Fan View: Just Pathetic

Jeff Biletnikoff says the Browns 22-7 loss sealed Romeo Crennel's fate...

How else can you describe the Cleveland Browns?

I've run out of adjectives for bad, putrid and yes, pathetic.

I've defended Crennel but he's gotta go.  I wanted to give the guy his whole contract length.  I thought the injuries, bad offensive line, unsettled QB position and other problems gave him a pass but no more.

This week sealed it for me.

You can't discipline Braylon Edwards to the point he shows up on time for his multi-millions? 

Didn't we go through this with Edwards after the first Pittsburgh game?

Steve Heiden is smiling and laughing after he drops the ball in the first quarter?

Kellen Winslow is taunting Ronde Barber after making his first catch of the day?

You let the Tampa Bay Bucaneers roll you at home?

This is an undisciplined and unprepared team that has lost all focus. 

Romeo, you're  a heckuva D-coordinator but you aren't ready for the big chair.

The Cleveland Browns need major retooling in the offseason and a serious influx of discipline as well as guys that have the will and the talent to win in the NFL.

There is really no more analysis that I can offer.  I feel as if I'm copping out on my responsibility to report the game but I'm at a loss to come up with different ways to say the Browns are pathetic and should be arrested for impersonating an NFL franchise.

Well, at least there's only one more game to write about.

Someone obviously has granted us Browns fans mercy.

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