, hopefully the team can swing the momentum and give the Steelers a 41-0 payback... Ok I'll be happy with a win.
cabcad2004 John Taylor is an IDIOT. He thinks that his thoughts are actually worth reading. Well, I will never read an article by that chump again. I love the browns, and I love Michigan. He does not write for "" he writes for the OBR. I do not go on your website to hear an IDIOT of his caliber dis the best college "at least education wise" in the midwest. If he wants to write for the "scarlet and gay", then find a website that is just for that. Mark

p.s. GO BLUE!!!!!
javorsky I hate to admit it I may have to even give a Gameball to Butchie. We have ripped him for his drafts. We have to credit him for Sean Jones. You did well on this pick, Butchie.
fullbackdawg Michael Vick and his "hands of stone" receivers
gabrownsfan Solid win all the way around. A gameball to Vick for being Vick. Mel Tucker and Todd Grantham get gameballs. Wimbley, Jones and the entire defense get gameballs as does Winslow and his amazing catch.
apvic As much as I chastised Andra Davis last week I will give him credit this week for his best game that I can remember. He looked fast, aggressive and finally determined not to be pushed around. Wimbley was great. His speed is such an asset and he is getting so much better at the run. The db's were fantastic.. This week will be the challenge. Please wipe that smile (God I wished we would have drafted him) off of Wards face. PLEASE!!!
xudawg Who stole Ralph Brown's uniform and decided to play football on Sunday? Whoever that guy was, give him a contract.



Dawg Comments
glabonne This is the first game that it was hard to pick in the goat column! That's progress! The offense got my vote for the third quarter, and 5 sacks
lynxis 3 0-Line goats. If it was up to me, I would have fired ever damn one of them after the first half.
griz13 Maurice Carthon. I don't want to sound ridiculous, but I really think this team could be 5-4 or better with a playoff run in them had Carthon not sucked out our collective souls for the first pathetic six games.

The announcers were terrible. I don't need to be reminded 75 times that the starters are playing on both sides of the ball.

TV Announcer: "2nd and 7. Vick lines up under center. No changes on either side of the ball. Starting lineups are still intact. No subs have come in. The benchwarmers are still on the bench. We've been injury-free so far. The reserves are not playing. Seriously, the starters are still in in the 2nd quarter. It's amazing."

What an a$$hole.
rutger No-one gets a goat in win #3 for the year.. Because we're 1-0 in the second half of the season..
tjdalton2001 Edwards - still too many dropped balls - Droughns - too many fumbles - Davidson for getting too conservative and predictable in the second and third quarters - 1st and 10 we ran over right tackle / guard almost every time. Finally opened up in the fourth quarter and made some first downs.
madman57 Brodney Pools interception on 4th down at the 1 yard line cost the Browns 30 yards. I think it will pad his numbers but it is selfish and not a "team" minded heads up move on his part.
tdh48 No goat horns this week.
naxos Not exactly sure who deserves the goats this week. As a whole though our offensive line is still that: offensive.

Also we once again decided to play a prevent offense, that if we keep using it, is going to prevent us from getting any better on that side of the ball.
deathbyeagle Goathorns go to Michigan... F You Carr

Anyway, Browns o-line blows!! Can't run block or pass protect....double trouble!!
vandalfan11 No Jason Wright, no Larry Vickers??? WTF?!
So Reuben is seen at the prime of his career or something??? He never came out except for 'Cutt running that draw. What gives. If they can't hold onto the ball in practice then thats fine, but for the love of god at least use them on Spec Teams

JJ- What's up dude, you suck right now...we can all see it, you know it. RAC/SAVAGE please tell me that Wilson is at least half the skill of JJ... and you know he's got to be faster so PLAY THE KID. C'mon. At this rate when you do start him or play him next year he will be a rookie all over again.
eezer58 Mike Weldon hates Cleveland and needs to be booed by everyone. All together - BOOOOO !!!
slambar Hard to give Goathorns in a win. Pool get one for padding his stats with the 'bad' interception (nice play, wrong time) Droughns for his fumble and Winslow for penalty. See, not real Goathorn kind of stuff.
clevelandcraig Charlie gets my only goat on this win. He still has much to learn.
pitbullterrier Was Maurice Carthon back calling plays in the second half? We went back to being ultra-conservative every single time we were backed up around our endzone, and basically everytime we had the ball after the teams second touchdown. We'll never know what we have if we don't start getting a bit more creative and gamble some.
dawglberbarb Winslow's temper hurts this team in critical situations. He should be relegated to anger management.
to1629 With the falcons receivers and line holding and pushing off for big catches the officials really need their eye sight checked. And the roughing the passer call on #95 when it should have been 99 if anyone is a total joke there was no foul roy simply tackled vick and if i am not mistaken after the QB passes the line of scrimmage isn't he a RUNNNER??????
frank.seprino Trying to establish the run works ONLY if the O -Line creates holes...I haven't seen many! Also, what up with the go-into-a-shell play calling in the 2nd half? It's not like we were up by 28 pts. We were luck to hold on.
brownsfanmn13 Not much to say in this area for once.. which is nice. I'm getting a little concerned with Davidson's conservative play calling in second halfs of each game. I would like to see them take it up a notch for the second half.

What's the deal with the officials calling Roye with a roughing the passer crap?
number1brownsfan Jeff Davidson, for going into a "shell" after halftime. What give man?!?!

I'm still waiting for the day that Braylon Edwards doesn't drop a ball, on a crucial down, in a game.

The O-Line is banged up, and for that they did alright, but alright isn't good enough.
buckeye4ever Charlie Frye still holds on to the ball way too long. He almost gave up a safety!!
mtsames Frye is still a Bum who cannot hold on to the Rock. Shaffer keeps throwing LOOKOUT blocks .Next week the test begins.
mmmbrowns I wonder what this team would look like with an NFL offensive line.
muskiedawg01 I had to give Winslow a goat as well for his stupid, selfish penalty. Smith is worthless. He's slow, doesn't take on blockers like he used to, gets in the way, and almost cost us 15 yards on a drive with a stupid late hit. Cut him.
bendal Crennel gets a goathorn for going all conservative in the second half and nearly losing the game.
mfabrams His name is Alge (Al G) not Al J.
caryncbrownsbacker Washington and Mcginest get the horns because they WASHED up and over paid for their limited contribution.
playbrowns Our O-line is a joke. Reuben, go to the optometrist to get some vision.
fillyasc When are people going to start realizing that the Offensive line is not as bad in run blocking as everyone makes it out to be. The main problem is with Reuben Droughns and his lack of speed, agility, vision, and balance. The guy is an adequate NFL running back, he's not a good one. We would be just as well served at the running back position if we had Michael Pittman, or Kevan Barlow, or TJ Duckett. Stop all this talk about Droughns being a good running back, he's not! There is not one starting running back in the NFL that Droughns is better than except for Kevan Barlow. That's pathetic.
somacruz If Kevin Harlan said "the starting D/O is is the field" one more time, I would have kicked the TV in. Who the "F" else does he think would be out there?
gbeachy50310 POOL played a good game overall, but catching the interception instead of knocking it out of bounds nearly cost us the game. Instead of 1st down at our 31, we were stuck at our own 2. Very bad decision-making. Coach 'em up RAC -- that's decision-making that even HS kids know. SPECIAL TEAMS coverage was dominated by ATL both ways. Too many big returns for ATL, too many short runs for Northcutt & Cribbs. The best phase of our game was squashed today.
willy15 None this time.
air al Davidson's 1.5 quarter brainlock in the 2nd half almost lost the game.
dkee2 knock it down on 4th down from the 38 instead of catching it on the 2.

Fumble in red zone...
writerdawg The OL continues to be awful, and if Charlie Frye makes it to the end of the season healthy, it will be a miracle.

The fumble by Droughns almost lost the game -- and the Browns actually might have won easily had he hung on and they scored.

Overall Pool did a great job, except for intercepting a ball at the 1 when it's 4th down.

Just knock the ball down!!!! That brain fart cost the team 7 points (ultimately) and nearly the game.
barberton NO GOATS
zkramp How different would the game have been if the ball was knocked down on fourth down instead of intercepted. Maybe 50 - 70 yards of field position when you figure in the initial gain from not being on the 1 yard line and the difference in the punt and punt return. Hell maybe even more if we drove down and scored. We have a hard enough time scoring from 40 yards, going 99 is near impossible.
dexterbrowns Roye didn't try to hurt Vick by whacking him with his forearm. He was just trying to fall on Vick with his 300+lb body - which is NOT a penalty!

jdavis In a game like this, I can only think of one guy I'd give a goat to: Joe Andruzzi moves like a 90 year old man wearing skis. Play Friedman already.
vintage1974 Romeo, way to play "not to lose" in the second half. Grow some stones and don't wait until the 4th quarter to throw a bomb to Winslow. Reuben, way to run scared in the second half after the fumble. O-Line 5 sacks and few running lanes in the second half. PLAY THE ENTIRE GAME, WHAT'S THE MATTER? GETTING GASSED?
avicennasis Hard to give out goat horns after a loss, lol
deputydog9810 Andruzzi is slower than a turtle. He needs to be replaced ASAP. He always gets beat.
hummed Not many bad things to say, except for Droughns who, despite the o-line at times providing a 2-3 yard push, just couldn't find the seams. One of the few seams he did break, he lost the's hoping Droughns brings his intensity next week...I still think we can get to 8-8...
mxaxdxax Imagine if we had Davidson in charge of the offense all year? Hey Crennel and Savage, if Grantham does leave to MSU, then maybe look at Mel Tucker as Defensive Coordinator. No more Travis Wilson picks Savage, go O-line or D-line every round except the first.
dg624 Oline was inconsistent as was Frye but Frye is getting better and has learned to throw the ball away.
whoknowsmore 5 sacks!
ross18 Getting Tired of 4 guys swarming on the ball carrier on every running play. Terrible fumble by Droughns when Browns were prepared to take control of the game.
crurode Charlie Frye for being born with small hands. (
rrmalns What is the deal with the offense going on strike after the first half in every game. Mo is gone. Act like it!!!
bigdaddy78 I refuse to give horns out this week, as I feel no one on this team deserves them, however, Ron Mexico is always HornY.
zigzag420 Nobody
ccclay57 I don't care what fryes passer rating was, how long did he think he had to get rid of the ball while standing in the end zone? Had that been a safety we would have lost on last minute field goal.
skat007 The offensive line is still overmatched no matter who they face. You just can't win very many games if no one can run block. - That being said, Reuben has to shoulder some of the blame. There was at least 3 times that I saw an opening in one direction and Reuben cut the other way. Isn't one of Droughns' strengths supposed to be his vision and ability to find the hole? It hasn't been there for the majority of the season. - The TV announcers sucked. 'Nuff said.
clayrocks O Line stinks, no running game. McGinest needs to go.
phelix17 I put three losses on him..
buckeyeindenver The O-line continues to be brutal, incapable of protecting Charlie and unable to open holes for Reuben.
I've got no problem with Jeff Davidson's conservative play calling when the Browns were in the shadow of their own end zone, but he never called anything to counter the Falcons blitzing on every third down all game long. How about a screen pass or two, Jeff?
And Kevin Harlan is hands down the WORST play-by-play man in any sport on any network. My tv was muted the entire game to avoid listening to that moron bellow at the top of his lungs from kickoff to the final gun.
confuseddog he still deserves votes, man he sucked!!!!!!!!!!!
mark zickefoose Crappy narrow seats located in the lower ionosphere, crappy loud music every time there was a break in the action, crappy "retards in plane costumes racing for airline miles" promotion, crappy (or not) 120 piece marching band on the field, not that you could tell because the damn place swallowed every bit of sound on the field, crappy Papa Johns not giving OUR row any damn pizzas - oh, by the way, there was a football game that day, too, not that they made it easy to pay attention to it.
dawgdc Coleman and Andruzzi are getting blown up every week and I'm tired of seeing's time to make a change there. Listening to Rich Gannon do play by play makes my ears bleed!!!
dawghowl The OLine continues to struggle in pass protection, though it was a little better. And the run blocking was terrible very few holes for our backs to run through.

Reuben Drounghs, his fumble was very costly. we had a chance to take a 3 score lead, instead it gave the falcons a chance to get back in the game. also he doesnt seem to be running quite as hard and as effectively as he did a year ago for some reason.
sg2431 Sorry, Jeff, I know your new on the job. But after scoring a quick 14 points in the 1st quarter, you decided it was time for the next 3 quarters to go back to the Browns patented, "PREVENT OFFENSE"
froggy60 o-line still not blocking very well and running game is suffering from it.
Smith just doesn't seem to be making any impact in his play.
will our offensive unit ever get the killer instinct? you get a lead then fall apart. want to be a good team you need killer instinct.
wholesaler1972 braylon....hang onto the darn ball. we can't have those drops.

michigan state...for thinking about taking our def coord.
schehlk No Goathorns are given for a win.
fullbackdawg It's obvious why the Pats let McGinest go - he's definitely lost a step 'er three... Big Ted's not exactly what he used to be either....
elijahcross fans-for questioning yet another quarterback
alaskanbrownsfan Tired of the Rueben fumbles
gabrownsfan Goathorns for all of our injuries. Goathorns for Michigan State if they take Grantham away.
matt_rowk-seat18 Hard to give any goats this week. Brodney Pool put us in a big hole by intercepting a fourth-down pass on the 1 but made up for it by playing a stellar game otherwise. Charlie Frye screwed up by getting sacked at the 1 but didn't make any other big mistakes. So I'll give one to CBS for assigning Rich Gannon to another Browns game.
apvic Hey Joe J. what's up?? You did your disappearing act again!!
And Reuben, I hope your foot has been the reason for your lackluster effort these past few weeks. Another Joe (Andruzzi) with a problem.. except I don't believe there is a solution for bum knees.. This old warrior needs to be put out to pasture.
bernieisgreat Frye has to stop growing grey hairs on my head

stop trying to throw the game away, FRYE!!!!!
xudawg Goathorns to certain veterans stealing money from the organization, and to Charlie Frye for getting sacked on a Hail Mary. Dude- nobody gets open on a Hail Mary- just throw the d--- ball.

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