And The Emmy Goes To...

Frank Derry is back and ready to hand out some awards to deserving Browns players. And by "deserving" we mean "somebody's got to win these things, so why not give it to (fill in a name)?"

For what it's worth, here are my selections for the best and worst when it came to the Cleveland Browns during the 2006 season. I'll call my awards the "Emmys" as a tribute to my one and only grandchild, Emily, who will celebrate her first birthday on Jan. 25. If anyone else has used this name for their awards and it has somehow slipped past me, I apologize.

Here we go:

BEST PERFORMANCE: Nominated are Kellen Winslow, Jr., Sean Jones, Dave Zastudil and Kamerion Wimbley. And the winner is … Wimbley, who sacks the competition. He played outside linebacker well enough to be considered a strong candidate for AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year honors.

WORST PERFORMANCE: Nominated are Ted Washington, Bob Hallen and the tag team of offensive guards Joe Andruzzi and Cosey Coleman. And the winner is … Hallen, who quit on his team and his city during training camp following the injury to starting center LeCharles Bentley.

BEST DRAFT CHOICE: Nominated are Kamerion Wimbley and D'Qwell Jackson. Both are deserving, but Jackson's late season injury didn't help his cause. Wimbley becomes the Browns' first two-time Emmy Award winner.

BEST '06 FREE AGENT: Nominated are Dave Zastudil, Daven Holly, Ralph Brown, Joe Jurevicius and Kevin Shaffer. All contributed in one way or another, but Zastudil definitely was the best of the bunch.

WORST '06 FREE AGENT: Ted Washington by a huge margin. Not that he didn't contribute more than some free agents, but big Ted came the furthest from achieving what had been anticipated when he was acquired. The Browns' run defense, which he was expected to strengthen from his nose tackle spot, had enormous holes.

MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE: Nominated are Kamerion Wimbley, D'Qwell Jackson and Joshua Cribbs. Wimbley and Jackson, being high draft picks, arrived with higher expectations than Cribbs, who has done a tremendous job of converting from college quarterback to professional kick return man. Cribbs wins the Emmy.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Nominated are Ted Washington and Reuben Droughns. Droughns, coming off a 1,232-yard season, was expected to carry the Browns' running load, but instead at times ran like he was carrying an excess of weight in his wallet created by his new contract. Droughns lowered himself far enough to keep old Ted from his second Emmy.

BEST COACHING JOB: Nominated are defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, secondary coach Mel Tucker and offensive line coach-turned offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson. We have our first co-Emmy winners in Grantham and Tucker. Grantham got most of the credit when the injury-plagued defense played well, but if not for the contributions of Tucker's banged up defensive backs it would not have been possible. Davidson did a fine job as offensive line coach, but was up a creek without a paddle when he dove in as offensive coordinator following Maurice Carthon's resignation/firing.

WORST COACHING JOB: Nominated are head coach Romeo Crennel and ex-offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon. Both are deserving for one reason or another, but Crennel gets the Emmy Award because I don't believe you blame the assistant. Instead, I blame the guy who hired him.

BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER: Nominated are Kellen Winslow Jr. and, well, nobody else. Winslow tied Ozzie Newsome's team record of 89 catches despite health issues that limited his practice time and kept him from being 100 percent on game day.

BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER: Nominated are Kamerion Wimbley and Sean Jones, Had this award been given at mid-season, Jones would have been the easy winner. But he seemed to level off as the season wore on while Wimbley established a rookie team record with 11 sacks. Wimbley thus becomes the first-ever three-time Emmy Award winner.

BEST SPECIAL TEAMS PERFORMER: Nominated are David Zastudil and Joshua Cribbs. While Cribbs had an excellent season, Zastudil was simply sensational. Zastudil gets Emmy No. 2.

PLAYER MOST WORTHY OF PRO BOWL: Nominated are Kellen Winslow Jr. and Dave Zastudil. Winslow is still not on par with Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates so he is still on the outside looking in. I didn't see a punter who was more consistent than Zastudil, who ties teammate Wimbley on the all-time Emmy Award list with three.

COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Kellen Winslow, Jr. K2 gets E2.

THE GOOD GUY AWARD: Nominated are Andra Davis and Phil Dawson. The class of an athlete shows through most when times are tough. Both Davis and Dawson were accessible even when they or the team had a tough time. The winner by an eyelash is Davis, only because he has a much more prominent role on the team as starting inside linebacker and defensive play-caller.

THE BAD GUY AWARD: Noiminated are Braylon Edwards for his bad-mouthing a teammate; Braylon Edwards for openly criticizing his coach; Braylon Edwards for going to the Ohio State-Michigan game when advised not to by his teammate; Braylon Edwards for not showing up for meetings on time; Braylon Edwards for lying to the media when he said he had an injury that kept him out of the starting lineup when in reality it was for disciplinary reasons. And the biggest loser is … Braylon The Spoiled Brat Edwards.

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