Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript from Wednesday night's Browns Uncensored chat with David Carducci. EDITORS NOTE: We've heavily edited the transcript so that mostly all comments other than the questions and answers have been removed. As most of you know there are usually a lot of other comments, jokes, etc, going on which we've removed from tonight's transcript.

DavidCarducci hello everyone
ThaCzar Heya Dave!
KJ hey dave
BrownsFEVA welcome pizon
DavidCarducci Hope you are all well, or at least better than I am
mrgrinch what's wrong, dave? touch of the plauge or somethin'?
DavidCarducci Little bit of a cold and terribly busy
DavidCarducci maybe the 24-hour plague
vbf Dave, I guessed Frisby to be teh Rookie of I right?
Ramllov Dave is Spriggs at DT a keeper?
BT kevin bentley for ROC
DavidCarducci vbf, I'm not saying... I will say I voted for someone other than Frisman
vbf Bentley would be a good choice too
DavidCarducci that he would
Guest4 I'd have to say Bentley
mrgrinch have had the 24 hour plague for about a week and a half now myself
vbf too much garlic, grinch
DavidCarducci it's no fun, is it?
vbf those tingtinglers keeping you up late at night?
ericthebrown I said toss up between bently and fowler but gonzo is my darkhorse for roc
Ramllov Fowler is going a good job
DavidCarducci so what's on everyone's mind tonight?
BT monday
Ramllov Dave how are you rating the 2-002 draft so far this summer?
DavidCarducci It's a darn good draft class, from what I can tell. I think they hit on all of the first-day guys. Honestly, I don't see a negative in the bunch
BrownsFEVA hambrick is on my mind...great mouth...can he back it up?
DavidCarducci BrownsFEVA, I think he can. He looks good in practice. He played well in the preseason game. He is hungry, athletic, and a pretty good fit for this style of defense
BrownsFEVA hope yur right on hambrick...he could be the man!
vbf any concerns that Green was a poor choice?
DavidCarducci vbf, no concerns yet. I think the good thing is that we'll know on Green pretty soon. You usually know how good a running back is going to be right away.
DavidCarducci It is rare that a rookie running back struggles for a year or two and then all of a sudden finds himself.
vbf will he start Monday?
DavidCarducci I believe he will
vbf or will White?
vbf col, thanks
DavidCarducci as of now. He is still splitting first-team time with Jamel in practice
vbf cool
BrownsBacker Will it be Jackson as the 3rd back?
DavidCarducci I think Jackson will make it over Denson. The Browns like what Denson has done, but they think a lot of it is due to his playing against third and fourth-team players. I think the Browns believe Jackson can play at this level, the question they have is his ability to stay on the field, and I think they'll give him another year to see
BrownsBacker thx Dave
ThaCzar Do you see anyone as a weak link in this draft class?
DavidCarducci Weak link ... Hmmm... Not yet. I like Andre Davis. I love what Bentley is showing. I liked him right from day one of rookie camp. I am very impressed with Fowler and his ability to catch on at guard. Taylor and Andra will be good players in a year or two, maybe with Andra by the end of the year. Gonzalez is better than I thought. He could be a nice player.
vbf good question
DavidCarducci The big question is Green... My guess is he will be a very good running back. There is always a chance the Browns were wrong, though. There are always guys like Tim Worley out there.
vbf that would suck
KJ bigtime
BT at least jamel is blowing up
BrownsBacker Is Courtney Brown going to finally show why he was picked so high?
DavidCarducci Davis talked about Courtney the other day, and again talked about wanting him to play more free, more loose. He said that a lot of what we are seeing is the result of playing in such a structured offense as Penn State's
DavidCarducci I think we'll see Courtney play much better this year. The guys on the team all say he is the best player on the team. They are expecting it, so why shouldn't we
Guest97 Arrington played in Penn State's defense too. He's not had any trouble playing free and loose.
BrownsBacker I sure hope he (C. Brown) steps up this year, we need a big year from him...
vbf does he (CB) have the heart..that's the real question
BrownsBacker Arrington was always more free and loose to begin with
Ramllov If C. Brown steps up, the Browns have a top five defense this year. It would sound like the playoffs.
vbf 97, it's much easier for LBs to do that
redright Dave, what about the attitude of the O-line? It seems that in the Detroit game Wholly O'hara Mitchell and Tucker all got pushed around. BD can't like that! Can we expect them to start hitting in Green Bay?
DavidCarducci I hope so. I don't like seeing 40-percent of the line on the sidelines. There are still so many questions up front. This could be a better line, or it could be a real disaster
KJ RAM...this defense hasn't PROVEN it can stop the run...YET
ThaCzar Do you think it will be better for Green's development that he splits time with Jamel this year or would he be better off being thrown into the fire?
DavidCarducci czar, I want to say play him, but if the line is not improved, it could be a real negative that he may have a hard time coming back from. RB's behind bad lines can develop real problems. Plus, it's a year of wear and tear.
Ramllov Could Northcutt become the third WR?
DavidCarducci Ram, Northcutt is the No. 3 receiver right now. I think that is a big question too coming into the season.
Ramllov Thanks
Ramllov running game
KJ DAMN...he's gonna make this team ahead of JuJu...NOT GOOD
BrownsBacker I finally see glimpses of why they picked him so high
KJ KJ Dave...are they showing the ""Rover"" schemes in practice still or are we going with a straight SAM scheme?
DavidCarducci Right now they are not using the Rover. I think Hambrick allows the Browns to play a more straight up, traditional 4-3 scheme. I like what Miller did for the Browns, but never thought he really fit exactly what Davis wanted from the position. They had to create some things in the defense to take advantage of his strengths.
BuzzardBlaster Hey Dave, how many LBs will we keep and which guys in your opinion are a lock and which are on the bubble?
DavidCarducci I think you'll see seven or maybe even eight linebackers on the roster because of the value some have in special teams.
Ramllov Dave, have you heard if Bettis is got too much mileage and Pittsburgh isin trouble?
DavidCarducci I've heard Bettis is doing well. I think he ran well against the Skins. That's what I heard from a Washington beat writer this week.
Ramllov I knew it was to good to be true
rabidbrown Is Tre in any real danger of being cut to make room for the younger healthier guys (Q Mitchell)?
DavidCarducci Rabidbrown, that is a good question. I don't know. I hope he comes back healthy, but if he can not, that opens up some real questions ... and a real nightmare for the o-line. I think so much of their success is predicated on Johnson coming back healthy, and if he can not, they are in some trouble. I would have liked to see the Browns make one move, or a move other than Stokes to get a top-level veteran guard.
BT is there any way kevin bentley sees significant PT in the first half of the season?
BT without Rudd going down?
DavidCarducci BT, maybe by the end of the year. Bentley is being brought along slowly, just as most of the rookies are (other than Green). They love what he can do, and would like to keep him at the weakside spot. If the defense struggles and Hambrick is not the right guy to replace Miller, I could see Davis switching Rudd to Strong and moving Bentley in. That is not the plan right now, however.
Ramllov Is there any top-level guards available?
DavidCarducci No real impact guards are out there that I know of. That was something they needed to take care of during the offseason.
ThaCzar I've read a couple folks who have implied that KJ has an attitude it just swagger (well deserved, I think) or a legit issue?
DavidCarducci Czar, I don't think KJ has an attitude problem at all. I really like the guy. I think he has some class. I think he goes out of his way to credit his teammates. I think he always tries to say the right thing, and because of that he actually is a bit guarded
redright Where does the O-line look like for KC?
DavidCarducci The line for KC is VERY up in the air. Who knows what is going to happen with Tre. Who knows what is going to happen with Wohlabaugh. I suspect that Wohlabuagh will be ready, but who knows.
BT oh geez
redright Dave, what about the attitude of the O-line? It seems that in the Detroit game Wholly O'hara Mitchell and Tucker all got pushed around. BD can't like that! Can we expect them to start hitting in Green Bay?
DavidCarducci I don't know redright.... With Mitchell, I think the Lions had their vets in there. I remember Davis saying the other day that he may have been a bit intimidated. O'Hara struggled a bit. I thought Tucker played pretty well at times. I unfortunately have not gone back to look at the tape of that game, which is very unusual for me. I need to, but I've been so darn busy.
redright I've looked at the tape too many times the o-line is scary right now. Something is missing.
BT i know the staff is high on him but i still have nightmares about ohara at center
DavidCarducci O'Hara is still very young and very inexperienced. Yet, he is the most experienced backup, I believe, in terms of game experience. So, if Tre goes down, there is very little experienced depth. Then you have O'Hara in with Stokes, who is a marginal starter until he proves otherwise. It might not be a very good line.
DavidCarducci I'm hopeful though. Davis seams to be very happy with Stokes. I like the attitude of Tucker and Stokes, but I am cautious after these first three years. Every year the Browns re-vamp the line, and every year it struggles. I hate to say it, but the past is often the best indicator of the future
BT do press guys have access to better game tape than us peasants?
DavidCarducci BT, unfortunately we do not. On some rare occasions we are allowed some other access to game film, but that is very rare
KJ Exactly why we need to get FIVE in there and PLAY EM'
KJ and Weak Knees ain't one of em'
DavidCarducci KJ, exactly right. THat's why every day Tre does not practice has to be a worry. Even if that is the Browns plan
redright BD passed on Stone and Brown and many quality vets with a year or two in them. Is that good or bad?
DavidCarducci Good question redright. I would have loved to see a push at Ruben Brown when he was out there a year ago. He was supposed to be high on the teams list, then they did not follow through.
Guest97 Tony Grossi's Sunday article on KJ's contract was very interesting with the Browns having the option to renew the contract in 2 years. Seems like they are telling KJ to stick with us for 2 years until Q, Davis, and Frisman develop and then adios. Like they would rather pay the big, long term bucks to big, fast wide outs.
DavidCarducci That might be the plan Guest97. I will stand by what I said before, though, on KJ, and say that if they allow him to leave at some point, it is a mistake. There is something special between Couch and KJ, and I would not mess with it. Fuller once said that KJ has better hands than Cris Carter. THat is saying something. So to undervalue KJ just because of speed is shortsighted. AND, he's really not slow at all
KJ With Hambrick and Taylor getting valuable experience this year, do you think Jamir has seen his LAST play as a Brown?
DavidCarducci KJ, I can not really speculate on that. I think we'll have to see how Hambrick does. I think he can play very well. The Browns might always decide that Miller really was the best option, and they were better off with that rover position.
Ramllov I think Kevin Johnson is the best number two receiver in the NFL, and I hope his contract reflects that. If one other guys steps up to be the number one, we will have a great offense
ThaCzar I hope he never hears you say that, Ram. hehe
Guest97 Why would KJ agree to accept only a 2 year deal?
DavidCarducci Guest97. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with money up front. It is such a good deal for the Browns, that I don't see them using their out. The out, however, gives options, and why not have that option.
DavidCarducci Are there any questions I have not reached
rabidbrown Dave, What are your thoughts on what you have seen of Darnell Sanders
DavidCarducci Rabidbrown, I am more impressed with Darnell than I thought I would be. I didn't really like the pick when it was made. I never really saw anything special in him at OSU. He is a much better blocker than I thought he was, and he does have the soft hands Davis said he did. He has looked good at times and way behind at other times, as you would expect. I think he is a very nice project, howeve ... AND I was probably very wrong
redright Dave, Bill Parcells was myopic when it came to wide receivers. Jerry Jones---Linebackers. could it be Carmen and BD dsn't see O-line?
DavidCarducci I hope not redright. I think the decision to draft Fowler was a big positive. He is going to be a good pro, in my opinion. I like Verba more than I did. That was a good signing, but they have not always used him the right way. Even now, I still believe he ultimately is best suited for RT. I am hopeful with Tucker. I think he could be just fine at RT. I like his attitude. I'm hopeful with Stokes too. I just think the Browns would have been better off by making a statement to bring in a real top-level run blocker.
rabidbrown is the fact that Gonzo is listed on the 2nd string a reflection of how he is playing or is our depth at tackle that thin?
DavidCarducci rabidbrown, I think Gonzo has looked very good at times. He has just played well. You really can not under value hard work and intelligence. He is a bit of a surprise, and turned out to be a very nice value for a seventh rounder. He has earned the spot
Ramllov Is this Tim Couch's break out year?
DavidCarducci I hope so Ram. I am still a Tim Couch believer.
DavidCarducci At least he has more weapons around him. Again, the line is a question.
redright Dave, I AGREE but it seems that after all the talk about drafting an O-line and acquiring an O-line wnd getting an O-line we still need an O-line and a blocking back with one pre-season game left (GB) that counts.
DavidCarducci You are right redright. It is scary
BT i've seen draft boards from this past year that had kevin bentley going in the seventh. was there any feeling at the time that he was a bit of a reach?
BT or did everybody just think it was reasonable to spend atop-of-the4th on an ST player
BT as I seem to recall it was asumed that was all he would be?
DavidCarducci I thought he might be a bit of a reach, but that was from watching just a few Northwestern games, and watching a defense that really struggled. He also was in the shadow of another highly regarded linebacker who came out in the same class.
DavidCarducci He is much more than a special teams player. I think they had higher hopes for Taylor on special teams than Bentley
rabidbrown Dave, early on Davis was talking very highly of Zuk, but lately I haven't heard anything about him. Is his level of play dropping or am I concerned over nothing?
DavidCarducci I don't know that his level of play is dropping. I don't know that Z's play has been terribly consistent. He's had a few mental mistakes-penalties in preseason games that have been noticable. I still like him and am hopeful. Sometimes it takes a few years for offensive linemen. He is still youngt
endzoneeddie Do we have a fullback to implement Arians system
DavidCarducci McLeod has looked pretty good as a lead blocker, and I was impressed with the way he picked up the blitz the other night. He's been out of the game for a while. If they go with a fullback, I think he'll be the guy. They still might go in another direction and stay only with shea as an H-back if they think that roster spot is better filled with an extra o-lineman, WR, DB, special teams player, whatever
Guest262 Being realistic, is this team any better than 8-8?
DavidCarducci Guest262. I think even if the o-line struggles, it is around an 8-8 team. We don't know, though. Stokes may hold his own. Tucker I think will be fine. Tre may come back and play 12-to-16 games and do well. If those things happen this could be a playoff team. Those are a lot of ifs. The line was dreadful last year, and Butch found a way to get to 7-9. It's a bigger jump to get to 9-7 or 10-6, but this is a much more talented team and more players have been brought in who better fit Butch's system. It is far from a finished product, but it is better than last year, even if the line's worst fears come true. At worst, Tucker is an upgrade over Chanoine, and Verba is a better LT than Oben
endzoneeddie OH NO someone said Oben
rabidbrown Thanks Dave, I know we all appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions face to face, (so to speak)
endzoneeddie Since Couch did well for mike leach at Kentucky and leach likes the spread can the browns play a spread at the pro level and be sucessful
DavidCarducci I don't know how effective that style of offense would be in the pros. Some college systems do not translate. If you read Lethon FLowers quotes after the Steelers-Redskins game, he thinks the fun and gun will be horrible. I think the Browns are set on Arians system. I am not as hard on Arians as some of the fans. I think he's a pretty bright guy. I like a lot of his ideas. I think people tend to forget that he was not working with a full deck last year.
DavidCarducci Guys. I have to go. I have 5 stories I am working on.
DavidCarducci I'm hoping to get a full night of 4 hours tonight
BuzzardBlaster later Dave
DavidCarducci See you all later
Guest97 Thanks a lot Dave
DavidCarducci Have a great night
DavidCarducci certainly
endzoneeddie Thanx a whole bunch DC
Ramllov thanks Dave
DavidCarducci Talk to you all next week

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