Berea Report: Savage Backs Crennel

The Browns GM has his head coach's back, and talks at length to the media...

Romeo Crennel is going nowhere - except up to his office every morning as the Browns head coach.

General Manager Phil Savage on Thursday during a 45-minute press conference squelched any rumors about Crennel being fired. Crennel has been under the gun since last Sunday when the Browns were awful losing 30-0 to the Bengals. Compounding the problem was Braylon Edwards going through a tirade on the sideline.

Savage said he and team owner Randy Lerner both support the coach.

"Randy and I are 100 percent behind him," Savage said. "We are going to do everything in our power to help him over the next five games, the upcoming offseason and next year.

"Romeo and I are in this together. When he has failure, I have failure. When he has success, I have success. You can't put some of the problems we've had this year at the feet of one person. It's a team and an organization."

Savage talked with Crennel before talking with reporters. Crennel was obviously happy to hear what Savage had to say.

"It should be the end of the story," Crennel said. "In my tenure in the NFL, I know it won't be the end of the story. Just like I have to deal with a team with different personalities and age ranges, you all have different thoughts and opinions in your job. You have to write those thoughts and opinions and it probably won't be the end of it. That's part of the territory and we'll work with it and deal with it the best we can."

The Browns were 6-10 last season and are 3-8 this year. They are 1-9 against the AFC North under Crennel. They have division games left against Pittsburgh next Thursday and in Baltimore Dec. 17.

Savage used the Ravens and Steelers as teams that win because of continuity. This is Bill Cowher's 15th season in Pittsburgh. Brian Billick is in his eighth year in Baltimore. The Browns are in their eighth season and already on their third head coach.

"When you look at the constant turnover at the key positions, Randy realizes the only way to do it is to maintain some continuity," Savage said. "You look at Pittsburgh in our own division. Look at Baltimore. This time a year ago, everyone was ready to cash the chips in on that particular setup. They've been able to persevere because they've been together a long time.

"It permeates through an organization. We are on the right track in doing that and I think Randy is 100 percent on board with that approach."

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