Fan View: Joey Porter is Right

Joey Porter had some less-than-kind things to say about the Cleveland Browns after the Steelers managed to eke out a 24-20 "victory" at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Jeff Biletnikoff feels that the really disturbing thing is that Porter actually has a point...

Did you see this inflammatory quote by Pittsburgh LB Joey Porter after the game?

"If you talk and lose, you're still losers," Porter said. "They talk like a different team, but in reality they are not. They had all the breaks, all the bounces. But when it was nail-biting time and you've got to make plays, who made them?

Do you know what's most painful about that quote?

It's true.

Several times during the game, especially in the first half, the Browns could have taken a commanding lead.

Each time the offense fizzled.

And when it came to crunch time, and the D needed to stop the Steelers, they didn't.

It's the same old losing script we've seen for years. 

If the Browns play brilliantly in one area then they stink in others at varying times during the game.

Before you think I'm hanging this loss on the D because of my comments, please be assured I'm not.

I think they were bone tired by the last quarter because of non-support from their offensive unit.

You can't stay on the field that long, with that much emotion, before you break down.

The bottom line for today is that Pittsburgh's playmakers on offense stepped up when the game was in question.

Cleveland's did not.

In the next offseason there needs to be a serious commitment to the offensive side of the football.

I don't pretend to have all the answers to fix what's broken but it's obvious that anemic offense has been the Achilles heel of the Savage/Crennel rebuilding plan.

Just A Thought

If you happen to be able to watch a Cleveland/Pittsburgh game without Steeler fans in the vicinity, count yourself lucky.

In Erie, PA the Steeler fans outnumber all other NFL fans (when the Steelers are winning, that is).

I had the misfortune to be in a bar with several of them today because the game was blacked out in my area.

I've been watching football a long time and I've never seen a group of fans that feels the need to clap and holler after every single positive play. 

5-yard gain?  Clap your hands.

Tackle an opposing RB for a 2-yard loss?  Scream.

Other team misses a FG?  Hoot and wave your Terrible Towel.

We need the Steelers to have a few losing season in a row then we can go back to the late 60's, where sighting a Dodo Bird in Erie was an easier task than finding a Pittsburgh fan.

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