Chat Room tonight watching the game. Hope to see you there!"> Chat Room tonight watching the game. Hope to see you there!">

Browns - Packers Game Info

Here is today's game preview, along with some of my thoughts about what to watch. Lane Adkins preview of the game will be coming this afternoon. I'll be in the <A HREF="">Chat Room</A> tonight watching the game. Hope to see you there!

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Our usual listing of whatever video we can find is suspended this week, because this one's on ABC television nationwide.

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Injuries / Unlikely to Play

Qasim Mitchell is still out with a bruised lung. Tre Johnson and Earl Holmes will return, but may get gentle treatment as they are both recovering from nagging injuries. Jamir Miller has been lost for the season.

Game Preview

The third exhibition game is undoubtedly the most critical for players on the bubble and the coaching staff. The last exhibition game (next Friday) will mostly be an exercise in escaping without injuries and evaluating the final players on the bubble. Tonight's game against the Packers will be an opportunity for the coachings staff to see various players with the first team, establish a firmer depth chart, and help to identify the 13 players who must be cut by 4PM Tuesday.

What to Look For: Offense

With Tre Johnson scheduled to play some, Browns fans will finally get a look at the first-team offensive line. The look may be brief, however, as the Browns staff eases Johnson back into action. The only real contest of interest on the line will be between Brad Bedell and Paul Zukauskas at offensive guard. Keep an eye on both during the second half.

The running back position will have some intrigue this evening, as Davis expects to use several running backs with the first-team offense. Given the team's leanings, the combination of a poor William Green / good Jamel White performance or a poor James Jackson / good Autry Denson performance are the two outcomes which could shake up the depth chart. Denson, more than the incumbent Jackson, is playing for a job here. I believe that even average performances by Green and Jackson would be sufficient to lock the team into a Green - White - Jackson depth chart at running back. All three will see action with the first team, with Green expected to start.

With Kevin Johnson, Quincy Morgan, and Andre Davis assured of roster spots, the roster spot battle comes down to Dennis Northcutt, Frisman Jackson, JaJuan Dawson, Andre King, and Abram Booty battling it out for two or three spots. Watch to see if one or more of these recievers (particularly Dawson and Northcutt) are showcased in the late-going for possible trade value.

At tight end, Ricky Dudley and Darnell Sanders have the team made. Look to see if Mark Campbell continues the advancement he has made in recent weeks as he tries to play his way onto the roster.

Tonight's game also represents an opportunity for Tim Couch. With the Browns quarterback impressive so far in the pre-season, tonight's game provides him with a chance to show a nationwide TV audience that he is ready to emerge. Couch should get the entire first half to make his case.

What to Look For: Defense

It has been well-documented that the Browns defense has been less than the game-dominating unit so many pundits expected. With Jamir Miller's absence felt, the defense faces a tough test in Farve and the Packers. Courtney Brown, who has come under criticism in recent weeks, will be under the spotlight as the team

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