Fan View: Two Teams, Two Directions

Jeff is less than pleased with both the Browns and those who would spin for them...

Two Teams.  Two Directions.

Baltimore Ravens, 11-3, headed for the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns, 4-10, headed for yet another pick in the upper half of the draft.

Baltimore tried to help Cleveland with turnovers and lost starting QB Steve McNair with a first quarter game-ending injury so Kyle Boller had to lead the team the rest of the way.

The Ravens QB was Cleveland's best hope to win in a hostile enviornment as Boller was shaky at times, throwing an INT and fumbling (he reminds me of a first round Cleveland pick the way he performs) but he did enough to put up a win.

I heard a Cleveland kool-aid drinker, er, announcer say the Browns showed improvement from the first meeting which the Ravens won by a point (15-14).

Excuse me?

Final score was a little bit different at 27-17.

What is "improvement" next year?  Browns shutout and lose by 24?

Please stop with the spin!

Cleveland failed to move the chains on 3rd down every time they had the opportunity (0-11).

Derek Anderson threw 2 interceptions on 3rd down.  Braylon Edwards suffered temporary playbook amensia not once, not twice, but THREE times on 3rd down.  He may not catch consistently but his penchant for making mistakes seems to be consistent game over game.

Cleveland is just a bad football team, period. 

For every good thing Cleveland's apologists, er, announcers try to amplify, there are 10 bad things shouting them down, only if they'd bother to listen to them.

We hear loud and clear, we who make up the the majority of Disgusted & Disgruntled, Inc., better known as Browns Nation.

I do feel bad whose jobs in TV & radio include having to fill an hour or more talking about the Cleveland Browns as their primary duty.

Is there anything more to say about this pathetic franchise?

What's that old expression?  You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

An ugly one at that.

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