2007 Draft: Greg's Top Ten

The Browns are looking like owners of a potential top ten selection, so now is as good a time as any to get familiar with the players at this level. There are several clear matches between Greg's top ten and the Browns needs. Give it a read and let us know what you think...

1. WR Calvin Johnson Jr. Georgia Tech

Calvin has been the nation's top receiver since day one of his college career. At 6-5 and 230 lbs, Calvin would be difficult for any defensive back to contain. Calvin isn't all about size however; he is a route runner with tremendous hands, a vertical leap of over 40 inches and the softest hands in the college game. Combine all of these unique attributes with the right attitude and personality and you get the nation's number 1 prospect. In my opinion Calvin is the only tier 1 player in this draft.

The only question with Calvin will be his speed.

2. DE Adam Gaines Sr. Clemson

Adam is the nation's top defender. At 6-5 and 265 lbs, he has the perfect size to become an outside linebacker. He also has the frame to increase his size for teams that are looking for the prototypical defensive end. Adam is quick off the snap with a tremendous burst into the backfield. He understands how to pressure the pocket and disrupt the quarterback. He is a very athletic prospect that shows in game production. He has displayed the footwork to drop into coverage.

Adam does struggle when fully engaged by the tackle. He must learn to play with more discipline in the running game.

3. OT Joe Thomas Sr. Wisconsin

Long arms, 6-8 and 320 lbs and pure athleticism is what makes Joe special. Joe has improved every game out, which shows that he does take to coaching and that is one of the most important aspects that I look for in offensive linemen. He has tremendous feet and balance which allows him to pull, slide and get out into the second level. His run blocking has shown dramatic improvement compared to last year. Displays very good hand technique and will jolt the defensive end with his initial pop.

Joe will often rely too much on arm extension and lean into the defender. This causes him to lose his base. He must continue to improve in overall strength as he can be vulnerable to the raw bull rush. He is one year removed from knee surgery and his status will depend on medical evaluations.

4. RB Adrian Peterson Jr. Oklahoma

Adrian is the complete package at the running back position. At 6-2 and 218 lbs., he is a very powerful running back that gets stronger as the game goes on. He has been recorded under 4.4 in the 40. What truly makes Adrian special is balance and balance separates the good running backs from the great running backs. He can take the hit and keep his feet underneath him, bounce off and continue moving. He also has a nose for the end zone as he is very difficult to stop once inside the red zone.

He has endured quite a few injuries during his career and that is his most glaring question mark. He has a tendency to run upright and that plays into the durability concerns.

5. CB Darrelle Revis Jr. Pittsburgh

Many look for the term shutdown corner when asked about a corner prospect but the term complete corner should be used to describe Darrelle Revis. Darrelle has good size at 6-0 and 200 lbs but may be a tad shorter than his listed numbers. He has tremendous cover skills and the ability to lock down most receivers. What makes him special is the way he plays. He is a big hitter that will support the run, making the solo tackle in space. He displays an excellent backpedal and a nice break on the ball. He also contributes on special teams returning punts.

Revis has been his own worst enemy by being the best defender on the Panthers defense; teams have not challenged him very often. He does however need to improve upon the initial jam. He is physical but you would like to see him control the receiver at the line of scrimmage.

6. DT Alan Branch Jr. Michigan

At 6-6 and 331 lbs, Alan is a beast of a run stuffer that is developing into the complete defensive tackle. The most noticeable aspect of Alan is his tremendous base. He is virtually impossible to move without the double team. He does an excellent job of closing the running lanes with power and footwork. He has the ability to slide with the play. He is much better than advertised at getting pressure into the backfield. He can drive the blocker into the lap of the quarterback. He could play either defensive end or nose tackle in the 3-4.

Alan will need to improve upon his hand usage to disengage from the blocker instead of relying so much on the pure power aspect of his game.

7. WR Ted Ginn Jr. Jr. Ohio State

Ted is smaller than the prototypical NFL receiver at just under 6 foot and 180 lbs. He is however a pure speed demon. In fact he may be the fastest player in the college ranks. He has big play potential anytime he is on the field. He also plays with balance, quickness and possesses soft hands. He does an excellent job at gaining separation during his breaks.

There are players who look great against lower level competition and then there are players that love performing on the big stage. Ted is a big stage performer. He is also a star when it comes to returning punts and kicks.

Ted is raw as a receiver. He has yet to fully take advantage of his tremendous athleticism due to his route running and using his hands to defeat the initial jam. He will struggle against the big physical corners. He is simply still learning how to be a receiver but the upside is there for him to become a special player.

8. ILB Patrick Willis Sr. Ole Miss.

Patrick is a special athlete as well as a special person. In the age of the selfish pro athlete using their get out of jail free cards on a frequent basis, Patrick is a breath of fresh air. He has excellent size and continues to get bigger and now is listed at 6-2 and 240 pounds. Willis is the one player on the Rebels defense that every team geared to stop and he still managed to put together another great year.

He is highly intelligent. He plays with a non stop motor and will chase the play anywhere. He is always around the ball and makes the tough solo tackles, delivering bone jarring hits. He can get into the backfield providing the tackle for loss. He shows a knack for reading the play before the snap. Could be even better at the pro level where he won't be asked to carry a defense by himself.

Patrick has few negatives but I would like to see improvement with his pass coverage. He also must work to improve in shedding the initial block.

9. S LaRon Landry Sr. LSU

At 6-2 and close to 210 lbs, LaRon brings size and quickness to the safety position. He has excellent reaction skills and makes up for his lack of straight line speed by making the quick decision. He is a very good open field tackler that will deliver the big hit. Has pass rush ability when asked to blitz. Drops quiet a few passes but there is a reason he is playing defense. He uses his quickness to slide with the routes which frustrates opponents.

Must improve his one on one skill and play with a better bend. He must also learn the nose over toes philosophy of the backpedal.

10. OT Sam Baker Jr. USC

Sam is the best player on the Trojans offense. He has size, power and plays with a low center of gravity. He is very quick off the snap and delivers the first blow. He has good feet and slides with the defender. Plays with a nice bend but becomes vertical when facing smaller defenders. He uses his full extension to control the defender. Has shown steady improvement and has the upside that you look for.

Sam is an excellent run blocker that drives the defender using his powerful upper body. When asked to chop the defender, he has the ability to engage, and then chop down, forcing the defender to slow his rush to protect his legs.

Sam must become stronger in his lower body and become better at using his hands to keep the defender out of his chest. If the defender gets into his chest, he will be pushed off balance and into the lap of the quarterback.

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