Fan View: Questions and Answers...

Jeff Biletnikoff ponders what 2006 taught Browns fans...

Questions and answers from a horrible 2006

Some questions/answers that came to mind in the waning moments of the Browns 12th loss....

Q: Did the Browns finally have a decent draft in 2006?

A: At least defensively they've appeared to unearth some playmakers in Kamerion Wimbley and possibly D'Qwell Jackson and Leon Williams.  Vickers, Harrison and Wilson may or may not turn out to be good for the offense.  I have no opinion on anyone else.

Q: Does the Browns offense stink as bad as we all think it does?

A: When you're playing the Houston Texans and you continue to blow great field position, you know the cupboard is pretty bare.

Q: Is the team closer to turning around than it was in 1999?

A: Barely.

Q: Is Charlie Frye the answer at QB?

A: No, and neither are Derek Anderson and Ken Dorsey.  QB must be a priority in the 2007 offseason.  Think Oakland will let the Browns trade up to get Brady Quinn?

Q: How did Ted Washington and Willie McGinest do this year?

A: Great at the bank.  Not so good on the field.

Q: What's up with Joshua Cribbs?

A: Tremendous kick returner.  Does really funny things when called upon to return punts.  And not funny ha ha either.

Q: How many holes do the Browns have to fill?

A: Unfortunately the team is looking at another incomplete offseason where even the draft and free agency can't fill all their holes.  DT, QB, OL, DL must be the priorities with emphasis to a certain extent on RB and CB.

Q: What do you think of the Browns winning 2 less games in the 2nd full season of Crennel/Savage?

A: It shows the organization has taken a major step back in the rebuilding process and must take a hard look at everything they're doing.

Q: How do you feel?

A: It's hard to be a fan of this team.  I find myself manufacturing excitement in myself for what always turns out to be a sub-standard product.  Seeing those orange helmets come on to the field is not as thrilling as it once was because I know that I'm going to be subjected to 3 hours of ineptitude most Sundays. 

Q: Will you stop watching?

A: Never.

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