Browns-Chiefs: Gameballs and Goats

Mr. Anderson, hear that sound? It's the sound of a train deliver a whole bunch of gameballs...

The Week's Results:Derek Anderson, welcome to gameball-land. All you have to keep doing is winning games, and the gameballs will continue to flow. It's very simple. Now beat the Steelers.

Player Gameballs
Derek Anderson 106
Joe Jurevicius 42
Charlie Frye 25
Steve Heiden 22
Offensive Line 20

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: "Jeff Davidson for finding the playbook under his stack of nudie magazines", Loud Fans, Casey Coleman (2), Borat, "The fans that stuck around" (3), The coaches!, Barking Crowd!, Arvydas Sabonis, PROBABILITY, Wimbley's Sack!, KC Defense, "Troy Smith, Jim Tressel, John Hicks, Orlando Pace, Red Grange, Jay Knecht, Scoonie Penn, Greg Oden, LeBron James"


Player Goathorns
Darnell Dinkins 24
Officials 13
Dennis Northcutt 11

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  "Whoever was covering Tony Gonzalez... if that's actually possible to begin with", None (3), INABILITY TO COVER A RECEIVER OVER THE MIDDLE, Fans that left early, Whoever won't give Travis Wilson a shot, Mal Moore, Anderson's Ball Carrying Skills, "Maurice Carthon, Bill Cowher's Chin, Pittsburgh Steelers, Steeler Fans", Brodney Pool missing kickoff recovery, RAC's Challenge, "The BCS - Bull Crap System", Maurice Carthon!. "Micheal Louis Weldon, LLLLLoyd Car, Mike Hart, Muck Fichigan, Vince Vaughn, Any religion", U of M, "The fair weather fans that left after the Browns went down by 14 time...don't even come to the game. Stay home!"
Fan Gameball Comments
naxos Both our QBs deserve game balls for a great game as well as Big Joe for making some big catches.
froggy60 Derek did a nice job coming in off the bench
Joe finally got his chances and made the most of it.
Braylon showed he is a playmaker.
vintage1974 Wow. Feels really good to be able to give the O-Line a gameball. It would be really nice if we could see this effort week to week. Heiden way to show up big today. We got nothin but love for you big guy! I gotta give props to the D, especially Wimbley again, even though I had to give all my gameballs to the Offense. Willie M, you showed up in the game, I'm shocked! It only took until week 11. Think you could do that a little more often? Holly, sweet pick in the zone! It was also nice to see that Davidson remembered Joe J was still on the team! K2, clutch catch in OT, nobody cares that you only had 1, that 1 counts for 10 as far as I'm concerned. Great game. I almost felt like it was 86 again (if only for a few hours)!
appraiser great effort.
losangelesdawg For once there were actually more than 3 players/coaches that deserved votes.. let's hope this will become a trend!
slambar David "NEO" Anderson is a no-brainer for a gameball. I have to give Charlie one for the proverbial 'moxie' of coming back with what could have been a broken wrist to lead the team to a game tying. Holly gets it for single-handedly stopping KC with an interception on one of the few defensive stops in regulation.
schehlk Maybe beginners luck, but Anderson looked good. Maybe Mr. Anderson can beat the matrix of the Steelers. It was good to see Steve Heiden again and Joe finally had a big game.
teedogg If the O-line could do this week after week this team would be looking at a winning record.
jdailey23 So many guys deserve a game ball, only three get a vote, so i'll just type them. Frye for a good second half, the entire Defense for stepping up when it needed too. The entire offensive line, the RB's and Winslow for still showing how much he cares for the game and running his routes perfectly and finally getting a chance in OT. If that was Randy Moss or some other chump, that pass in OT wouldnt of been close! Phil Dawson and big Z and the entire Special teams!!! Kill Pittsburgh!
mes92658 Sign Simon Frazer to a LONG-TERM contract !!! All he has ever done is "Be Around The Ball". This is a Good Thing !!!!!
ajm37 Great Win Over a Playoff Contendor. We kept fighting, Defense Stepped Up when it Had to
brownsfanmn13 About time a creative game plan. I have no idea why they waited so long to try some creative play calling. Great to see. Let's hope they are able to carry this over to the Pukesburg game.
buckeyeindenver Derek Anderson was stunningly effective throwing the ball, even more so once I watched how brutal Jay Cutler was making his first start on Monday night. And that run has the making of a local legend, even if it took him about five minutes to cover 30 yards. Props to Charlie Frye, too. He's been tough as nails all season, has never complained, and with the ridiculous amount of hits he's taken this year, it was only a matter of time before he went down.

Joe Jurevicius had the kind of game I was expecting from him all season long--going over the middle, getting open, and moving the chains. Hope he's going to be that involved in the offense from here on out.

And if this game plan was any indication of what Jeff Davidson has in store, let's keep him around for an off-season so he can install his own offense. I loved the shovel passes (flea-flickers, not so much), and did I actually see the Browns run a screen pass? Hallalujah!
playbrowns Way to go Mr. Anderson.
Huge interception by Holly, kept us in the game.
Davidson was creative, and the shovel pass play to Wright was genius. Do we finally have a play to beat the blitz?
nagol Finally something that looks like an offense. Use Cribbs more!
frasher.11 Anderson came on in releif and did an excellent job. Dawson hits a game winner. Wright had some tough runs and that screen pass kept them in the game.
zkramp For not failing us and having someone knock the ball out of Anderson's hand as he galloped through the Chief secondary in overtime like a clumsy elk holding the ball like a stale loaf of bread.
bassline With a game like this, you GOTS to give the kicker some love, because it was a complete team effort, starters and backups in all three phases of the game. And props to the fans that didn't bail when we were down by 14 - the full lower stands when the winning FG sailed through the uprights was great!
section 527 dawg D.A. - WOW!!! Its about time Willie "Stealing a paycheck" McGinest showed up for a game!!
astew24 Anderson, Phil, and Willie obviously deserve, but the team played it's most complete game of the season. Now we need to do that again against Pukesburgh.
pseudoezra Davidson kept a good balance of run/pass. Didn't let it boring, took some shots, and even some trickery. Kudos.
mistermagoo_21 FACT: Frye was kicking butt when hurt. Too many in the Oxbow lynch-mob are pretending Anderson outdid him. That said, Anderson really showed tons of potential, and I hope there WILL be a QB controversy!
jdawgy Browns Fans finally helped the team by making noise when the chiefs were on offense. Also cheering for the Browns helps to motivate them.
eezer58 Troy Smith will win the Heisman, and probably get overlook by the Browns. Even if he is available in the second round. Do we have some un-noticed depth at quarterback? Don't count on Frye, he has never and will never play in bigger games than Troy already has...
wholesaler1972 it was great to see our qb's get some time and then do something with it.
aqib I am not going to hop on the Anderson bandwagon yet. I am not going to be like one of those fans who was asking the street vendors if they had Anderson jerseys. But I do want at least two more starts out of him to see if he should be in the mix next year. Braylon made great catches on horrible throws by Frye. Droughns ran well. This is what we expected from him all year.
willy15 More than these 3 deserve Gameballs. It was a Team Effort.
cashmoney216 For the real fans that stayed on Sunday even after we went down by 14 points...thanks for not giving up! That is what the NFL is supposed to feel like!



Fan Goat Comments
naxos When you win as a team and show heart after a crushing defeat. No one is goat.
froggy60 Todd still needs to get blitz packages back and going.
Matt has not impressed since coming here at all.
How many empty seats were there. Come support team as a die hard fan.
bendal The entire defense gets a goat because they couldn't stop the Chiefs all day.
vintage1974 I cannot pass out any goathorns this week. Everyone stepped up when it was on the line. I can only pray this is a sign of good things to come.
slambar Sean Jones would just get a mini or half-goathorn for dropping an easy interception. Northcutt, whose job is to catch the ball, dropped one in his hands. Dinkins gets one for fumbling the kick-return; nothing can change a game quicker than a ST turnover.
schehlk Sorry no goat horns for a win. Way to keep your heads up and pull out a win. The Browns could have given up, like a lot of fans have, but no they are still trying. GO BROWNS!
teedogg No goats this week. Short week coming up. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE play four tough quarters against dem stoopid Stoolers!!!
iwillpierceyou NOBODY, this was the best game I've seen from them in years!
jdailey23 Charlie doesn't get any respect and keeps getting hit after the play, screw the officials
mes92658 RAC for throwing the red flag on a ball
that was CLEARLY a reception.
brownsfanmn13 For once, I can't really think of anyone deserving of a goathorn.
buckeyeindenver The pass defense, particularly against Tony Gonzalez, was pretty brutal. I know the guy's the best tight end to ever play the game, but can somebody, anybody stay within 5 yards of him when he goes out in a pass pattern, please?
And as much as I like Dick Enberg, was it really necessary to hear how KWII said he was better at 90% than any other TE at 100% over and over and over again? He said that about 4 months ago and he was joking so let's move on.
playbrowns Dinkins, you are not a returner. Get as many yards as you can but DONT FUMBLE THE FOOTBALL.
Pool got schooled all day by Gonzo.
Learn to catch the ball Dennis. Ive said it before, and I will say it again: Please exit from my football team.
frasher.11 A lot of empty seats, sort of fitting because the team gave up the week before.
mjo55555 When are we going to see the "best WR in the 2006 draft" on the field? This retarded policy of not playing rookies by Coach Crennel is not helping us. Northcut is a respectable special teams guy and Wilson should be the number three, if for no other reason than to find out what we have and whether or not we need to find a #3 in the offseason.
dixiedawg Hard to hand out goats in a big win, but Dinkins needs to hang on to he ball! Oh, and Mal Moore is a complete dipwad.
caryncbrownsbacker The TV announcers are always lame and negative toward the "LOWLY BROWNS"
zkramp Anderson almost made me have a heart attack as he galloped through the Chief secondary in overtime like a clumsy elk holding the ball like a stale loaf of bread.
bassline Mo C gets some posthumous goathorns for holding this team down so bad. 1-5 with him, 3-3 without. And since PITTSBURGH STILL SUCKS, they get lots of goathorns, too, and for once, they're not attached to their DATES.
section 527 dawg Frasier gets a goat because he went to Ohio State - As should LeCharles Bentley - because he went to Ohio State - The BCS is a sham - and my ass still hurts from getting screwed in it by the BCS...being a Michigan Fan!!
pseudoezra Kind of in jest, but it's nice to see what this offense is capable of when the D is kept off balance, when play calling is creative, and the players execute.
zodypop I can't think of any; I actually can't think of any.... aaaaaahhhhhh!
jdawgy Not much to goat about. Should have done a better job on Tony Gonzales, you might not be able to stop him but you need to contain him more than that. Plus that TD play he was wide open! Draft team - The reason Charlie went down is because of the poor drafting of Offensive linemen. Whomever is at for your life!!!
wholesaler1972 the university of michigan is the most arrogant school in the country. lloyd carr belongs in the arena league.
aqib Hello defense? Are you home?

Frye gets a goat from me because despite his stats he had horrible throws the Edwards and JJ made up for them.

The Fans get a goat for a few things:

1) The Braylon hate - if he played at OSU the fans would be cheering his every move.

2) The Frye excuse making - He wouldn't be getting a pass if he didn't have an Ohio birth certificate. Don't give me the spin about how hard he works or how he had a Kosar poster when he was a kid. I had a Kosar poster as a kid and I would work hard if I was being paid as a pro athlete, but I can't throw either.

3) Not showing up (I'd say about 5,000 fans) and leaving early (about another 2,000 fans)
willy15 No complaints on this one.
glabonne The best Team game of the Crennel era! No Goats from me!

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