Couch - Monday big for offense

<p>CLEVELAND - Browns linebacker Dwayne Rudd is so impressed with teammate Tim Couch's performance in the preseason and in training camp that he made a bold prediction this week.<br>

"If Couch stays healthy, he's going to the Pro Bowl," said Rudd.

Couch is more cautiously optimistic. The fourth-year quarterback likes what the Browns offense has accomplished so far in the preseason, but he knows the unit has not had much of an opportunity to show what it really can do.

While the No. 1 offense has played well, it still has put just one touchdown on the scoreboard in a little more than two quarters of work this preseason. Couch is anxious to show the capabilities of the offense, and he is hoping to show it beginning with the first extended dress rehearsal Monday night in Green Bay. Couch and the rest of the Browns first-teamers are expected to play into the third quarter.

"I think we can carry our share of the load this year," said Couch. "That is not saying that we are going to outshine our defense, but I feel that we can be good on both sides of the ball ...I am a lot more comfortable just being in the same offense for the second year. Knowing I have guys around me who can make plays, I don't force the ball as much. I know I can just dump the ball off to Jamel White or dump it to  William Green and they'll get 10 or 15 yards. I've got guys on the outside who can make plays. I have a lot more weapons around me."

Couch's competitive nature comes out whenever he is asked how much he would like to play in the preseason.

"I'd play the whole game if they'd let me," he said. "We need it to get the timing down," said Couch. "We also need it because the Packers are a good test for us ... They are a good solid defense. They have obviously a very talented offense. It's going to be a very good test to let us know where we are."

"I think for our offense we need to continue to improve. We've been pretty good at moving the ball in the preseason so far. This week is no different. We just want to improve on what we've done."

Couch is also anxious to return to Lambeau Field and amend some of the mistakes from last year's 30-7 loss to the Packers that dealt the Browns playoff hopes a severe blow.

"I did some things in that game that I'd like to have back," said Couch. "I've learned from those mistakes, and I'm a better quarterback now ... I think we are expecting to do better as a team this year, so there is a little added responsibility to go out and get to the playoffs. Everybody wants to get to the playoffs, so there are a lot of expectations in this locker room and we feel we can go out and get it done."

--David Carducci

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