Fan View: Glory Days

Jeff Biletnikoff ruminates with a Bruce Springsteen soundtrack in the background...

After the Browns lost to the Steelers Sunday, I was driving home and I heard Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" on the radio.

I thought, it's been a long time since the Browns had any "Glory Days."

It was another bitter pill to swallow for Browns fans.  Just when you think maybe, just maybe they're turning it around, BAM, another mule kick to the gut.

The defense had been playing well, Winslow was starting to live up to his own hype, special teams was on fire and then the bottom drops out.

What happened?

Another tough loss that makes me think that we're somehow living the same season over and over again much like Bill Murray's character in "Groundhog Day" was forced to live the same day again and again.

We all know there are a million things more important than a football game but if you're a Cleveland Browns fan, you're saying ENOUGH ALREADY.

I want my 1986 feeling back.

Cleveland, home field advantage, playing for a trip to the Super Bowl.

(Ok, we can lose "The Drive" from that dream sequence).

My point is it was an exciting time to be a Browns fan.  Kosar versus Elway, Cleveland at home in a game that meant everything, a wind blown, drafty, cold, cold Municipal Stadium, snow starting to fall with the Dawg Pound going crazy as Cleveland, OH is the center of the football universe.

Man, that was football.  It was Cleveland Browns football.

I remember watching the game with my father and grandfather. 

Looking back, the bitterness of losing still lingers but there's also good memories.

Being with my family and watching the exciting Kosar-led Browns was awesome.

Those 80's Browns teams gave us a lot of great moments in the 1986 season.  For me, thinking of 1986 took a little sting out of Sunday.

Glory Days.  Days gone by.

Just A Thought

Whether Browns coaches or management agree with Braylon Edwards comments about Brian Russell is of little concern to Edwards.

That's what a huge signing bonus will do.

It allows 20-something bonus babies to shoot their mouths off.

You don't like it?

So what.

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