David Carducci Chat Transcript

Insider David Carducci chatted with Bernie's Insiders dawgs for an hour on Tuesday evening. Here's the edited chat transcript, which covers subjects ranging from players on the bubble to concerns about injuries suffered on Monday.

DavidCarducci Hello everyone
Greg Hey Carducci guy...
Greg Senor Carducci- why Spriggs?
DavidCarducci Greg, I think the Browns have a lot of young defensive tackles they like better. I've seen first Davis trying to get on Spriggs to get him to play with more fire. I have a feeling he never quite played up to the potential they thought he might have.
Greg ya, sounds like it... I had high hopes for him at his size...
Reverb David, that`s not cheese on your head, is it ?
DavidCarducci Nope. No cheese. It was a long flight back though ... I hate long layovers, especially in O'Hare
Guest35 Holcomb was removed in mid-drive in the 3rd quarter - rather strange timing. Did that have anything to do with the coaching staff getting some new insight into Couch's injury?
DavidCarducci Guest35, that's a great question ... One of the things I don't like about covering this team is you never really have any idea about injuries. The Browns never quite tell the whole story ... in fact, sometimes they don't tell you any story. I do understand the feeling of not wanting all of the news about injuries out there, but when they tell you over and over that everything is fine, then you find out it is not really fine, well, it's like the boy that cried wolf. If they tell me Couch has a paper cut, I automatically think he had his arm severed in a freak accident in the weight room
Guest35 lol
Greg Emmanual McDaniel is my other ?... he seemed to be getting some love lately... was it trade pumping?
DavidCarducci I think they liked McDaniel, somewhat, but he's not of the talent level of some of the other db's on this roster. The Browns do have some talented young db's. I think they like Pearson, and deep down they knew McDaniel didn't have a spot here
Greg Wither Sam Gash or does he already have a hush-hush to return to the rats?
DavidCarducci I think Sam Gash would be a great pickup. There has been plenty of speculation that Gash will return to the Ravens. No idea how true that is. I would think, however, that if the Browns were interested, he would be making a mistake not to consider coming here. The Browns are much closer to a playoff spot than the Ravens
DavidCarducci Shea concerns me with the shoulder. That's been an ongoing problem. I remember hearing someone say that a lead blocker with a bad shoulder is no lead blocker
DavidCarducci And Shea is already more of receiver than a blocker, as we all know
DavidCarducci Believe me, years of playing rugby has taught me how tough it is to do anything with a bad shoulder
Impulse David - does Bedell's ticket out mean that Zuk is staying?
DavidCarducci It might Impulse. I think they still like Zukauskas. He's still not where they want him to be, but sometimes it takes a few years for young linemen. He is still young and the Browns are willing to put in their time.
Greg 12 more have to go, correct?
Greg or is it 19?
DavidCarducci I believe it is 22 more, but then there are the players who will be asked back to the practice squad
Impulse Of the players who have NFLEL exemptions, who if anyone makes the final cut?
DavidCarducci Right now, none of them are on my final roster as I have figured it.
Greg I think there are officially 72 on the roster right now with the NFLE exemptions...
DavidCarducci But, I have never picked the exact final roster in four years
DavidCarducci You may be right. I haven't looked at the numbers today.
OSUJoe Insiders opinion - If Green continues to be erratic and mostly ineffective in his performances will Jamel get a chance to grab the starting RB job?
DavidCarducci I don't think so OSUJoe. I think the Browns are pretty happy with Green. I wouldn't call him ineffective at all. I would not be surprised to see White used on occasion in tandem with Green, as has been suggested recently on the message board. The Browns have done that in the past with Jackson and White
DavidCarducci If Shea is hurt for a bit, they may try something like that
ericthebrown who is shaping up at the backup DT spots?
DavidCarducci Mark Smith. It could come down to McKinley and Gregory for another spot.
redright Two things that Madden said last night that still concern me. !1, Green likes to run without a blocking back and 2, a good runner makes on Offensive line. Should Green have a blocking back ie save Couch...what about a back making the line look good?
DavidCarducci Being in the press box, I didn't hear the comments by Madden. I think a back might be able to make a line look good, but more often, in my opinion, it is a good line that can make an average back look good. I wonder what some of the Denver backs would have done in recent years in other systems.
CP I don't think Madden was actually talking during the game last night... they were just playing the canned commentary from Madden 2003 ;-)
Reverb Does Northcutt make the final cut ? Dawson ?
DavidCarducci Reverb, that's a good question. My gut feeling says Northcutt makes it, Dawson gets traded or cut. I hope that I am wrong. I like Dawson and think he can be a valuable 4th receiver
DavidCarducci The more I see of Davis, the more I like him at NO. 3
DocGonzo Dave ... we've heard reports that Tony Grossi was seen leaving the press box with his fingers wrapped in ice. Is this his carpel tunnel flaring up, or is there a bigger concern? The Plain Dealer is mum on this.
DavidCarducci Tony was on the flight back to Cleveland with me. I assure you he is just fine. I on the other hand am day-to-day
redright Dave, Did Jackson or Denson show anything?
DavidCarducci Somebody asked about Denson and Jackson. Jackson did have a nice run, but fell victim to some poor blocking up front on a couple of plays. I think he maakes it over Denson, though. WHile Denson has played well, the Browns still see him as a guy who has done that against 3rd and 4th team D's
Greg so Dave- while you ducked away to dodge my question... how 'bout a surpise cut for us? Who do you think?
DocGonzo Can the Browns keep Denson on the practive squad? Does he play special teams?
DavidCarducci Hmmm, surprise cuts ... see, here's the bad thing with that. If I say something like that and I'm wrong, I could be mud with that player for the next year.
Greg true... my bad, Dave...
DavidCarducci No, it was a good question. I just feel the need to duck it.
artbtz Um, how about players on the bubble who you think will stick?
DavidCarducci I think Little might be on the bubble with Jameson and Akins. Little has had some trouble with injuries, and that might hurt him. There is also the problem of the bad press he has had, which was totally false
Ore David could you please elaborate on that? I mean, on the false press reports...
DavidCarducci Ore, there were some things printed that took the relationship between Davis and Little out of context, and it really angered Little
Ore I see. Thanks Dave
DocGonzo Roger Browns stikes again ...
BamaBrownsBacker I know it is sometimes tough to read between the lines where the Browns are concerned, but do you expect any of the players injured yesterday to miss the KC game?
DavidCarducci BamaBrownsBacker ... I would not be surprised. Several members of the media have speculated that Lang might be worse than they are letting on. You just never know with the Browns. They don't level with you on injuries.
BamaBrownsBacker thanks, Dave.........that is what I figured
DavidCarducci Here's my guess, and it is just a matter of the past being the best indicator of the future, 2 of the 4 don't play vs. KC.... that's just a guess
DavidCarducci Bad feeling I have
DocGonzo Dave, does it come down to who you see in practice when it comes to getting a feel for injury severity?
BamaBrownsBacker The four being couch, lang, tucker, and shea?
DavidCarducci Doc, in some cases it does come down to what I see every day in practice. I've also been around enough high ankle sprains to know that it sometimes doesn't matter if a guy can walk without crutches or not. He still may not be able to play
DavidCarducci High ankle sprains are the type of injury that can linger for an entire season
DavidCarducci I am most worried about Shea and Lang... Couch has to be a concern as well, considering it was not a contact injury. YOu have to wonder if this is something that can nag at him for the whole year
DocGonzo True ... Couch is likely to not practice throwing much this week ... does that retard the offense this late in the preseason?
DavidCarducci Doc, I don't think his being out of practice will hurt the offense too much. It might be a good thing for him to rest. He has a good feel for Morgan and Johnson right now. I think he is developing a very good feel for using White in the passing game. It won't hurt his timing
Greg Wasn't Courtney a high ankle sprain last year?
DavidCarducci Yes, Courtney was a high ankle sprain, and if you'll remember, he was supposed to be just fine
DavidCarducci He was not... he ended up having a lost season
BamaBrownsBacker Was Lang's injury a high ankle sprain.....what about Tucker?
DavidCarducci Lang's injury is an ankle sprain. They haven't said anything more. But for those of us who were there, we thought it looked pretty bad.
CP Dave, didn't Courtney come back and play in the last preseason game after getting hurt last year?
DavidCarducci He did, and it was a mistake
redright Weren't we supposed to have and injury free season? What with Morris the strength guru and Couch having less throws in camp so as to avoid his chronic ""tennis elbow'?
DavidCarducci Someone brought that up earlier today. That's why I don't think any of the 4 starters who were injured will play Friday. That would just be foolish
BamaBrownsBacker Thanks for all the info, Dave.........Keep up the great work!
DavidCarducci Thanks Bama
Ramllov Dave, have you updated your rating of the offensive line after this Monday night game. Is it improving?
DavidCarducci Ram, it's improving a little bit. I was very pleased with Tre. I thought he moved pretty well. He looked good on a couple of pulls and he moved well on the screens to White. He also did a nice job in pass pro, which he admitted he was a bit nervous about. I thought Tucker played very well at times before the hold in 2Q and the injury. He did a very nice job on pass protection. Stokes had one outstanding block on a stunt
DavidCarducci The 1st team did well.
OSUJoe Do we end keeping 4 qbs or is Thompson gone?
DavidCarducci I don't thnk they will keep 4 qb's
Guest35 Couch's injury reminds of when Kosar hurt his elbow vs KC in the opener many years ago. Although Kosar's arm got hit on the play. Ligament damage kept him out for a number of games.
DavidCarducci I'm wondering which Chief the Browns will sign before the start of the regular season
Guest35 Will Maurice Clarett try to enter the draft after his sophmore year?
artbtz Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
CP Clarrett needs to stay 4 years dammit
OSUJoe here here CP
DavidCarducci I hope not Guest35. He's got a few Heisman's to win
Guest35 3peat
BamaBrownsBacker Considering that Lang (if healthy) can shift to DT, might we see us keep one of the extra DE's (Arnold Miller, Mark Word, etc) in place of a DT?
DavidCarducci I think they would keep an extra DE, but not at the expense of one of their young DT's. They may take away from another position. I think the only time you would see Lang inside is in nickel or dime situations
Ramllov How are the backup defensive linemen looking?
Greg David- thoughts on Mark Word?
DavidCarducci I like Word and the way he's been playing of late. I really like Arnold Miller, too
DavidCarducci The last time I did my roster, I had Arnold Miller over Word, but Word is playing better and better.
newdawg with sprigss being a surprise cut, who do you think will make the team at dt???
DavidCarducci My choices for backup DT's are Mark Smith and Alvin McKinley
BrownsFEVA any big suprise cuts from other teams in our division?
DavidCarducci No big surprises. The Browns will be happy to have Bowers no longer in Pittsburgh, I think
BamaBrownsBacker That is what I meant, though....since Tyrone Rogers is the #3 DE......and since Lang can shift inside on passing downs.....do you think that Arnold Miller and Mark Word will both make the final cut? (5 DEs and 4 DTs, instead of vice versa)
DavidCarducci They could keep both and make a surprise cut somewhere else, go with fewer OL's or WR's. It all depends on where players fit in special teams
newdawg why is it that the dline has done such a poor job of presuring the qb?
DavidCarducci Good question newdawg. I've been surprised by that..... Part of it may be the lack of blitzing. The Browns have not been showing the blitz packages they will in the regular season. THere will be things the team will do to open things up in the pass rush. I am disappointed in the DL's inability to generate its own rush, though. Courtney did very little last night. Warren has played well against the run, but really has not generated the interior pass rush I'd like to see.
Greg David- was Michael Josiah showing anything in his limited looks?
DavidCarducci I hadn't looked closely enough at Josiah to really give you an educated read on him Greg. The things I've watched him do I just don't have the eye to say, ""yes, he did that well"" or ""no, he needs to work on that technique."" It's hard to tell in some drills
redright Dave, After Kuehl who makes the top ten list as a special teams player?
DavidCarducci Redright, Denman and Akins are both very good special teams players, but I don't know if there is room in the crowded LB corps for Denman. Akins is a fiery special teams player (who sometimes plays too hard), but he's not as good at safety as Jameson and Little. Those two don't seam to have the same ability in special teams, so you have to figure one of those two could be in trouble
Guest35 Qasim Mitchell was put on injured reserve. Does this mean he's protected for the year. Or does he have to be activated when healthy?
DavidCarducci Mitchell is protected for the whole year. He can not be activated
DavidCarducci To activate him, they would have to have put him on the PUP
redright Thanks, Dave ST is a concern and it affects to roster.
redright Dave, Who appears to be making the team from a special teams standpoint?
DavidCarducci Redright..... I'd say (other than specialists like Kuehl, Dawson and Gardocki) ... Boyer, Abdre Davis, Akins, Shea, Denman, King, Bentley, Andra D
newdawg what does all these injuries say about our new strength coach?
DavidCarducci I don't think it says anything against the strength coach, although that topic came up several times in the press box yesterday. Ankle injuries and joint injuries are freak things. They don't have as much to do with conditioning. I would almost say the team is more snake bit than anything else
BrownsFEVA David: the Canton R paper said ""Darnell Sanders could be the Browns FB"" ...is this accurate?
DavidCarducci I think that is speculation regarding Darnell Sanders. He has so much to learn yet as a TE, plus he is a bit big to be a fullback
RedDawgOnBTNG How ""convenient"" is it that Mitchell has a ""bruised lung""? I seem to recall we were creative last year with the IR protecting people as well.
DavidCarducci I don't think that is convenient with Mitchell. I was there when the ambulance came for him
Ramllov Have you heard any speculation on potential trades for draft choices?
DavidCarducci I've heard speculation regarding a few defensive linemen and wide receivers, but nothing specific
DocGonzo They used to send ambulances for Redskins quarterbacks when Gibbs wanted them on IR, too
DocGonzo Skins were infamous for the that
DavidCarducci I think Mitchell really did get hurt ... that doesn't mean the Browns didn't jump at the opportunity to protect him for the year
redright Where does D. Sanders fit in this years offense? Is he #4? for TEs?
DavidCarducci I think Sanders is the No. 3 TE behind Sanders and Campbell with Shea listed purely as an H-back when it is all said and done
RedDawgOnBTNG Did he take a big shot to the chest? I apologize if I'm implying something unethical if it didn't happen.
RedDawgOnBTNG maybe not unethical, just creative?
RedDawgOnBTNG just wondering...
DavidCarducci No need to apologize RedDawg ... He had a collision with Courtney, which I did not see. I did see the trainers working on him, then help him to the locker room
RedDawgOnBTNG Mitchell seemed like a guy we knew wouldn't make it past waivers due to the interest in him by many teams after the draft
DavidCarducci You are right there. It would have been difficult.

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