It's Dorsey's Turn

With first string quarterback Charlie Frye out with a bruised, er, broken, er, bruised hand, the team had to reply on backup Derek Anderson. That's no longer an option with Anderson out with a seperated shoulder. So, now the Browns third-string quarterback is all that's left as the team prepares for the season finale against Houston. Tell us when it's safe to look...

BEREA -  Romeo Crennel ruled out Derek Anderson for this week's finale against Houston and also the possible return of Charlie Frye.

"(Frye's) probably not where he needs to be," Crennel said.

By default, it's Ken Dorsey.

"Dorsey has been here all year," he said. "He has a pretty good knowledge of the system and is probably the best alternative right now."

Dorsey has been with the Browns since coming over from the 49ers in a trade for Trent Dilfer along with a seventh-round draft choice on May 4, 2006. His career totals are 171-of-316 for 1712 yards. He has thrown eight touchdown passes and had 11 interceptions. His career QB rating is 63.7. Dorsey has played in 12 career games, with 10 starts—all with the 49ers. His record as a starter is 2-8.

Dorsey entered the game when Anderson suffered a separated shoulder. He took two snaps. He was sacked on the first play and threw the ball away on his second play.

Crennel was asked about the possibility of using Joshua Cribbs in the position this week, but Crennel downplayed the possibility.

Rather, he said the team will most likely re-sign Lang Campbell to backup Dorsey on Sunday.

"We're investigating signing Lang Campbell will be the quickest way," Crennel said.

Campbell was with the Browns last year on the practice squad and after playing last off-season in NFL Europe, he was with the Browns through the preseason of 2006 before being released.

"Campbell has been playing quarterback more regularly than Cribbs has," he said. "If you make him the No. 2 quarterback in three days of practice you're expecting him to see the big picture."

If the Browns sign Campbell, he will most likely be listed as the No.2 quarterback on the depth chart.

Crennel was asked to evaluate the performances of Anderson and Frye as most likely their seasons are over.

Anderson's season finished with a dismal 10-of-27 for 123 yards, including four interceptions and a QB rating of 12.3. His season numbers were 66-of-117 for 793 yards with five touchdowns and eight interceptions.

"I think (Anderson) took advantage of his opportunity, " Crennel said. "He was basically able to hold his own against some pretty good teams like Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. I think he tried to make some plays and forced some turnovers, but that's part of the process. Overall, I think he made a good showing for himself."

Crennel said Anderson was ‘intriguing' and used the same word in describing Anderson's future with the Browns. His best game was a comeback victory against the Chiefs when he rallied the Browns to a 31-28 win in overtime on Dec. 3.

"I used the word ‘intriguing' to describe him and I think that word is still appropriate," he said. "One game doesn't a player make. I think there is enough body of work to say we need to look at him further."

Meanwhile, Frye finished his season 227-of-358 for 2267 yards with 10 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. His QB rating was 72.0.

"Charlie has learned quite a bit this year and his ability to operate outside the pocket we're well aware of that," Crennel said. "I think he needs to work on his ability inside the pocket. He needs to keep working on his relationship with the receivers."

Crennel said he doesn't think Anderson will have surgery on his shoulder.

"He probably will not need surgery at the present time," he said. "We're going to let it settle down and see if he can heal without surgery. Derek had a shoulder separation on his other shoulder and he didn't have surgery."


Coach Mum on Braylon: Crennel opened his press conference Tuesday bringing up the decision for holding WR Braylon Edwards out for most of the first half without shedding any light on the reasons behind it.

"Edwards was my decision and he sat for about a quarter and a half," he said. "It's a coaches' decision and I'm going to leave it at that because they tell me as a coach I can do some of those things.

Crennel was asked if he thinks Edwards will learn his lesson from some of the things that have happened this season.

"We have young guys on this team who need to go through a learning curve."

When pressed for a reason for his decision, Crennel countered:

"I love you guys and I'm going to leave it at that."

The Fox telecast of the game on Sunday alluded to the fact that Edwards had a dislocated finger, which Crennel refuted.

"He didn't miss any practice."

Edwards dropped at least two passes and Crennel was asked if the drops were affected by him not starting.

"With his performance, you might say it affected him, but his job is to be ready."

Injury Update: Crennel listed a litany of injuries with none of significance. They are: DL Nick Eason (foot), DL Alvin McKinley (shoulder), WR Dennis Northcutt (shoulder), LB Chaun Thompson (thumb fracture), TE Kellen Winslow (knee), QB Derek Anderson (shoulder), OL Joe Andruzzi (knee), CB Leigh Bodden (ankle), OL Cosey Coleman (ankle), LB Andra Davis (concussion), QB Charlie Frye (wrist), WR Joe Jurevicius (head), DL J'Vonne Parker (leg) and LB Mason Unck (abdomen).

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