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Doc Gonzo Commentaries

Thanks Al, Semper Fi  (10/24/02)
A Walk on the Mild Side (10/18/02)
Browndoggle (10/8/02)
Stranger in a Strange Season (10/4/02)
Kentucky Reign (9/26/02)
Feel My Shame. Please. (9/20/02)
Tangled up in Brown (9/9/02)
Bang the War Drum Slowly (9/3/02)
Arms Race 2002: 1988 Redux (8/29/02)
Demystifying the North Coast Offense (8/21/02)
Le Roi Est Mort: Get Over It  (8/12/02)
The Swift Uplifting Rush (8/9/02)
Bourbon Musings (7/18/02)
Fear and Loathing: The Sport of Kings (6/13/02)
Attack of the Pop Culture References (5/13/02)
Fear and Loathing: Do You Feel a Draft? (4/26/02)
Set the Twilight Reeling (3/25/02)
Fear and Loathing: The Maelstrom Subsides (2/7/02)
Fear and Loathing: Couch's Eleven (1/3/02)
Fear and Loathing: Gunga Galunga (12/26/01)
Fear and Loathing: A Passage to Reality (12/19/01)
Fear and Loathing: The Dharma Browns (12/4/01)
Fear and Loathing: A Clockwork Orange and Browns (11/27/01)
Fear and Loathing: Harry Potter & the Purple Horde (11/20/01)
The Electic Kool-Aid Football Test (11/16/01)
Fear and Loathing: Winter Dreams (11/9/01)
Fear and Loathing: The Great CBS Collapse (11/5/01)
Fear and Loathing: Nevermore (10/26/01)
Fear and Loathing: Defeat from Within (10/15/01)
An Ugly Victory in America's Worst City (10/05/01)
Fear and Loathing: Paper Lions, Generous Mormons (9/25/01)
Fear and Loathing: The Horror, The Horror (9/14/01)
Hemingway and the Purging of the Palmerites (9/5/01)
Thirty Teams and Thirty Quarterbacks (8/31/01)
Fear and Loathing in the Valley of Death (8/29/01)

About Doc Gonzo

Doc Gonzo is a former Ohio newspaper reporter and editor who never played strongside linebacker. He now lives in a remote part of Michigan's Thumb, safe from knaves, fools and Ratbirds. He can be reached at


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