Fan View: How Long?

Jeff Biletnikoff wants to know how long we will have to endure being pummelled by the Steelers?

Even though this is a "fan view" I try to write this article with some journalistic standards. 

I.E., I try to suspend "some" of my emotions in favor of objectivity.

Not tonight.

Not this season.

Not with this team.

I left at the end of the 3rd quarter.  I didn't care anymore.

How many times can you be hit and not be numb to it?

Dropped passes, many by North (should be) Cutt and others who should be ashamed that they didn't support a guy making his first NFL start.

NO pass rush.

NO run defense.

NO running game.

NO passing game.

NO fire.




I can't take this team anymore.  Unforgiveable.  I can't watch. 

4 games Cleveland.

4 games.

You are supposed to beat the Steelers 2x and the Ravens 2x.

We can forgive a lot if you accomplish that.

But NO.




Close losses to the Steelers and Ravens, a blowout loss to the Steelers and probably another L to the Ravens.


Another losing season.

No closer to finding the winning formula.

More of the same.

Mistake by the lake.


Not as harsh as watching this sorry excuse for an NFL franchise.

Too bad the snowstorm didn't stop Cleveland's bus from getting to Pittsburgh tonight.

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