Hensley: Jumping to Conclusions

Greg rightfully lambastes himself for his uncalled-for thinking in light of recent news...

Following Braylon Edwards' comments regarding Brian Russell's hit on Chad Johnson, I felt it was imperative for the coach to send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated. I was certain Edwards' comments could develop into chaos not only in the locker room but also on the field.

After listening to all of the commentary on this subject, it became perfectly clear that Mr. Edwards never intended to make such remarks about a teammate. He was only discussing the general state of the game today. It has become much too physical for receivers and the NFL needs to crack down on the physical violence of the game.

Braylon's antics continued on the sideline in which he was seen in a heated dispute with quarterback Charlie Frye. The game was no longer in doubt and this would have been a perfect time to sit the star receiver but no action was taken.

Now that the spin process is in full swing, it is becoming clear that the fans and media have it completely wrong. The incident we saw never occurred. We saw a fiery, passionate leader trying to motivate the offense.

There was no exchange with Charlie Frye. Charlie was simply caught up in a debate between the offensive line and Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards was only using Charlie Frye's jersey in a simple demonstration.

Running Back Reuben Droughns merely became involved to applaud Mr. Edwards on what a fine afternoon he was having. If you were reading Mr. Edwards lips in the replay and thought you saw him say something that violates FCC regulations, then you were not reading what he was saying correctly. He was indeed congratulating Reuben for the excellent blitz pickups during Sunday's performance.

I am sure glad we now have all of this settled. For a brief moment there, I thought the inmates were running the asylum and head coach Romeo Crennel had completely lost this team.

I am certainly glad that Mr. Edwards was not benched after the demonstration on the sideline. That could have truly sent a message that such demonstrations are unwarranted. We unquestionably need more of these presentations from our young offensive leaders and I am certain over the remainder of the season that we will indeed see more of those leadership qualities coming to the surface.

So for all of the fans out there, please don't jump to conclusions that this team is falling apart. That couldn't be farther from the truth. We are simply seeing a bonding of teammates. I am sure the Browns players will gather around a camp fire this week singing "Kumbaya"

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