Savage to Talk to Media at 1PM

The OBR will be there and will bring you the first report from Berea via Fred Greetham's report and a live blog for subscribers on our brand new forums. Plus, try out the new forums and offer your takes on the press conference - we'll post thoughts from fans this afternoon!

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Fred Greetham's Press Conference Wrap-Up

Press Conference Transcript (later today, subscribers)

Browns GM Phil Savage will talk to the Cleveland sports media this afternoon at 1PM to discuss the team's 2006 season and their off-season to date. The OBR's Fred Greetham will be there and will bring you the first independent and objective coverage of the press conference via the front page of the OBR.

Fans can also see the press conference via the team's most official of der official sites, and a link will hopefully appear here.

If boss or time constraints won't allow you to sit through an hour or more of questions and answers, we'll bring you a free report right after the event, and will post the transcript later today in our Ask the Insiders forum.

We will also be doing a live blog for subscribers on our new forums, which have been beta-tested by OBR members over the last month. The blog will take place on the new OBR Insider Blog, which will debut on the new forums. We will be moving from to our new forum software in the coming days. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIVE BLOG!

In addition, we're posting a thread in the new Browns Watercooler for folks who want to offer their thoughts on the press conference and what Savage said (and didn't say). CLICK HERE to offer your thoughts on the Savage's remarks and the team's off-season to date. The vast OBR virtual soapbox is yours!

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