Quincy Morgan - On Other Receivers & His Own Play

<p><br> BEREA - While Quincy Morgan's spot on the Browns roster is set, the second-year wide receiver said he is enjoying watching the some of the younger wide receivers battle for a spot on the roster.<br>

"I know in the second half preseason games, some (starters) on some teams don't watch, but I watch those guys," said Morgan. "Guys like Kwame (Cavil) and Frisman (Jackson) make plays. They can play."

Even Morgan admits to being impressed by Frisman Jackson coming out of the blue as a rookie free agent and placing himself on the brink of making the final 53-man roster.

"Frisman, I played against him in college when he was a quarterback," said Morgan. "I think we picked him off like seven times. But he really is a great player and a great athlete. He can do a lot of different things."

The first cut of the preseason will be made after the Browns return from their Monday night game in Green Bay. For some players, that will be their last chance to impress the coaching staff.

While Morgan has enjoyed watching the play of his young teammates in the receiving corps, he has also enjoyed his own work in the preseason.

After a fast start to camp, Morgan sputtered in a scrimmage with the Bills two weeks ago in Rochester. He has since rebounded and is feeling more comfortable than ever in the passing game.

"I think I am back and playing at a high level," said Morgan, who is confident he will improve on his 30 catch, 432 yard, 2-touchdown rookie season.

"When you are only averaging two catches a game you are not being productive," said Morgan. "I don't know what I'm going to do numbers wise this year. I don't look at it that way. The thing that is important to me is to catch those big third-down balls and score touchdowns when we need it. If you do that, you are being productive, moving the chains and putting points on the board."

The refreshing thing about Morgan is that he is always more than willing to be self critical and tell it like it really is. That can only help him as he strives to be a better, more productive receiver.

"I look back at last year and I know I made a couple good plays and a couple bad plays," said Morgan. "(Coach Davis) said he may have put too much on me too quick (as a rookie) ... He may think that, but I think it was good for me.

"Now I'm starting to settle in. I'm playing football. I'm not running out of the huddle, thinking about all the different things I have to do, how I'm going to get open. I'm just playing. Now, when the ball is in the air, I'm just focusing on the football."

--David Carducci

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