Now, it's Hambrick's Shot

David Carducci reports from Berea on the status of the Browns starting Strong-side Linebacker position. As the Browns continue to look at candidates, it appears that Darren Hambrick will be the next player to get a shot so show what he can do with the first team.

BEREA - Look for veteran Darren Hambrick to get his chance as the starting strongside linebacker Monday night in Green Bay.

Hambrick has already had a walk through with the No. 1 defense today.

The strength of Hambrick's game has always been in stopping the run. After watching the Browns defense give up 5.5 yards per carry to the Lions Saturday night, including a 39-yard run by James Stewart in the first quarter, Davis may be hoping Hambrick can add more to the front seven than Anthony Denman.

Hambrick is convinced that he and Earl Holmes will have a major impact on the Browns run defense. Holmes, who has missed the first two preseason games while recovering from knee surgery, is also expected to be in the starting lineup Green Bay.

"Once I get in there, I am tough," said Hambrick. "The main thing for me when I was at Dallas was stopping the run. I think the coaches were disappointed with the way we played against the run (Saturday night) ... We had too many safeties and cornerbacks making tackles (on running plays). That can't happen. The front seven has to stop the run.

"What me and Earl Holmes will bring to the front seven is the ability to stop the run."

Hambrick said he would eventually like to get a chance to play in the nickel package, something he never had the opportunity to try when he played in Dallas and Carolina.

"I'd like to get into that," said Hambrick. "Right now, though, they have Dwayne Rudd and Brant Boyer at that. I would love to try that. When I was in Dallas, I was never in on third down. And if you look at the tape, you'll see that every time they took me out I was on the sideline pacing and saying ‘darn it, I should be in there.'

"At Dallas I only averaged 25 snaps per game because I never played third down, and I led the team in tackles. That means that every time I was on the field, I was in on the tackle."

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