Crennel's Future: More Insight

In the wake of John Taylor's exclusive story on Thursday night - since recycled by many in the local media who read the OBR on a daily basis - the Orange and Brown Report has gained more insights into the team's forthcoming decision. Here is the latest for our subscribers... from the folks who give you the inside scoop on what's happening in Berea...

Following up OBR Insider John Taylor's report on 12/28, league sources have provided the Orange and Brown Report with more insight into the dynamics of forthcoming decisions on Romeo Crennel's future.

The first matter regards Crennel's interest in retaining his job. Recent press conferences may have given some the impression that the Browns head coach wouldn't mind accepting a buyout to exit the Cleveland football pressure cooker. We have been told that this is not the case, and that the Browns head coach definitely wants to return for a third season, despite injury and player discipline problems this year.

In addition, fingers within the Browns front office are not being solely pointed at Crennel. League sources tell us that Browns General Manager Phil Savage feels accountable for the team being unable to build off of their improvement in 2005, and is willing to accept a portion of the blame for the team's disappointing performance. Savage's "vote of confidence" in Crennel several weeks back was quite genuine, we've been told.

Since our report on Thursday, additional sources have informed the OBR that Savage or team owner Randy Lerner could make recommendations for changes to the coaching staff. Those recommendations could come on both sides of the ball (some coaches could re-assigned or not be retained) but it's believed that defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and defensive backs coach Mel Tucker's jobs are safe.

Our sources have also stressed to us that Crennel, if he agrees to changes, will still be on a short leash in 2007.

While league and team sources continue to confirm the accuracy of John Taylor's report from Thursday, whether or not Crennel will agree to coaching staff changes remains the major unknown. Whatever direction it goes, the OBR will continue to provide our subscribers with the most accurate and timely view of events anywhere.


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