Fan View: They Quit

Jeff Biletnikoff is somewhat less than ecstastic over the Browns "performance" on Sunday...

How did you spend your 60+ degree day?

CBS announced a gametime temperature of 63 in Cleveland, OH.

It's November 26th.

Most of us just celebrated Thanksgiving.

No, this isn't a weather report but it does beg the following question.

Why did I blow such a beautiful day watching this horrible team?

I just wanted to see if the Browns could attain all the items on their normal checklist.

Penalty to call back a kick return TD?  Check.

Ineffective offense?  Check.

Key holding penalties?  Check.

No protection for Frye?  Check.

No running game?  Check.

Defense that folds on 3rd down?  Check.

Another loss at home?  Check.

But its not all bad.  The Browns showed emotion today.

Ok, Braylon Edwards showed emotion.

Unfortunately it was on the sideline directed at his fans and teammates but give the guy a break.  It's tough to get paid millions when you're in your early 20's. 

Especially when evil teammates are tackling your friends too hard.

Well, at least it's a quality Cincinnati team.

The '72 Dolphins have to wait one more week to break out the champagne because this win moves the Bengals to 11-0.  This is the best Cincy team we've seen in years.  Maybe the best NFL team in the last 15 years.


They're not 11-0 you say? They only moved one game over .500? They're just a team with a porous defense that is fighting for it's playoff existence?

Well, it just goes to show that no matter how average you are, you can look elite against the sad sack Browns.

I'm so happy that I enjoyed this beautiful weather by watching the Browns stumble to 3-8.

Well, at least the Steelers lost.  Too bad the Ravens had to win to have that happen.

We never can win as Browns fans, can we?

Just A Thought

The Browns may as well clean out their lockers and go home after this game.

They quit today.  I hang this loss on everyone in the Cleveland organization.  Front office, coaching staff, players and owner. 


Fans are paying good money to see what?  Another loss? Another lackluster performance?

They didn't even show up today. 

And don't give me the "well, they laid it all out on the field against the Steelers." crap.


They're professionals and paid as such.  If you can't get up for a division game at home, then you need to stop.

Memo to the Browns.  If you want to play like this again, don't bother.

Forfeit the rest of your games and save us all the aggravation.

I'd rather fit in some extra Cavalier games in place of yours.

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