Fan View: Browns +1, NFL -1

Jeff survived last Sunday's exciting finish, but just barely...

Give Coach Crennel credit.

After last week's embarrassment and the ensuing firestorm he pulled the team together and they responded.

The Browns came out swinging. The first TD was a beautiful 23-yard laser thrown by Frye to Edwards, a catch made with two defenders draped all over him. Finally, he showed why he was worth an overall #3 pick.

Things went downhill in the first half after Frye, who took some hard shots, was forced to leave the game... but give the guy points for toughness if nothing else.

Trent Green was effective and gave the Browns fits most of the day.  KC has some real weapons in TE Tony Gonzalez and RB Larry Johnson but give the Browns credit for keeping it relatively close and giving themselves a fighting shot as the 2nd half opened.

When the Browns came out after the break they had a guy who never threw a regular season NFL pass:  Derek Anderson.

Frye was done for the day and it looked as if the Browns might be too as Green pummeled the Cleveland D to extend their lead to 28-14 in the 4th quarter.

At this point Browns fans are collectively thinking "game over."

Even when Derek Anderson was turning into a reincarnation of Bernie Kosar, it just didn't seem like enough.


The Chiefs will just get another TD on our tired D and extend the lead to 35-21 again.  The Browns will lose 41-21 by the time this is done, watch.

Tell me you weren't thinking that.


Great, now another loss at the end.  31-28 Chiefs.

Overtime?  Great we'll lose the toss.

See?  See? We did. Now it'll be 31-28.

They stopped them?

Ok, here's where Anderson folds.  3 and out.  KC will get the ball again.

Did you see that 33 yard run????

Man, that kid can move.

Ok Romeo, kick it on first down.  

No kick?

They're going to mess up here.  Don't fumble, don't fumble.  


Ok.  They got it to the center of the field.  Now kick it on 2nd down.

Why are you running again???? Don't fumble.  Don't fumble.  Don't fumble.  Please.



Watch.  Phil Dawson will doink this one. KC is still going to win.

End over end, its up and good!!!!!


Take that KC.  Remember the helmet toss incident?  Paybacks are a real bear aren't they???

Give the offensive line credit.  Give Derek Anderson credit.  Give Reuben Droughns credit.  And Jurevicius, Edwards, Winslow and especially Heiden.  Forget about it.  The Browns pass catchers were huge on Sunday.

The defense bent at times but they never broke. 

It was a great team effort even if it did take 5 years off my lifespan. I know 4-8 is nothing to brag about but a win is a win and it felt good.

It looks like Frye could be on the shelf for awhile so the Browns will get to take a closer look at Derek Anderson to see if they have another Bernie Kosar on their hands or just an Eric Zeier.

The Browns still have a shot at bettering their 6-10 record from last year.

It's something, right?

Just A Thought

To the NFL powers-that-be... thanks.

Yes, thanks from all the fans in Cleveland and Pittsburgh that don't have access to your cheesy NFL Network for Thursdays game.

How much is enough? Keep sticking it to the regular fans. Maybe cold weather fans in small markets will disappear and the NFL will follow someday.

Can't happen? Does the NFL think they will keep getting big numbers from fans that have a lot of other distractions on a Sunday?

Keep moving your franchises to warmer places where people view pro football as one of many choices.

Take Los Angeles, a big, warm market that the NFL will put a team in eventually. They'll never be as loyal as eastern small market teams like Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

There are many other things to do in those places, especially if your team isn't a contender (like many NFL teams right now). Without loyal fans you get half empty stadiums.

Remember when Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) said "Greed is good." in the Oliver Stone film "Wall Street?"

I say not all the time.

Are you listening NFL?

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