Browns-Steelers: Gameballs and Goats

Last minute losses lead to frustration... but who gets the goathorns?

The Week's Results: Browns fans were crushed by disappointment after the loss to the Steelers, but fortunately had a place to vent - Gameballs and Goats. The tragic thing is that fans couldn't even decide who to blame... votes were spread out over a number of players, but Daven Holly, Josh Cribbs, and Braylon Edwards got props from nearly everyone.

Player Gameballs
Daven Holly 121
Joshua Cribbs 110
Braylon Edwards 87
Jason Wright 31
Kellen Winslow 27
Charlie Frye 23
Kamerion Wimbley 23

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Ohio State Buckeyes (4), The Fans(3), Braylon Edwards up until the clock hit 0, K2 punking Porter on that nine-yard catch and run, Pittsburgh Offense - 2nd half, Special teem play, 1964 Browns, Mel Tucker, Jessica Alba, Roger Federer, Nymphomaniac Cheerleaders, Troy Smith, 1st half Defense, "BERNIE, MACK, BYNER, OZZIE, CLAY, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, DIXON AND WRIGHT", Borat: "I dream of romance explosion on Pamela's stomach", "The team of scientists that built Steve Austin, Astronaut and Kamerion Wimbley", Pittsburgh sucks, NOBODY, "The uprights! Thanks for giving the squeelers the bounce!", Fraser for roughing up Ben, Brick Tamland


Player Goathorns
Charlie Frye 47
Romeo Crennel 47
Joe Andruzzi 44
Phil Dawson 43
Simon Fraser 35
Entire Offense 32

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Our soft zone in the 4th, "Playing not to Lose"!, 2nd half pass defense (2), Ben Roethlisberger, Prevent D, Clark Hagans, Joey Porter(2), Tipped Balls and Maurice Carthon, This team stinks, Coverage not within 10 yards of receivers, "Crennel times a million, Worthlessberger's orbital socket, Stale Funyuns, Crappy Prevent Defense (3), Michael Vick's Valtrex Prescription", Everyone on the offense deserves a kick in the nuts !!, The Crossbar, THE OFFENSE AND THE COACHES - WE NEED MORE THAN 3 GOAT SELECTIONS, Center and guards, Entire Organization, the Marty Ball call on the second to last offensive series, The raving IDIOT-MORON Steelers fan sitting behind me, CBS For having Charlies Passing stats belonging to Derek Anderson, "Michigan: you lost--deal with it!!", Crennel's Mindset with a Lead,
"Modell, The NFL, Couch, Policy, Davis, Warren, Green, Faine, Roethlisberger's mom..." , Pass rush, "Pittsburgh sucks", "Why do you go for a 4th and 1 near the 10 yard line, and then never throw a pass to the endzone? Don't we have tall recievers (Edwards, Joe J) to throw a fade to?", "The prevent a win defense", "The quick sand Braylon was running in when the hair ball caught him", "4th Quarter defensive unit", CBS Vendors selling Terrible Toilet Rags, "Steelers fans, Browns "fans" and turncoat brokers that sold tickets to Steeler fans, Referees, 4th quarter defense, Bill Cowher's Chin", Sound crew team at beginning of game, "Frye is not the guy, we can't afford to wait around and see if he can change his ways. We've been patient enough Phil!", Joe Mahma


Dawg Comments
bendal McGinest was everywhere; Edwards stepped up today. Wright was a huge surprise.
caser09 At least we have osu
hummed Great Rush Defense, Pretty good ground on the offensive side as well...
naxos Fyre had a nice solid game once again. Can't ask for much more. Edwards shows up and shows us that he can be a part of the offense. KW2 deserves a ball for that incredible stiff arm.
tdh48 I know it was a loss but some good things showed up. Excellent defense, unfortunately these guys play so hard I believe they run out of gas in the 4th quarter. Against a superior defense and without the starting running back, the offense put up a credible effort with Edwards playing an excellent game. It is unfortunate the offense just didn't seem up to getting into the end zone. I will say, the entire team played with more intensity than I've seen since the franchise returned. This is a team that is very, very close to being respectable again.
buckeyeindenver Holley continues to impress me and clearly will be a factor in the defense's future. He looks like he's becoming a poor-man's Leigh Bodden, and at worst should be an excellent nickelback in 2007. Cribbs return was epic and kept the Browns in the game when things were starting to come apart. The fans were tremendous all game and deserve waaaay better than the Browns have delivered in this rivalry over the past several years.
dirtydave98 K2 for throwing JPMouth down like he was a rag doll! can't say much more since we didn't win. We had a chance to shut up the mouths down south and we didn't close the deal
theyankeekiller Cribbs: Kickoff return for TD, special teams play

Holly: Good defensive play

Wright: Ran well, especially considering he never plays
hud929godwit Give Josh Cribbs some reps at QB in practice...he could actually play that position at Kent, you know. Maybe he could hit a receiver in stride, unlike Frye. The defense played too well for too long to lose this game.
griz13 Josh Cribbs finally broke won. Should have clinched the game.

Daven Holly really does look like Leigh Bodden a year ago. Mel Tucker's doing?

Braylon finally made big catches and big plays.

The loss was about inches. It was about inopportune holding calls, inopportune breakdowns on offense, and inopportune penalties.

Dawson makes that kick, it's different. We don't get that delay of game penalty at the end of the first half, Dawson probably tacks on three more points.

This one hurt even more than the Ravens game.
whotemp Cribbs put one in the end zone! Braylon did good job catching the ball. Romeo had the team ready to play.
nprdawg Pittsburgh showed they can overcome adversity.
tkersevan everyone played well except the QB position. We need a QB bad....CF just isn't the answer and i don't know why they don't look at the other QB's. They should know the system pretty well by now and the seasons a wash now {"THANKS TO OUR QB")
bigdaddy78 The Browns have the greatest fans in the World, and they continually let them down, here's to you loyal fans.
topdawg21 If the Browns don't have these three guys they lose the game...
mfabrams Another one slipped through the crack. The countdown is on for the Prime Time rematch. A hard pill to swallow but the team looks better everyweek. Get up for Ocho Sucko and the Defense that gives up 500 plus to Drew Bress and the NO. Go Browns!!!
rrmalns This team played great in 1964.
gabrownsfan Mel Tucker continues to keep our CB unit a solid unit despite all the injuries--he's an awesome coach. Well done, Daven Holly! Congrats to Wimbley. Nice game Braylon--nice to see you finally back up your fat yap. Cribbs is the man. Thank you San Diego for tearing up the "Browncos". That was sweet. A get well gameball for Donovan McNabb.
apvic no one deserves a game ball... WE LOST AGAIN !!! get it??? NO GAME BALLS FOR LOSERS... WE ARE LOSERS !!! F*#*ing LOSERS !!!!
froggy60 Joshua played very well....
Dave has played very well for a back up
Braylon played his butt off today.
angstrl OH...IO!
Living in Michigan got a whole lot easier.
skat007 Frye did all he could and avoided the big turnover. His fumble wasn't really his fault. It should be counted against Andruzzi. - Braylon backed up his comments and played well. As for not holding onto the ball at the end of the game, not too many guys can make that catch. And it never should have come down to that play anyhow. - Kellen Winslow gave me one big smile when he threw Joey Porter off of him and gained 6 more yards. One question though: why was the ball not thrown in K2's direction more?
skat007 Frye did all he could and avoided the big turnover. His fumble wasn't really his fault. It should be counted against Andruzzi. - Braylon backed up his comments and played well. As for not holding onto the ball at the end of the game, not too many guys can make that catch. And it never should have come down to that play anyhow. - Kellen Winslow gave me one big smile when he threw Joey Porter off of him and gained 6 more yards. One question though: why was the ball not thrown in K2's direction more?
sg2431 Holly and Cribbs for scoring TD's. Otherwise, its another offensive waste of time.
jdavis No one gets a gameball for this. NO ONE. Every positive play in this game is wiped out by the fact that we couldn't finish against our rival when we had them on the ropes. I can truly say this hurts worse than last year's drubbing. In fact this hurts worse than any loss in recent memory.
dexterbrowns No Gameballs for these 2006 Brownies.

From my perspective, this loss feels almost as bad as last year's. I live in an dominated by raving moron Steeler fans - many of whom will abandon their team when they are not winning. This win would have been so SWEET. Instead, after deriding the Squeeler fans for three quarters, we have to listen to their moronic ranting after The Browns let the Steelers take over this game and go home with a win.

After 20+ years of following this team, I ask: Why the Hell am I a Browns fan? Gameballs to the guys who got me interested in the Cleveland Browns and would have known how to put this one away: BERNIE, MACK, BYNER, OZZIE, CLAY, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, DIXON AND WRIGHT.

Gameballs to the fans who have stuck with this frustrating team - for whatever reason...
spicydeigo well now that i had time to sober up and think about the game here is what i saw. frye is getting better, he is not starring down his receivers and he is pump faking the ball, and most importly no int's. romeo has this team headed in the right direction. now we need to learn how to win and not let other teams back into the game, we should have closed the door on this game in the first half. also the browns steelers rivery is back. the players should alot of emotion out there and hopefully every player on this team puts joey porters pic and quote in their locker as motivation for the rest of the year.
fladawg1 Defense wins championships, there are no excuses. The game is 4 qtrs long and it doesn't matter how much time your out there. Give up on the pass rush and QBs will pick your secondary apart.
jdawgy Run Defense stepped up this week!!
tjdalton2001 Daven Holley - what a nice surprise he has been. Josh Cribbs - exciting every time. Entire defense did well - just on the field too much in the second half.
deathbyeagle --Braylon had a good game, but it goes to show that you really do need 2 years to get all your strength and speed back from an ACL tear.
--K2 throwing Porter was nice
--Frye didn't throw an INT
--Jason Wright did okay, but the RB position needs to be addressed in the offseason
--Thanks OSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Ten champs indeed!!
--Holly had 2 picks and a TD
--J Cribbs is a great special teamer
modellshemorrhoids The heart was there . . . Maybe next year, maybe next year . . .
smeacham3 The O-line did a good job compared to earlier weeks, Kellen is an animal and Jason wright ran very hard and Cribbs is agreat S-teams player
mjo55555 Even with the big Buckeye's win this weekend, watching Kellen Winslow stiffarm Joey Porter like a rag doll was the ultimate highlight. He might be a big player, but it's great to see a Brown with a big mouth back it up.
jasoncheatham Wright: you played well today, just always have two hands on the ball or wear gloves!

Frye: you helped me believe in you a little today with your effort. Keep it up.

Entire Defense: tough way to loose, wish we actually had some offense.
muddydawg67 Wimbley is gonna be a superstar... The best thing about watching this game was seeing him get up offa Big Benjammies after almost every play. He learns a few more moves or that LT is a split sec slower, Wimbley has 5 sacks in this game. I also hope folks look at what a stud Braylon was in this game and not the 2 hail mary's he almost had.
37179 Charlie has balls - He needs to take this O somewhere !
37179 Nuff said !
shegalofus You have to be a diehard to endure what we endure week in and week out. One thing during rivalry week is that the defense really kept finishing plays off with gang tackles and a nice physical
performance with he exception of Nick Eason's play where he just blew it. GO BROWNS
maonafats The Offense is pitiful
Dawgalong I don't care what anyone says. That defense played it's A** off. They left it all on the field. Simon gets my gameball of the year. The only thing missing was a forearm shiver. That was sweet. Holly had a nice game and should add depth next year.
confuseddog Phil gets a game ball for bridging the HUGE gap between us and the Squeelers in 1 off season..good job Phil, stick in there and we'll soon be beating these clowns on a regular basis
gbeachy50310 Even with all the positive plays by certain individuals, NOBODY gets a gameball for loss -- especially this loss.
mtsames No gameballs for the loss. They just don't have the killer instinct needed to win on a consistent basis let alone the TALENT.
ssmac1919 they have to do better
vintage1974 Holly way to step it bad your second return was nullified by that crappy call. Oh well, we all know the refs need to do everything they can to keep the steelers in the game. Cribbs, what can I say? You are a stud. Defense overall, solid bad our sorry a#* offense can't get you a first down or two when we really need it.
tomahawkdawg Cribbs - Undoubtedly the best kickoff returner we have had since Metcalf. Finally got one over the goal line.

Braylon - Backed up his talk with a great performance. Too bad he couldn't pull in those "hail marys".

Holly - Way to have your career game against our most bitter rival. You picked a good time to perform. Too bad the you were put into a prevent defense in the back end of the 4th quarter...

Kam - Defensive rookie of the year. If he doesn't get it, it's a travesty.
schehlk Cribbs makes a difference on both sides of the special teams, running it back for a TD and making tackles. Edwards showed up and had a big game, I'd like to see it happen more often. Holly and Bodden could be the starters. Baxter is the new Courtney Brown "fragile". Wimbley the first, first row draft choice in years not to be jinxed or a bust. Winslow keeps performing, good job. Overall good effort. OK the browns don't make it to the playoffs this year, next years looking good.
dawghowl Charlie Frye managed the game well and didnt force the ball into coverage, he did about as well as he could.

Joshua Cribbs was a nice spark on special teams, that TD return was great.

Braylon Edwards, he played well and backed up his talk with well over 100 yards receiving, its too bad that he didnt find a way to pull that last pass in.
dawgdc Josh for earning his contract finally, because I think he's been thinking too much about the money and not playing his usual wreckless game. Holly has earned my respect and I'm glad that Savage signed him to a 2 year contract. I think he'll be an excellent nickelback for us next year. Jason Wright played his heart out and I think Romeo needs to use him more just to give Reuben a break every now and then.

Kellen for the stiff arm heard around the world on Joey "I talk too much" Porter. I'll say it until next year...I want that poster in my bed room, Kam for being the only Brown to get pressure on Ben...I love this kid!!!



Goat Comments
Dawg Comments
bendal Dawson gets one for that low missed FG. Wimbley, come on man, wrap up on those sacks! The O line just didn't get it done when they needed to.
drumslayer I hate the defensive Bend But Don't Break scheme, and the announcer who has Man Love for all the Steelers!
nasdaq Enough of Frye. Enough.
chico1227 The D has kept us in games, but is anyone else sick of this D NOT being able to get a stop when it is sorely needed?
hummed We need to score more points in the second half to put teams away...
caryncbrownsbacker When a team loses by 7 points or less you have to blame the COACHES
naxos This playing not to lose the game and prevent defense stuff has to stop and it needs to stop now. If not someone deserves to be fired.
tdh48 I won't give any goathorns to players this week even with a loss. The intensity and fight deserves that much. I gave goathorns to the announcers, but the announcing has been consistently bad all year.
tkersevan we need a QB man....why don't we give some one else a shot. CF sux man. He is no general...we need a good general out there....How r we to see who's good and who's not when u have CF out there.

You all keep saying he's learning. Screw that he had plenty of time to shine and can't even muster a TD with all the good talent we have. GET A NEW QB !!
buckeyeindenver The officiating was a joke and ensured a Pittsburgh win just like in the Super Bowl. No late hits called on Haggans or Polamalu, the early fumble-that-wasn't because the play was dead even though the whistle didn't blow until 5 second after the ball was out, and non-stop personal foul calls on the Browns let the Steelers march right down the field.
The offense played well in the first half, even though it wasn't able to cash in with touchdowns, but was atrocious in the 2nd half. Joe Andruzzi needs to be dragged off to the glue factory, Frye's fumble was completely on him, the playcalling got way to predictable, especially in the Browns' second to last drive when they couldn't kill the clock, and and where was Winslow this week? How about this for an idea--get your best player involved in the offense before the 3rd quarter!
Clark Haggans hit on Frye was dirty, plain and simple. Apparently, you can't throw a quarterback to the ground in the NFL, but if you play for the Steelers, you can chop-block a QBs knees 8 yards out of bounds and its a clean play. Disgusting.
dirtydave98 The defense deserves to take a hit here, as well as they played in the 1st half they gave up 21 in the 4th quarter and Frasier cost us 7 points, which would have won the game, with his dumba$$ 2nd hit on rothberg. good teams don't make those stupid mistakes, we got some to do yet...this is a game we should have won
matt_rowk-seat18 If Simon Fraser doesn't whack Roethlisberger after the interception, the Browns get at least 3 and probably 7 points at the end of the first half and likely win the game.
theyankeekiller Officiating Crew: Blown calls (Fraser blocking Ben, Polamalu hitting Frye out of bounds non-call, etc.)

Frye: Failure to stay in pocket (dropped back to take a 6 yard sack), unable to score a touchdown.

Crennel: Passive Defense at the end, little pressure on Ben, 3 and out before Steelers last TD.
hud929godwit Romeo has yet to impress me as a game-day coach. Frye is not even close to being accurate, and takes way too long to make decisions in the pocket. Dawson can't be counted on at 40+ yards, and doesn't impress on kickoffs either. When Terrell Smith enters the game, he might as well wear a "here comes a running play" billboard. Where were the play-action passes? Where were the blitzes in the fourth quarter? Why is D.Northcutt so afraid to take a hit?
griz13 D-Line. Steelers gave Rothelisberger more time than any quarterback has ever had in the history of football. We got no pressure, and when we did, we got penalties, or wussed out because we were afraid of getting flagged.

Phil Dawson missed a kick that we needed.

Charlie didn't lose the game, but he didn't win it, either. He didn't even play that bad. But he's still holding the ball too long. I'm tired of that crap.

I hate the Steelers.
whotemp Andruzzi basically handed Pitt the ball on the Frye fumble. Dawson needs to make that FG. The D was playing great until the 4th quarter. They need to play for 4 quarters.
madawg67 2nd down.....lets run run run....makes me sick...Madawg67
nprdawg The o-line is a trainwreck! They couldn't block a cement statue stuck in the mud... Things need to change or the fan base will start to dwindle...

The bend but don't break Defense has been broken. They dominated by blitzing the first half then went conservative and help lose the game.
tkersevan we need a QB man....why don't we give some one else a shot. CF sux man. He is no general...we need a good general out there....How r we to see who's good and who's not when u have CF out there.

You all keep saying he's learning. Screw that he had plenty of time to shine and can't even muster a TD with all the good talent we have. GET A NEW QB !!
bigdaddy78 A bend and break defense is no way to run a football program. The O line once again proves they have no idea what they are doing.
Coaches and their gameplans are killing us, slowly, but surely.
phelix17 I have given Romeo a pass for a long time. I like him. He's big and jolly. He's also not able to coach up players where they don't shoot themselves in the foot game after game. This team is fundamentally unsound, and after two years they should not be so undisciplined. Other head coaches have turned around teams with less. I no longer can give Romeo a pass, not after watching his team serve up a win to a beaten team. It's Martyball without the execution.
frank.seprino Once again the O line failed to deliver in "crunch time". The three and outs in the fourth quarter left me whincing about the inevitable, and sure enough it happed...the Steelers came back. This offensive can't move the ball when it has to; and field goals NEVER stack up in the end...UGH!!
dl72fan Good riddance to Grantham, you're taking the rest of the coaching staff with you, right? Please? The refs were horrible again, but the Browns didn't deserve to win anyway. 4 quarters people. 4.
topdawg21 eliminate these three guys out of the equation and the Browns win...
mfabrams Say it ain't so Joe, but I think it's time to go. You have been moving in slow mo and the protection has been no-no.

RC - Goat because Carthon called inept plays and made some bad decisions. Can we please see other bodies on the line, it appears to be time. Give the youngsters a try and see what can happen. Something has to change.
ffas23 Still disapointed in Charlie Frye. You think in the last quarter he would of made something happen and not go out on three downs giving the Steelers time to win the game. Why wait until the last 32 seconds to move the ball down the field. If he did it on the previous possession he could of killed the clock and Cleveland would of won the game. Seems like every week this Browns team looks for some way to lose or almost lose the game. Very disapointed indeed from New Jersey.
oldeguard Todd you have got to get pressure on the QB. If rushing four doesn't do it then, blitz, blitz, blitz.
rrmalns Talented players with no heart.
gabrownsfan I wish I could award 1,000 sets of goathorns to Crennel instead of just 3. Can we get a real coach after the season for a change? Wherefore art thou's brain, Romeo? San Fran-freaking-frisco has more wins than our team. O-line still sucks. On the bright side, with our high draft pick, we can draft another WR than Romeo won't play.
thecommish This team will not win until they can pick up blitzes! Other teams may as well hold up "we are blitzing on the next play" signs.
apvic Did I mention the anemic F**king OFFENSE !! Shit... what hell is wrong with us??? AARRGGHHH !!!! Damn.. Damn.. Edwards catch the ball.. take off the god damn gloves... Andruzzi needs to sit.. he is done.. the knees are shot.. Charlie and the offense need to do some soul searching... They did not score a touchdown again. The Browns suck...
The INBRED is right.. we are LOSERS! !!
froggy60 Phil come on you make thos foeld goals.....
Mr. Grantham you lose focus on your job in Cleveland or are you already strarting to prepare for your new job in East lansing. If so get the heck out of here. You let Ben throw the same pass several times and didn't have you coverage adjust to it. Poor coaching ...
Charlie you are still a back up in the pros at best. stop staring at the guy your going to throw the ball to.
angstrl Grantham gets one for not making adjustments, twice, for the 4th. qtr. Steelers passing game in an otherwise superb effort.
skat007 Phil Dawson's missed field goal wasn't the difference in this game, but it sure didn't help. - You know, I had to give Reuben horns because he makes me angry. I guess he's content with his big contract, so it doesn't really matter whether or not he is on the field or plays well when he is in the game. - Andruzzi is so terrible. - The coaching staff and the offense can share the blame here. If the offense can make some plays the Browns win. If the coaching staff doesn't go into a freaking play not to lose, non aggressive defense, the Browns win. Why is it so hard for the powers that be to figure this out?
skat007 Phil Dawson's missed field goal wasn't the difference in this game, but it sure didn't help. - You know, I had to give Reuben horns because he makes me angry. I guess he's content with his big contract, so it doesn't really matter whether or not he is on the field or plays well when he is in the game. - Andruzzi is so terrible. - The coaching staff and the offense can share the blame here. If the offense can make some plays the Browns win. If the coaching staff doesn't go into a freaking play not to lose, non aggressive defense, the Browns win. Why is it so hard for the powers that be to figure this out?
mxaxdxax So Troy P is faster than Braylon E even with all that hair! Maybe Braylon should invest in a speed coach rather than a helicopter ride to Columbus.
sg2431 Romeo, period. I am sick of this "bend but dont break" stuff.
Yesterday, with Pittsburgh begging to get beat, Romeo's team does their usual "fold".
Sound familiar? How about the 14-0 lead against the Ravens? Want more?
Against the Falcons, a 14-0 lead almost wasted. Against the Jets, a 20-3 lead, almost wasted.

Good head coaches put their teams in a position to win. More often than not, Romeo puts his team in a position to lose.
jdavis The entire organization gets the horns for this. This hurts worse than any loss in recent memory. I'm giving goathorns to everyone from Lerner right down to the guys picking up trash after the game. Everyone in the whole damned organization gets horns. If you can't kick your hated rival in the ribs when you have him down, I'm not giving praise to ANYONE. We deserve better than this as fans of this team. Could we please have at least one of these games go our way sometime in the next century?
sfratianne It was two different defensive units between the 1st and 2nd half. 3 pick, a return for a TD in the first half. And then they couldn't even get a stop in the 2nd half! What happened? Who were these guys in the 2nd half? Why couldn't they make any adjustments?
losangelesdawg During the preseason, all we heard was "when we get in the red-zone, we will use our tall receivers for fade routes"....have we thrown ONE yet?
dexterbrowns The whole team gets my Goathorns this week.
After the game, some players seemed satisfied to feel that they played competitively for three quarters and therefore they think they've earned some respect??? So us Browns fans should be satisfied that our team didn't look so bad as we lost again this year? This was a winnable game that slipped through the Brown's clumsy fingers like a Hail Mary pass tip to Braylon Edwards. The Browns lost today, not because Braylon didn't grab a despiration throw in the final seconds but instead, when they had the Steelers down, they failed to put the game away. Sorry, but that is called incompetence.
fladawg1 If you can't score you can't win. equal time is needed by the O to allow the defense to catch their wind.

RAC needs to start getting emotional and let his players know his frustration.

Why do the announcers have to constantly jinx this team with their comments? Shut the hell up already and call the game.
jdawgy Joe Andruzzi has lost a step. He is to slow and needs replaced. Why not take a look at Isaac Sowells?
tjdalton2001 Edwards - too many drops - we pay him lots of $ to make those catches. Entire Offense - MUST score more points and let the D rest. RAC - Offensive play calling especially in the second half - we need to go for the kill not play not to lose. When we get a lead we need to turn the offense loose. If Charley can't get it done, we need to know before the draft.
deathbyeagle --Refs for not calling Big Ben down on that Eason quasi-sack. If Eason takes him down its an automatic penalty & first down.

--Coaches needed to do something creative in the 4th quarter to slow down the Pittsburgh O

--Travis great in practice and force Romeo to put you in!!
modellshemorrhoids While the Dline did a good job against the run, they could not contain or put sufficient pressure on the QB in passing situations. They looked anemic in the final quarter.
bobbyflats The offense never did anything. The defense totally caved when it mattered most. And where did all the fire from the first half go? What the heck kind of halftime speech did Romeo deliver?
smeacham3 If the browns had a better QB they would a have beat the Steelers by at least 14 points. He is gun shy and he does not know his players patterns. He throws the ball late all the time. He needs to go or get a better coach to teach him. Joe A gets beat all the time.
tpostdawg Fraser gets all three goat votes from me for a "bonehead" penalty.
Once, okay, but three times come on, use your head.
mjo55555 Crennel plays not to lose. After a year and a half that's sad. Almost as bad was seeing so many Steelers fans in the stands. You'd think those unemployed bandwagon fans wouldn't be able to afford those prices.
jasoncheatham Officiating Crew: for continually being on the Steeler payroll. I thought we had seen enough in Super Bowl XL.....I was wrong.

Fans: to all the season ticket holders that sold your tickets to Steeler hell with all of you. Sell your seats to real Browns fans.

Eason: plow Worthlessburger into the ground, you could have given us a modern day Turkey Jones!!!!
muddydawg67 If we don't get a bunch of big young mutants for both lines this off-season I'm considering a Packers jersey. I'm still keeping my Turkey Jones jersey though... You never know...
37179 This offense is horrible - Three picks by the D and they score a total of six (count'em SIX) points
shegalofus "Survey says ! " Dawson blew that kick which he normally will make. Chuck holds the ball too long and turns his back to his receivers too much. After ten games you would think he would rectify this pattern. Braylon Edwards not finishing that 61 Yard reception was beyond painful. Hell, he kept looking to see where Goldie Locks was at instead of running straight ahead toward the goal line. I'll take this back if IT IS because of the ACL injury. Otherwise, take the gloves off and catch the rock. Get Paul Warfield to show how it is done. STEELERS SUCK !
Dawgalong LET CHARLIE THROW THE DAMN BALL. Quit calling plays like you have a 21 point lead. Call plays like you want to score. Don't EVER stop trying to score. Romeo gets one for his lame attitude. Once again, SHOW SOME EMOTION OUT THERE!!!!Mo's goats go to the O-Line for the rest of the year. They sure are "jellin'like felons". It's criminal the way they steal their paychecks each week.
confuseddog get my theme?
gbeachy50310 ROMEO gets the one and only goathorn this week.
mulekicker3 Joe Andruzzi gets a goathorn because he actually let a steelers D lineman go five whole on him to get to Frye and cause a fumble
nagol Braylon if going to talk smack then score a fricking touchdown!
mtsames Charlie Frye Sucks bigtime. Ten games this year only a handfull of TDs .He might be to stupid to play the game. The coaching staff blew a 10 point lead and should be held accountable for Sundays Disgusting Loss.
mtsames Note to Andra Davis until you kick the Steelers Ass they don't respect you.
ssmac1919 At the way he is going Romeo has to go
vintage1974 Braylon you almost got one...if it wasn't for the 7 for 137. Still, how did you get caught on that play? Hair ball looked like he was running twice as fast as you! Thought you had speed. You looked like Ted Washington motoring down the sideline.

Offense, nice! Way to go into a shell in the second half. Keep playing not to lose! What happened to the spread offense and the running game that was working in the first half?

Officials....YOU SUCK! How do you throw an excessive celebration penalty on us. WHAT HAVE WE HAD TO CELEBRATE THE LAST 7 YEARS? WAY TO KEEP THE STEELERS IN THE GAME WITH ALL YOUR OTHER LAME CALLS AS WELL! YOU COULDN'T JUST LET US PLAY COULD YOU? Fraser for the penalty negating the interception score and Crennel and Davidson for going into a shell in the second half.
lynxis Andruzzi makes me ill, looking like a god damn rag doll out there. Forward, not backwards Frye. Shaffer made a good block on an OLB blitz and you run BACKWARDS into the protection bubble. Nice.

Also, learn to cover a drag route defense.
tomahawkdawg Phil - You make that kick instead of eating yellow metal, the game coulda been different...we'll never know...

Grantham - Was it you or Romeo that had us playing conservative prevent crap defense in the 4th quarter? Keep on the attack for the love of God!

Wright - Hold on to the damn football. You gotta make the chances you get count.

I hate nothing more in football than the prevent defense. It prevents you from winning.
schehlk Eason's penalty, Jurevicius needs to start making plays he's been invisible this year "what 8 catches", the O line isn't protecting Frye.
three sewers gone why dem terrible towels in or near cbs on sale? this never happened in the pre-expansion browns days. prostituting ourselves for the almighty dollah going too far...
deputydog9810 Can anyone else but me see how Andruzzi gets beat all the time? He may give 100% but he no longer has the foot speed to compete against NFL caliber defensive players. If Andruzzi is the best left guard on the roster, then the Browns are in real trouble!
mark zickefoose NO EXCUSE for giving up that much in the fourth quarter. Coaching, players, EVERYONE ON THE TEAM failed miserably, and made every move in the offseason a waste.
dawghowl Joe Andruzzi, man does he just get worse as time goes on? his blocking is awful. He basically let his man go without any effort on the sack of Frye that caused a fumble. He showed no intensity and looked like he was just going through the motions. we need to get rid of him!

Jason Wright, although he had some nice runs. he had a costly fumble in which he held the ball away from his body while running in traffic. he wont last long if he doesnt learn to hold onto the ball

The playcalling was too conservative down the stretch. Especially on defense, we played too passive and sat back in a prevent D. How can you only rush 4 guys, get some pressure on big ben!
dawgdc Joe Andruzzi keeps getting blown up EVERY SINGLE WEEK....I'm tired of seeing him on his butt as a tackle or DE is sacking Charlie. Todd for not adjusting to Pittsburgh hurry up offense.

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