Crennel to Deal with Braylon

The behavior of Browns' wide receiver Braylon Edwards was the main subject of discussion during Monday's post-rout press conference. Fred Greetham was there, and provides the first report on events...

Romeo Crennel spent the bulk of his press conference trying to explain Braylon Edward's actions on the sideline when he was caught on television looking as though he was going after Charlie Frye and grabbing his jersey.

"Some of you will ask about the sideline issue," Crennel said. "Braylon was talking through Charlie. At the time Charlie turned away. There is no Braylon vs. Charlie thing.

"The quarterback coach was right there with Charlie and Braylon was trying to make a point as to how much dirt was on (Charlie's) jersey," he said. "We have one guy who is a fiery guy, trying to make a point. He was using Charlie's jersey to try to make a point. Maybe, during the heat of the game that shouldn't have happened."

Crennel indirectly referred that Edwards was chastising the offensive line by grabbing Frye's jersey.

"When you look at television the immediate response was it was Braylon and Charlie," he said. "Braylon is frustrated because he's a competitor, but that doesn't make it right.

"We're going to talk to Braylon because we think he can be a productive leader on this team," he said. "When you lose the way we lost, those things get blown up a little bit. I've seen incidents occur on the sideline before and you work through it and move on."

Crennel was repeatedly asked what he was going to do, if anything, to correct the problem.

"If I don't like my Mom and Dad, I'm not going to put it in the paper," Crennel said. "It's family business. We're going to handle it and we will.

"We're going to talk to Braylon, but the way we deal with it will be in house," he said. "It's family business. For him to put it in the press. He didn't have a beef with Brian Russell, he didn't want to get hit like that."

Crennel was referring to last week when Edwards said teammate Brian Russell's hit on Chad Johnson earlier this season was not proper.

Crennel compared Edwards to how Keyshawn Johnson was early in his career.

"His comments can be distractive, but I don't think they will be destructive," Crennel said. "I've been with Keyshawn Johnson when he was a rookie and he's turned into a pretty good player."

Crennel said he expected questions concerning him losing the team. He was positive the team will stay together.

"I knew there would be questions ‘Is the team fragmented? Have you lost the team?' On every team there are issues. I think you'll see this team will keep fighting and stay on task.

 "The biggest issue is the team going to be able to stay together," he said. "The team will stay together and play better."

Crennel did say Sunday's 30-0 loss to the Bengals was similar to last year's 41-0 loss to the Steelers.

 "There's no excuse for that performance," Crennel said. "Everything bad came together on one day and it usually ends up in a bad score. It happened to us last year in the Pittsburgh game."

Crennel was asked if he feared losing his job if the team doesn't start playing better.

"The only thing I can control is trying to get this team ready to play on Sunday," he said. "I can't worry about all of those other things.

"Any time you lose and go down the road there are questions as to whether these guys are going to play. We have five games left.


On Charlie: Crennel was asked to evaluate QB Charlie Frye, who threw four interceptions against the Bengals. The Bengals came into the game as the last ranked defense in the NFL.

"He didn't have a very good game," Crennel said. "Before yesterday, he had stopped turning the ball over. On two of the interceptions he got hit. If we can get him back to the point where he stops turning the ball over, I think he'll be alright."

Crennel said the jury is still out on Frye as the quarterback of the future.

"Sitting right here today, I don't know if we need to bring in another quarterback or not." 

Injury Update: RB Reuben Droughns was active for the game, but played on special teams and sparingly in the running game.

"It's a combination of things," Crennel said. "He's coming off the foot injury and the other backs (Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison) showed some things."

Other injuries: OL Ryan Tucker played the first half but left the game with a reoccurrence of the illness that sidelined him earlier in the season. Crennel said he doesn't know if and when Tucker will return. Other injuries to be updated on Wednesday are DL Orpheus Roye (knee) and Ethan Kelly (knee).

Casey Coleman Death: Crennel announced that longtime Browns radio announcer Casey Coleman lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 55.

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