Art Bietz Commentary

Here, at long last, is a compendium of commentaries by big-shot sports analyst and web dork Arthur B. Bietz.

Commentaries by Arthur B. Bietz

This Year's Harvest (10/11/02)
Not a Care in the World (9/30/02)
Cloud of Evil (8/4/02)
Art's Big Training Camp Report (8/1/02)
Promise and Precipice (5/5/02)
Feeding Frenzy! (4/27/02)
Revolutionary Bengals Fans Thwarted (4/1/02)
I'm Just So Funky. Yes.  (2/10/02)
A Gathering of Family (2/10/02)
Symptom of Dysfunction (2/2/02)
Day of the Overflow (12/18/01)
The Tears Won't Flow (9/16/01)
Letters to the Webmaster (08/15/01)
A Rain that Will Never Fall (03/10/01)
My Kingdom for Some Hot Sauce (10/06/00)
I Have Absolutely No Clue What I'm Doing (7/09/00)
Another Crash and Burn (7/01/00
Strangeness in a Strange Land (6/03/00)
Through the Past, Dorkily (2/20/00)
The Fanboys of Autumn (11/22/99)
Salvation! (11/14/99)
A Month that will Live in Vapidity (10/31/99)
Thud Thud Thud (10/10/99)
Welcome to Nacho Hell (10/03/99)
Crushed by the Wheels of Industry, Part IIX (8/29/99)
Steelers in the Mist (8/06/99)
I Am Not a Bonehead (4/18/99)
Drunk Guys Unite! (3/31/99)
Now We're Really Back (2/09/99)

About Arthur B. Bietz

Arthur B. Bietz is the alias for "the world's most average-looking human", a surburban Dad and mini-van owner who has irritated thousands of innocent people through his part-time management of football web sites. Starting with "Greedwatch", a protest site built around the Browns move to Baltimore in 1995, moving to the short-lived but well-remembered "Ravens Suckzone" in 1997-8, and "Browns:TNG" from 1999-2001, AB has been the webmaster for some of Cleveland Browns fans' favorite websites. In 2001, AB and the BTNG Crew joined forces with Bernie Kosar and Browns writers to develop "Bernie's Insiders".

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