Aardvark Commentary

Here it is! The complete works of Aardvark!

Aardvark Commentary

Twenty Questions (10/23/02)
Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk (10/12/02)
Be Careful What You Wish For (10/02/02)
Kong Off Our Back (9/24/02)
Butch and Grover's Syndrome (9/16/02)
Courtney Brown: Answering my Own Questions (9/3/02)
Bruce Arians' Term Paper (8/14/02)
The Cosmo Quiz: Fan Feel (8/02/02)
The Wizard of Oz Division  (6/27/02)

About Aardvark

Aardvark was born and raised in Akron. He grew up working summers as a caddy and distinguished himself by accidentally striking John S. Knight on the head with his putter, thus sparking a love for writing. His first Browns game was a pre-season victory over the Steelers in the Rubber Bowl, eight months after the Brown's last championship. He graduated from Buchtel High and Ohio University, and is a television executive who has worked in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh (behind enemy lines) and now Dayton. His "significant other" rolls her eyes at his love for the Browns and believes their orange helmets look "dorky."

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