Berea Report: ‘We're Going to Evaluate It'

If something is going to happen in the next few days, it was hard to tell from RAC's Monday PC. Fred Greetham brings you the first independent report from Monday's post-game session in Berea...

BEREA - Romeo Crennel shed very little light in his season-ending press conference as to what might happen in the next few days.

Maybe he really doesn't know.

"(The season) wasn't close to what we wanted it to be," Crennel said. "Going forward, we're going to have to evaluate and see what we need to do to get better."

Crennel said he and Phil Savage and Randy Lerner will spend the next ‘couple of weeks' evaluating what changes need to be made.

"We have some decisions to make and some evaluations to make and do what we think is best to improve the Cleveland Browns," Crennel said.

His answer was the same to just about every question that was asked him, whether it was who will be the offensive coordinator, quarterback or his assistant coaches.

He was even asked if he thinks he'll be the head coach next season.

"I believe I will," he said. "I have no reason to believe otherwise."

Crennel was asked if he was given a fair chance if they do choose to let him go

"If I'm not here Mr. Lerner has given me a fair shot," he said. "If I'm not here it's because I didn't win enough games."

Crennel used the analogy of the movie ‘We are Marshall' in describing the Browns had to essentially start all over in 2005.

"We all understand that this program started over in 1999," he said. "Two years later, it started over.

"In 2005, it started over again and if we keep adding quality to this team it will get better," he said. "Realistically, I don't think you can do it overnight. It's like at Marshall, basically the team was eliminated. That's what has happened here, but sometimes you can get lucky, but it takes time."

Crennel believes the Browns are making progress, even though they lost two more games than they did in his first year.

"There were some games that we were competitive, but weren't able to get it done and able to win," he said. "We're going to have to find ways to win those games

"Even though we were 4-12, with a little luck we could have had a better record," he said. "But it is what it is and we were 4-12."

The players are determined to turn it around.

"This team will turn it around," Joe Jurevicius said. "There is too much talent here not too.

"We have to gel as a team and be a cohesive unit," he said. "Going home 4-12 doesn't sit well with anyone."

Charlie Frye agreed.

"It takes more than one guy to turn things around," he said. "We have to all get together and get this thing right and turn it around."

Crennel said the evaluation process will start on Tuesday.

"We're going to start meetings tomorrow and that will start the process."

Stay tuned.


Who's the QB?: Crennel was asked if Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson would be the starting quarterback as of now.

"We're going to evaluate that and see what we need to do at that spot," he said. "I've said that all along. My stance hasn't changed, but I think Charlie is good enough for us to win with."

Frye still believes he's the starter.

"I see myself as the starter."

No. 3, Thank You Brett: Thanks to a win by the Packers over the Bears on Sunday Night football, the Browns will pick third in the draft ahead of Tampa Bay due to strength of schedule.

Good Guy: Rookie LB Kamerion Wimbley was the recipient of the local chapter of the Pro Football Writers of America Player of the Year Award. S Brian Russell was the recipient of the Good Guy of the Year.

We Knew Them When: Most of the AFC playoff teams have a connection to a former Browns coach or franchise: San Diego (Marty Schottenheimer), New England (Bill Belichick), New York Jets (Eric Mangini) and the Baltimore franchise. To make it worse, QB Jeff Garcia led the Eagles to the playoffs after Donovan McNabb went down with a season-ending injury.

2007 Opponents: Besides the six AFC North games the Browns will play Buffalo, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Houston at home. On the road it will be: New England, Arizona, St. Louis, Oakland and the New York Jets.

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