Browns-Bengals: Gameballs and Goats

When you lose 30-0, and look bad doing it, there aren't a lot of Gameballs to hand out...

The Week's Results: Browns fans were crushed by disappointment after the loss to the Steelers, but fortunately had a place to vent - Gameballs and Goats. The tragic thing is that fans couldn't even decide who to blame... votes were spread out over a number of players, but Daven Holly, Josh Cribbs, and Braylon Edwards got props from nearly everyone.

Player Gameballs
Browns Fans 36
Joshua Cribbs 25
D'Qwell Jackson 25
Dave Zastudil 23
Kellen Winslow 20

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Casey Coleman (4), The Beer Man (2), The Muni, Me (2), ohio210, NOBODY IN THIS ENTIRE F%*%ING ORGANIZATION (4, variations), Barry McBride for staying after the game so we could listen to RAC say that "we weren't a good football team today", Runaway trains; Only a few games left to suffer through, Casey Coleman, NOBODY, Spergon Wynn, Triv, the fans, English Premier Soccer League, "Moe, Larry , and Curly"


Player Goathorns
Romeo Crennel 40
All Players 34
All Coaches 31
Braylon Edwards 28
Charlie Frye 26
Offensive Line 24

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Entire organization (4 variations), This nagging cold I can't shake, Me (3), I feel like a goathorn myself for watching it, ALL THE F'IN COACHES !!!!!!!!, Randy - Please Sell the Browns!, Learner & Krispy Kream Crennel, Randy's soccer team, My choice to listen to the game, as opposed to studying for my Russian final, The 'hole' friggin (dis)organization, Phil Savage, Romeo's press conferences, Everyone employed by the Browns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Bengals, Kelly Holcomb "Come Back", Press, EVERYONE from the players to the coaches to the laundry people!!, Undisclosed illnesses, Art Modell, AAAARRRRGGGGGH!!!! - THESE BROWNS PLAYED LIKE A BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!


Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
bfan99 Jackson was one of the few bright spots of the day, Cribbs should have had a touchdown and Winslow had another solid outing.
caryncbrownsbacker Gameball? Did you say Gameball? We're not handing out gameballs! Did you see this game? Even the water boy sucked! He tripped over a blade of grass.
tomahawkdawg Cribbs. Another return. Too bad this one didn't count. Scary returner.

Kam. 7 and 1/2 sacks. Super job this year. Great rookie campaign.

DQ - Awesome plays in the backfield. Keep it up.

The Muni - My first time tailgating in about 4 years. Wow, what a venue. I could live there.
bankone I watched the whole flippin thing.
ohio210 I watched all the game :(
naxos Gameballs? Blameball is more like it. No one deserves one for that disgrace.
crurode Charlie gets a game ball for being an over achiever. What are the odds of someone of his ability making an NFL roster, let alone starting? Let's hope he over achieves somewhere else next year. I thought I was angry last week, but somehow the Browns outdo themselves again. If anyone gives any gameballs to ANYONE this week, then they didn't watch this so-called "game."
clevelandcraig Kamerion and Zastudil, deserve a bit of credit at least they tried.
bill257 Russell had an INT and had Ocho Cinco shying away from him almost every play. Nothing else good on this defense this week.
eucliddawg RIP Casey
macsc D'Qwell played very well this week and continues to improve.
tdh48 No gameballs. While there may have been some good individual effort here and there the team performance was deplorable. Cribbs touchdown nullified by a holding call was the only highlight and it went down hill from there. This team has some talent and I'm not in the fire Romeo camp but I hope to never again be subjected to a performance such as this. Worse than the Pittsburgh shut out last year.
sg2431 NOBODY. I would've given two gameballs to Droughns had he shoved his shoe up Crybaby Braylon's arse; Cribbs and Winslow are the best; Pretty sad when two of my gameballs go to one guy who stopped a tantrum and to another who's great run was negated by another stupid penalty.
appraiser Who else in there right mind would put up with this stuff week after week and year after year. Here is to us long, long suffering fans. Apathy has arrived.
dawgdc It's hard to give anyone gameballs, but Josh for his heart and his run back on the first play along with that phantom holding call the brought if back. Kamerion for his sack and K2 for his assault on the record books!!!
gbeachy50310 Again, NOBODY gets a gameball.
rrmalns These guys could be undefeated, if they were playing against high school teams. Well, almost undefeated anyway. Naaa, they would still suck... I will always be a Browns fan anyway.
fhanson This was as bad a game as any Chris Palmer-coached team ever played. So much for progress...
confuseddog Cause every fat dog needs a bone
mdoogal For the fans that sat through the entire nightmare they called a game
schehlk At least the D slow the running game, but if you are the Bengals why run when the pass is so easy. Maybe I'm crazy, but I still think this is one of the most talented teams Cleveland has had since 1999. As long as the team doesn't try to start over again on the coaching staff or make major changes on personnel next year will look good. The team has been on the edge a lot of games except for the Bengals. Hell at least we finally broke the first round curse with picking Wimbley.
mtsames No gameballs for a team with no BALLS.
froggy60 Kellen again had a solid performance.
Dave did a nice job for as many times had to punt. decent avg. and none blocked
Kamerion continues to play hard and another sack.
section 527 dawg RIP Casey - We'll ALL miss you......
griz13 Gameballs? 30-0? Disgusting. I was one of the people filing out of the stadium with nearly an entire quarter left to play. First time in history I've stopped watching a Browns game early, let alone actually leave the stadium. What a travesty.
deathbyeagle Hmmmmm.....cant think of anyone.
brownsrock2005 DQJ-Looking like a very solid LB for the future of this team!

Pool- looks like we can keep Russell/Jones @ safety and get Pool a full offseason prepping as a CB, we will be in great shape for Secondary depth.

Zastudil- probably the best FA acquistion we have EVER had... He is a weapon
dexterbrowns Once again, fans get the gameball for putting up with this crap and sticking with this team. Hope Ryan Tucker gets well soon.
1greatscott Rest In Peace Casey! You Will be Missed!
optidawg KWII and DQ are the only ones deserving so much as a mention...
bigdaddy78 At least they can make me laugh.
topdawg29 Gameballs? Yea, right....
rich57 Browns fans show up



Fan Comments
bfan99 The clock is running out on Charlie, the offensive line was a disgrace and why is Brown not cut!
tomahawkdawg Coaches. Get a grip of your football team, please. Offense. Can you say nonexistent? O-Line. Ugh. Pa...the...tic. I have had this cold for about 3 weeks now. You think it would have been gone by now. Sniff.
bankone I watched the whole flippin thing.
naxos Just about everyone gets a goat, no more so that our sorry excuse for a coach that fielded that team on Sunday. I even gave one to myself for actually watching that game. My eyes are still sore.
butchslastgasp you really SUCK
jdavis Disgraceful. I don't know what else to say. This game set the Browns back 5 years. Frye must go, Crennel must go. This bunch of sad sacks quit on each other and quit on us as fans. The worst part of it is that I'm usually positive when many others are negative, but the Browns have driven me to this in the past 2 weeks. That's what really hurts about this.
mxaxdxax That was pathetic and somewhat sad. This was by far the worst game of the year. If Savage doesn't draft O-line and D-line than I don't know if I can watch them anymore. Get your Oklahoma boy (Pool, Perkins, T. Wilson) Adrian Peterson in the first Savage, and then draft all lineman. Get Frye some protection, I am sick of rebuilding!
clevelandcraig "I hate myself for loving the browns" I do I do I do! Why cant I stop WHY? It wont be as bad this week...right, someone tell me it will be ok.
bill257 Need to have more goats listboxes. Everyone on this team needs selected multiple times.
willy15 Cornerbacks were not looking for the ball. They had their backs to the ball and got beat numerous times. Their play was embarrassing. Also, Mason Unck's penalty on the kickoff the stupid. I believe if the TD of Cribbs Opening Kickoff Return was good, the game would have had a different outcome. That deflated the team.
eucliddawg CBS cameramen for catching the Charlie Frye/Edwards scuffle.
ksik10 Ridiculous doesn't even cut it for this performance. More like Redonkulous, or even Redextulous.
macsc Officiating crews every week in every game, but that may be the leagues fault for the rules.
tdh48 EVERYBODY GETS AND DESERVES GOATHORNS. I did give a special on to Unck because his hold seemed to start this debacle.
sg2431 Has Randy Lerner ever considered moving the Browns to Las Vegas? He should. The Browns would make a heck of a comedy act.
gabrownsfan Savage for not drafting any offensive linemen; Edwards for being such an obnoxious, ball dropping crybaby; Unck for blowing our only touchdown; Butch Davis for not drafting LaDanien; our horrible, pathetic, worthless offensive line. Another wasted season. If this is progress, I'd hate to see the opposite. Hey, Romeo, don't be too hard on Braylon there--wouldn't want to show you still have control of this team now, would you?
appraiser here it is Wednesday, 3 days after that mess and i still think the entire organization needs help. NOW!
dawgdc Charlie Frye and Braylon Edwards for all the freaking silliness and the whole damn team except the 3 I mention for allowing us to be BLOWN OUT AT HOME!!!
gbeachy50310 ALL PLAYERS and ALL COACHES get goat horns. Enough said.
phelix17 we suck
rrmalns I just want to see our team win. If that means getting rid of the coach, so be it, get rid of him and keep most of the players and Savage. Phil has done his job. Now we need a coach that can handle the players Phil brought in.
mdoogal there are too many bad things to list
easternk9 Biggest pile of crap I have ever seen. Can we please have a team back?
rambodawg Cribbs needs to get over the stone hands or get a new team. Jeff Triplette makes me wanna barf.
schehlk The secondary got simply out played. I wasn't mad, I actually felt sorry for them. They are trying, just don't have the experience or ability to match up. As far as Offense, don't get me wrong I love Charlie Frye, but I wish we still had "Gun slinging" Kelly Holcomb, his arm at least gives you a chance in every game. I've said it a thousand times, build an offensive line around Kelly Holcomb and you have a playoff team. Where is Travis Wilson, I thought he was the best WR picked in the draft, put him in and see what he's got Jurevicius and Northcutt haven't been topping the charts at all this season.
mtsames Charlie Frye is a Bum no skills no talent and no game. Try another QB if he falters against the Chiefs it can't hurt,or use him for a blocking dummy along with the Back Stabbing Edwards or lookout block Butler.
other bjk Goats were easy -- All players, All coaches, and Randy Lerner
lynxis all coaches and all players should about cover it
froggy60 o-line..what are you doing out there besides nothing?
Romeo you have lost control of your players.
Charlie you need to go bag groceries somewhere. you have shown no improvement.
press every interview ask players well did you play so hard against Pittsburgh that you had nothing left for this game? why are you giving them excuses. they are pros suck it up and go play. my boss would fire me for that stuff.....
section 527 dawg You are ALL an embarrassment - bottom line.
griz13 RAC - First time I've made you a goat all year. I know you're nice. I know you're smart. So figure this shit out. Win. For God's sake. Just win.

Braylon - You're turning into an asshole. Really disheartening considering how much our future success depends on your character, leadership and work ethic. It really is.

Mr. Lerner - Ole! Ole, ole, ole!

Now go ahead guys... beat the Bucs and/or the Texans for meaningless late-season wins to damage our draft position... just like you always do.
deathbyeagle Oline was awful....what a broken record. I swear I've said this in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and again for every week in 2006. Maybe I should just cut/copy this rant in 07.
mjones85 Art Modell. This is all Art's fault. I hate Art as much today as I ever did. And if Brian Billick doesn't like that... well #@*& him too.
brownsrock2005 If we cannot protect the passer and cannot rush the passer this team will never go beyond .500!
If we don't draft and sign @ 4 new OL & 2 new DL during the offseason we will regress even further.
Charlie- He's doing the best he can, with the support he has from the OL/WR/RB's but we need serious fundamental improvement to become a consistent offense.
We have got to find a way to get Wimbley to the QB faster.
Ted Washington- DONE!
jdawgy They need to play Isaac Sowells, Fred Matua, and Nat Dorsey. Andruzzi should probably retire, Coleman is average and his contract is up after this season, Butler has shown he would be best as a back-up.
dexterbrowns 1) These Brownies would have lost anyway but a couple of really BAD calls turned things the Bengals way early on.


3) BRAYLON EDWARDS: OK so you are passionate about winning? Learn to keep your mouth shut and your bowels open. The only thing you are getting by mouthing off is a T.O.-wannabe, Prima Donna label and loss of respect for you and the team.
optidawg Need to start at the top...and work down...
bigdaddy78 Everyone involved gets one.
topdawg29 That sums it up
avicennasis Donovan didn't make it sound any better

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