Swerb Commentary

Here, for your reading pleasure, are the collected works of Swerb!

Swerb Commentary

Draft Notebook, Vol 2 (1/21/03)
Draft Notebook, Vol 1 (1/15/03)
Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda (1/07/03)
College Bowl Game Preview (12/21/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 13 (12/06/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 12 (11/28/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 11 (11/22/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 10 (11/15/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 9 (11/8/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 8 (10/31/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 7 (10/25/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 6 (10/17/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 5 (10/11/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 4 (10/2/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 3 (9/20/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 2 (9/13/02)
Swerbs Blurbs, Vol 1 (9/3/02)
Road to Prosperity Goes through Pittsburgh  (8/08/02)
The Time Has Come for the Pain to End  (7/30/02)
Butch and Pete, Take Two (6/21/02)

About Swerb

Rich Swerbinsky sells mortgage loans in the secondary market by day, and freelances as a sports writer by night. Swerb has a dream, a dream that one day the devoted sports fans of Cleveland, OH will be compensated for years of cruel torture with a sweet Super Bowl victory by our beloved Browns. The other loves of his life that compete with the orange and brown for affection involve hitting the links on weekend mornings, watching well directed motion pictures, and the occasional consumption of quality imported beverages. Swerb also is a big sports memorabilia guy, and is a fanatical competitor in fantasy sports leagues year round. He also is a faithful Indians, Cavs, Blue Jackets, and Buckeyes enthusiast and is an avid and long time Browns Muni lot tailgate specialist. A lifelong Clevelander, Swerb resides in Mentor, OH with his girlfriend Hallie, and works out of "The Sports Mecca".... the one room of his condo where no rules or color schemes are prevalent. Swerb loves hearing from readers, except for the ones that continued to take his advice from the handicapping portion of his column and kept betting against the Patriots in last year's playoffs. He can be contacted at swerb@berniesinsiders.com

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