Lang - Monday Big for Defense

<p><br> BROWNS - Butch Davis disappointment in the play of the Browns defense has created a sense of urgency in his players.<br> <br>

According to Kenard Lang, Monday night's game in Green Bay is important for the Browns defense, especially when they have a chance to stop the Packers on third down.

Last year's Browns defense had early success with a "bend but don't break" philosophy. Lang said that doctrine won't be good enough in 2002.

"We have to do a lot better than we have the last couple of games," said Lang. "We know coach (Davis) is not pleased with us ... We have to find ways to get off the field. That is the difference between being a good defense and a great defense. Good defenses bend but don't break. We don't want to even bend."

"In Minnesota, we had third down three or four times. Against Detroit, we had 3rd-and-6 and the quarterback ran for 7 yards. That kills you. The main thing for us this week is that we have to start getting off the field and give our offense more of opportunities to get the ball. Each side of the ball has to hold up its end. The offense is doing its job. They are scoring points. We have to hold up our end."

Lang said Green Bay will offer an important test with running back Ahman Green. The Browns defense should play into the third quarter. That will give the Browns the opportunity to see how well they adjust to what an opposing offense tries. When the defense struggled against Minnesota and Detroit, it did not have much of opportunity to make many adjustments in just a few series.

"It's definitely important to play more this week," said Lang. "We need it. Everybody makes adjustments after you face someone. I try to find things to do to overcome the things they are doing to me ... We haven't had that chance yet."

--David Carducci

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